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Link Color indicates reading level: GREEN for Elementary readers;
BROWN for Middle School; and RED for Young Adults.
Points indicates reading credits assigned for completing the book.

Ancient Civilizations

Stories from Greek History by Ethelwyn Lemon 36 pts
Stories from Roman History by Lena Dalkeith 40 pts
Stories from Ancient Rome by Alfred J. Church 37 pts
Shores of the Great Sea by M. B. Synge 78 pts
The Story of the Greeks by Helene Guerber 116 pts
Story of the Romans by Helene Guerber 114 pts
The Story of Greece by Mary Macgregor 167 pts
The Story of Rome by Mary Macgregor 201 pts
Story of the Greek People by E. M. Tappan 114 pts
Story of the Roman People by E. M. Tappan 109 pts
City of the Seven Hills by S. B. Harding 116 pts
Stories from the Roman Forum by Isabel Lovell 76 pts
Peeps at Ancient Assyria by Jamse Baikie 49 pts
Peeps at Ancient Egypt by Jamse Baikie 45 pts
Peeps at Ancient Rome by Jamse Baikie 47 pts
Historical Tales - Greek by Charles Morris 141 pts
Historical Tales - Roman by Charles Morris 139 pts
Greek Life and Story by Alfred J. Church 102 pts
Roman Life and Story by Alfred J. Church 107 pts
In the Days of Cicero by Alfred J. Church 82 pts
Stories from Herodotus by Alfred J. Church 79 pts
Stories From Livy by Alfred J. Church 78 pts
The Story of Rome by Arthur Gilman 122 pts
The Early Church by George Hodges 105 pts
The Goths by Henry Bradley 114 pts
The Story of Carthage by Alfred J. Church 108 pts
The Jews Under Roman Rule by W. D. Morrison 143 pts

Middle Ages

Cambridge Historical Reader by Cambridge Press 72 pts
Stories from French History by Lena Dalkeith 37 pts
Stories from English History by Hilda Skae 41 pts
Old Time Tales by Lawton Evans 119 pts
Stories from the Crusades by Janet Kelman 32 pts
Viking Tales by Jennie Hall 58 pts
Stories of the Vikings by Mary Macgregor 44 pts
The Story of the Middle Ages by S. B. Harding 100 pts
When Knights were Bold by E. M. Tappan 116 pts
The Story of Europe by H. E. Marshall 108 pts
Barbarian and Noble by Marion Lansing 67 pts
Patriots and Tyrants by Marion Lansing 67 pts
Discovery of New Worlds by M. B. Synge 85 pts
Awakening of Europe by M. B. Synge 90 pts
The Story of Liberty by Charles Coffin 225 pts
The Story of the English by Helene Guerber 145 pts
The Story of England by S. B. Harding 170 pts
Our Island Story by H. E. Marshall 230 pts
English History Stories - I by Alfred J. Church 77 pts
English History Stories - II by Alfred J. Church 67 pts
Tales from Irish History by Alice Birkhead 66 pts
Peeps at History - Ireland by Beatrice Home 44 pts
Scotland's Story by H. E. Marshall 186 pts
Peeps at History - France by John Finnemore 37 pts
The Story of Old France by Helene Guerber 165 pts
The Story of France by Mary Macgregor 226 pts
Stories from German History by Florence Aston 123 pts
Peeps at History - Germany by John Finnemore 40 pts
History of Germany by H. E. Marshall 186 pts
The Swiss Heroes by George Upton 43 pts
Child's History of Spain by John Bonner 158 pts
Greatest Nations - Spain by C. F. Horne 65 pts
History of Spain by Frederick Ober 88 pts
The Story of Japan by R. Van Bergen 112 pts
The Story of China by R. Van Bergen 95 pts
Peeps at History - Japan by John Finnemore 55 pts
China's Story by William Griffis 117 pts
The Story of Russia by R. Van Bergen 111 pts
Barbary Rovers by John Finnemore 44 pts
The Story of the Crusades by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton 108 pts
Tudors and Stuarts by M. B. Synge 120 pts
Romance of Spanish History by John S. C. Abbott 190 pts
History of Russia by Nathan Dole 175 pts
The Byzantine Empire by C. W. C. Oman 113 pts
The Crusaders by Alfred J. Church 100 pts
The Moors in Spain by M. Florian 77 pts
The Netherlands by Mary Macgregor 132 pts

Modern Times

Struggle for Sea Power by M. B. Synge 94 pts
Growth of the British Empire by M. B. Synge 93 pts
The Story of Modern France by Helene Guerber 142 pts
Story of the French Revolution by Alice Birkhead 112 pts
Reign of Queen Victoria by M. B. Synge 90 pts
Our Empire Story by H. E. Marshall 203 pts
Peeps at History - India by Beatrice Home 45 pts
Peeps at History - Canada by Beatrice Home 41 pts
English History Stories - III by Alfred J. Church 67 pts
A Boy of Old Japan by R. Van Bergen 69 pts
Stories of the French Revolution by Walter Montgomery 74 pts
Buccaneers and Pirates by F. R. Stockton 101 pts
With Stanley on the Congo by M. Douglas 83 pts
Stories of South America by E. C. Brooks 96 pts
Europe and the Great War by Charles Morris 230 pts
The Hanoverians by C. J. B. Gaskoin 126 pts
History of Prussia by John S. C. Abbott 156 pts
India by Victor Surridge 120 pts
South Africa by Ian D. Colvin 147 pts
Oom Paul's People by Howard Hillegas 86 pts
Historical Tales - Spanish American by Charles Morris 129 pts
South America by H. Butterworth 134 pts
The Story of Mexico by Charles Morris 183 pts
A Short History of Mexico by Arthur H. Noll 85 pts
History of Mexico by Frederick Ober 218 pts
From Empire to Republic by Arthur H. Noll 136 pts
The Peruvians by Arthur H. Noll 40 pts
High Lights of Mexican Revolution by J. L. McLeish 92 pts
Greatest Nations - Turkey by C. F. Horne 70 pts

American History

American History Stories - I by Mara L. Pratt 62 pts
American History Stories - II by Mara L. Pratt 62 pts
American History Stories - III by Mara L. Pratt 62 pts
American History Stories - IV by Mara L. Pratt 76 pts
First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston 109 pts
America First by Lawton Evans 151 pts
American Book of Golden Deeds by James Baldwin 98 pts
American Life and Adventure by Edward Eggleston 84 pts
Stories of the Pilgrims by M. B. Pumphrey 86 pts
Story of the Great Republic by Helene Guerber 151 pts
Story of the Thirteen Colonies by Helene Guerber 141 pts
This Country of Ours by H. E. Marshall 276 pts
Conquest of the Old Northwest by James Baldwin 111 pts
Missions of California by W. H. Hudson 28 pts
Story of Our Constitution by E. M. Tappan 54 pts
Historical Tales - American I by Charles Morris 139 pts
Historical Tales - American II by Charles Morris 138 pts
History of the American Negro by Benjamin Brawley 90 pts
The Negro and the Nation by G. S. Merriam 188 pts
Indian History for Young Folks by Francis Drake 284 pts

Selections from World History

Fifty Famous Stories by James Baldwin 71 pts
Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin 66 pts
Thirty Famous Stories  by James Baldwin 79 pts
Historic Boys by E. S. Brooks 106 pts
Historic Girls by E. S. Brooks 77 pts
Heroes Every Child Should Know by H. W. Mabie 147 pts
Brave Men and Brave Deeds by M. B. Synge 107 pts
Ten Boys from History by K. D. Sweetser 88 pts
The Red Book of Heroes by Andrew Lang 162 pts
Historical Tales - English by Charles Morris 142 pts
Historical Tales - French by Charles Morris 136 pts
Historical Tales - German by Charles Morris 134 pts
Historical Tales - Scandinavian by Charles Morris 144 pts
Historical Tales - Russian by Charles Morris 136 pts
Historical Tales - Spanish by Charles Morris 130 pts
Historical Tales - Japanese  by Charles Morris 143 pts

Ancient Heroes

Famous Men of Greece by John Haaren 94 pts
Famous Men of Rome by John Haaren 96 pts
Children's Plutarch - Greeks by F. J. Gould 64 pts
Children's Plutarch - Romans by F. J. Gould 69 pts
Old World Hero Stories by E. M. Tappan 58 pts
Plutarch's Lives by W. H. Weston 167 pts
Julius Caesar by Ada Russell 74 pts
Augustus Caesar by Rene Francis 56 pts
The Story of the Buddha by Edith Holland 59 pts
Young Folks Plutarch by Rosalie Kaufman 259 pts
Alexander the Great by Jacob Abbott 75 pts
Cyrus the Great by Jacob Abbott 77 pts
Darius the Great by Jacob Abbott 78 pts
Pyrrhus by Jacob Abbott 83 pts
Xerxes by Jacob Abbott 82 pts
Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott 79 pts
Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott 90 pts
Hannibal by Jacob Abbott 84 pts
Nero by Jacob Abbott 89 pts
Romulus by Jacob Abbott 86 pts

Middle Ages Heroes

Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John Haaren 98 pts
Stories of William Tell  by H. E. Marshall 33 pts
The Story of Francis Drake by Mrs. O. Elton 38 pts
The Story of Raleigh by M. D. Kelly 38 pts
Great Englishmen by M. B. Synge 63 pts
Great Englishwomen by M. B. Synge 52 pts
European Hero Stories by E. M. Tappan 116 pts
Days of Alfred the Great by E. M. Tappan 94 pts
Days of William the Conqueror by E. M. Tappan 96 pts
Days of Queen Elizabeth by E. M. Tappan 88 pts
Through Britain with Cromwell by H. E. Marshall 58 pts
Oliver Cromwell by Estelle Ross 68 pts
Herman and Thusnelda by George Upton 41 pts
Barbarossa by George Upton 55 pts
Charlemagne by George Upton 30 pts
Youth of the Great Elector by George Upton 53 pts
Prince Eugene by George Upton 50 pts
William of Orange by George Upton 41 pts
William Tell by George Upton 36 pts
Eric the Red by George Upton 40 pts
The Story of Mohammed by Edith Holland 64 pts
Henry IV by John S. C. Abbott 97 pts
Louis XIV by John S. C. Abbott 114 pts
Charles I by Jacob Abbott 78 pts
Charles II by Jacob Abbott 83 pts
Queen Elizabeth by Jacob Abbott 74 pts
Margaret of Anjou by Jacob Abbott 91 pts
Mary Queen of Scots by Jacob Abbott 77 pts
Richard I by Jacob Abbott 95 pts
Richard II by Jacob Abbott 100 pts
Richard III by Jacob Abbott 94 pts
William the Conqueror by Jacob Abbott 80 pts
Genghis Khan by Jacob Abbott 99 pts
Harun Al-Rashid by Gabriel Audisio 80 pts
Isabella of Castile by O. O. Howard 96 pts

Modern Heroes

Famous Men of Modern Times by John Haaren 119 pts
The Story of General Gordon by Jeanie Lang 38 pts
The Story of Robert Bruce by Jeanie Lang 47 pts
The Story of Lord Clive by John Lang 32 pts
The Story of Nelson by Edmund F. Sellar 40 pts
The Story of Lord Roberts by Edmund F. Sellar 39 pts
The Story of Napoleon by H. E. Marshall 35 pts
Florence Nightingale by Laura Richards 51 pts
Days of Queen Victoria by E. M. Tappan 101 pts
Marie Antoinette by Alice Birkhead 58 pts
Lafayette for Young Americans by Rupert Holland 103 pts
The Little Dauphin by George Upton 46 pts
Eugenie - Empress of France by George Upton 50 pts
Garibaldi and his Red Shirts by F. J. Snell 75 pts
Maximilian in Mexico by George Upton 42 pts
Elizabeth - Empress of Austria by George Upton 48 pts
Frederick the Great by George Upton 50 pts
Louise - Queen of Prussia by George Upton 39 pts
Maria Theresa of Austria by George Upton 43 pts
Emperor William First by George Upton 40 pts
Jose de San Martin by Anna Schoellkopf 45 pts
Gabriel Garcia Moreno by Mrs. Maxwell Scott 93 pts
Life of Gladstone by M. B. Synge 66 pts
Cecil Rhodes by Ian D. Colvin 57 pts
Story of Napoleon by H. F. B. Wheeler 141 pts
Joseph Bonaparte by John S. C. Abbott 115 pts
Hortense by John S. C. Abbott 114 pts
Josephine by John S. C. Abbott 94 pts
Louis Philippe by John S. C. Abbott 113 pts
Madame Roland by John S. C. Abbott 86 pts
Bismarck and German Empire by J. W. Headlam 189 pts
Two German Giants by John Lord 62 pts
Peter the Great by Jacob Abbott 106 pts
Simon Bolivar by Guillermo Sherwell 90 pts

American Heroes

The Story of Abraham Lincoln by M. A. Hamilton 39 pts
Great Americans by Edward Eggleston 62 pts
Four Great Americans by James Baldwin 74 pts
Four American Patriots by Alma H. Burton 81 pts
Four American Indians by Frances Perry 98 pts
Builders of Our Country - I  by G. Southworth 131 pts
Builders of Our Country - II by G. Southworth 136 pts
True Stories of Our Presidents by Charles Morris 124 pts
Heroes of Progress in America by Charles Morris 151 pts
Midshipman Farragut by James Barnes 64 pts
Son of Light Horse Harry by James Barnes 72 pts
The Hero of Stony Point by James Barnes 61 pts
Adventures of Buffalo Bill by William Cody 54 pts
On the Trail of Grant and Lee by Frederick T. Hill 98 pts
Harriet Beecher Stowe by R. B. MacArthur 53 pts
Thomas Jefferson by J. W. McSpadden 56 pts
Theodore Roosevelt by J. W. McSpadden 60 pts
George Washington by Ada Russell 81 pts
Massasoit by Alma H. Burton 98 pts
Indian Heroes by Charles Eastman 62 pts
Indian Chiefs I Have Known by O. O. Howard 80 pts
Bird Woman by James W. Schultz 76 pts
Kit Carson by John S. C. Abbott 116 pts
King Philip by John S. C. Abbott 118 pts
Miles Standish by John S. C. Abbott 127 pts

Travel Tales and Memoirs

Stories of the Gorilla Country by Paul du Chaillu 120 pts
Wild Life Under the Equator by Paul du Chaillu 90 pts
Lost in the Jungle by Paul du Chaillu 111 pts
My Apingi Kingdom by Paul du Chaillu 101 pts
Country of the Dwarfs by Paul du Chaillu 116 pts
Indian Boyhood by Charles Eastman 90 pts
When Buffalo Ran by G. B. Grinnell 41 pts
Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington 113 pts
When I was a Boy in Russia by Vladimir de Bogory 47 pts
Escape from the Soviets by T. Tchernavin 136 pts
I Speak for the Silent by V. Tchernavin 179 pts
Eothen - Travel in the East by A. W. Kinglake 134 pts
Haremlik by Demetra Vaka 74 pts
The Soul of the Indian by Charles Eastman 29 pts
Buccaneers of America by J. Esquemeling 91 pts


The Men Who Found America by F. W. Hutchinson 49 pts
The Story of Columbus by G. M. Imlach 35 pts
The Story of Captain Cook by John Lang 34 pts
The Story of Livingstone by Vautier Golding 32 pts
The Story of H. M. Stanley by Vautier Golding 32 pts
Book of Discovery by M. B. Synge 242 pts
Adventures of Vasco da Gama by George Towle 92 pts
The Adventures of Magellan by George Towle 85 pts
The Adventures of Pizarro by George Towle 102 pts
The Adventures of Marco Polo by George Towle 79 pts
The Boys' Prescott by Helen Ward Banks 139 pts
Mexico by M. D. Kelly 113 pts
John and Sebastion Cabot by Frederick Ober 92 pts
Sir Walter Raleigh by Frederick Ober 94 pts
Vasco Nunez de Balboa by Frederick Ober 83 pts
Columbus the Discoveror by Frederick Ober 87 pts
Hernando Cortes by Frederick Ober 86 pts
Ponce de Leon by Frederick Ober 83 pts
Ferdinand de Soto by Frederick Ober 85 pts
Ferdinand Magellan by Frederick Ober 88 pts
Francisco Pizarro by Frederick Ober 88 pts
Amerigo Vespucci by Frederick Ober 88 pts
Albuquerque by Morse Stephens 79 pts
Chevalier de La Salle by John S. C. Abbott 81 pts
Land of the Golden Trade by John Lang 122 pts
Trails of the Pathfinders by G. B. Grinnell 171 pts

Science and Invention

Four American Inventors by Frances Perry 83 pts
Boys' Life of Edison by W. H. Meadowcroft 98 pts
Stories of Great Scientists by Charles Gibson 135 pts
Stories of the Great Scientists by H. C. Wright 98 pts
Great Inventors by Frank Bachman 117 pts
War Inventions by Charles Gibson 62 pts
Scientific Discoveries by Charles Gibson 66 pts
Lives of Great Scientists by F. J. Rowbotham 98 pts
Twentieth Century Inventions by Charles Gibson 72 pts

Wars and Battles

Boys' Book of Battles by Chelsea Fraser 140 pts
Boys' Book of Sea Fights by Chelsea Fraser 108 pts
Boy's Book of Battles by Eric Wood 151 pts
Book of Border Battles by Edwin Sabin 141 pts
Book of Frontier Fighters by Edwin Sabin 154 pts
Book of Indian Warriors by Edwin Sabin 147 pts
Twelve Naval Captains by Molly E. Seawell 86 pts
Book of Famous Soldiers by J. W. McSpadden 90 pts
Retreat of the Ten Thousand by F. Younghusband 80 pts
Last Days of Jerusalem by Alfred J. Church 48 pts
Helmet and Spear by Alfred J. Church 112 pts
Sicilian Expedition by Alfred J. Church 43 pts
The Persian War by Alfred J. Church 82 pts
With the Boer Forces by Howard Hillegas 93 pts
The Story of the Guides by F. Younghusband 79 pts
Heroes of the Indian Mutiny by Edward Gilliat 174 pts
South American Fights and Fighters by Cyrus T. Brady 141 pts
The War with Mexico by H. O. Ladd 105 pts
The War with Spain by Charles Morris 169 pts
The Great War
Little Book of the War by E. M. Tappan 54 pts
Heroic Deeds of the Great War by D. A. Mackenzie 67 pts
Deeds of British Airmen by Eric Wood 86 pts
Heroes of the Great War by G. A. Leask 82 pts
Gallipoli by John Masefield 65 pts
Prussians Came to Poland by L. DeGozdawa 88 pts
Story of the Great War by Roland Usher 144 pts

Art and Music

Knights of Art by Amy Steedman 83 pts
Beethoven by George Upton 38 pts
Joseph Haydn by George Upton 57 pts
Mozart's Youth by George Upton 36 pts


Panama by Edith A. Browne 48 pts
Portugal by Edith A. Browne 37 pts
South America by Edith A. Browne 41 pts
Spain by Edith A. Browne 45 pts
Our South American Neighbors by G. Southworth 67 pts

Bible Stories

Stories from the Life of Christ by Janet Kelman 44 pts
Stories from the Old Testament by Louey Chisholm 36 pts
Nursery Book of Bible Stories by Amy Steedman 82 pts
Heroes of Israel by Lawton Evans 130 pts
The Story of the Chosen People by Helene Guerber 100 pts
When the King Came by George Hodges 98 pts
The Story of the Bible by Jesse Hurlbut 387 pts
Children's Old Testament by Sherman and Kent 100 pts
Children's New Testament by Sherman and Kent 100 pts

Christian Heroes

Saint Christopher by Mary Macgregor 22 pts
Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman 75 pts
Legends of Italy by Amy Steedman 77 pts
In God's Garden by Amy Steedman 55 pts
God's Troubadour by Sophie Jewett 34 pts
The Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew Lang 36 pts
Saints and Friendly Beasts by Abbie F. Brown 67 pts
Stories of the Saints by Grace Hall 116 pts
Book of Saints and Heroes by Andrew Lang 156 pts
Roses of Martyrdom by C. M. Cresswell 49 pts
Stories of Saints and Martyrs by Jetta S. Wolff 62 pts
Saints and Heroes - I by George Hodges 69 pts
Saints and Heroes - II by George Hodges 76 pts
Life of Benedict by F. A. Forbes 36 pts
Saint Gregory the Great by Notre Dame 87 pts
Alselm by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton 85 pts
Martin Luther by E. Singmaster 45 pts
Life of Ignatius of Loyola by F. A. Forbes 36 pts
Life of Teresa by F. A. Forbes 38 pts
Life of Vincent de Paul by F. A. Forbes 36 pts
Life of Pius X by F. A. Forbes 75 pts
Saint Isaac Jogues by Martin J. Scott 48 pts
Church - Christian Antiquity by Notre Dame 47 pts
Church - Early Middle Ages by Notre Dame 51 pts
Church - Later Middle Ages by Notre Dame 76 pts
Church - Early Modern Times by Notre Dame 96 pts
Church - Later Modern Times by Notre Dame 62 pts
Erasmus of Rotterdam by M. Wilkinson 36 pts
Saint Ignatius of Loyola by John Pollen 54 pts
Junipero Serra by A. H. Fitch 135 pts

Myths and Folk Tales

West African Folk-Tales by William H. Barker 48 pts
Native Fairy Tales by Ethel McPherson 53 pts
Celtic Tales by Louey Chisholm 38 pts
Stories from the Ballads by Mary Macgregor 37 pts
Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt 33 pts
More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt 32 pts
Golden Age of Greek Heroes by James Baldwin 104 pts
Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin 72 pts
Gods and Heroes by R. E. Francillon 101 pts
Old Greek Folk Stories by J. P. Peabody 38 pts
Greek Gods and Heroes by S. B. Harding 59 pts
Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum 119 pts
Tanglewood Tales by N. Hawthorne 73 pts
The Wonder Book by N. Hawthorne 96 pts
The Golden Porch by W. M. L. Hutchinson 87 pts
The Greek Heroes by Charles Kingsley 100 pts
A Book of Myths by Jeanie Lang 147 pts
Stories of the Ancient Greeks by Charles D. Shaw 103 pts
In the Days of Giants by Abbie F. Brown 77 pts
Children of Odin by Padraic Colum 111 pts
Heroes of Asgard by A. and E. Keary 79 pts
Norse Stories from the Eddas by H. W. Mabie 55 pts
Blackfeet Indian Stories by G. B. Grinnell 62 pts

Epics and Legends

Stories from King Arthur by Mary Macgregor 37 pts
Stories from the Iliad by Jeanie Lang 39 pts
Stories from the Odyssey by Jeanie Lang 39 pts
Stories from Dante by Mary Macgregor 43 pts
Stories of Roland  by H. E. Marshall 36 pts
Stories of Beowulf  by H. E. Marshall 32 pts
Stories of Siegfried by Mary Macgregor 41 pts
King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum 105 pts
Stories of Guy of Warwick by H. E. Marshall 35 pts
Stories of Robin Hood by H. E. Marshall 40 pts
Page - Esquire - Knight by Marion Lansing 58 pts
Book of Legends by Horace Scudder 31 pts
Legends Every Child Should Know by H. W. Mabie 114 pts
Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church 63 pts
Odyssey for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church 62 pts
Aeneid for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church 59 pts
King Arthur and His Knights by Maude R. Warren 78 pts
The Boys' Cuchulain by Eleanor Hull 118 pts
The Story of Roland by James Baldwin 153 pts
Story of the Cid by C. D. Wilson 90 pts
The Story of Siegfried by James Baldwin 111 pts
Gudrun by George Upton 46 pts
The Nibelungs by George Upton 64 pts
The Sampo by James Baldwin 110 pts
Stories of the Border Marches by John Lang 131 pts
Stories of Charlemagne  by Alfred J. Church 113 pts
Stories of the Magicians by Alfred J. Church 93 pts

Adapted Literature

Aesop for Children by Milo Winter 82 pts
Ivanhoe Told to the Children by Ethel Lindsay 42 pts
Stories from the Faerie Queen by Jeanie Lang 42 pts
Stories from Pilgrim's Progress by Mary Macgregor 38 pts
Stories of Don Quixote by James Baldwin 98 pts
Robinson Crusoe  by James Baldwin 71 pts
Stories from Robinson Crusoe  by John Lang 37 pts
Stories from Gulliver's Travels by John Lang 36 pts
Stories from the Arabian Nights by Amy Steedman 42 pts
Stories from Wagner by C. E. Smith 37 pts
Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin by H. E. Marshall 48 pts
Undine by George Upton 46 pts
Stories from Shakespeare by E. Nesbit 83 pts
Ten Boys from Dickens by K. D. Sweetser 102 pts
Boys and Girls from Thackeray by K. D. Sweetser 154 pts
The Chaucer Story Book by E. M. Tappan 59 pts
Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb 176 pts
Uncle Remus - Songs, Sayings by J. C. Harris 125 pts
The Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang 184 pts
Stories from Greek Comedians by Alfred J. Church 137 pts
Stories from Greek Tragedians by Alfred J. Church 78 pts
English Literature  by H. E. Marshall 329 pts
Irving's Alhambra by W. Irving 129 pts

Historical Fiction

Our Little Celtic Cousin by Evaleen Stein 37 pts
Our Little Crusader Cousin by Evaleen Stein 48 pts
Gabriel and the Hour Book by Evaleen Stein 34 pts
Our Little Norman Cousin by Evaleen Stein 41 pts
Our Little Athenian Cousin by Julia D. Cowles 43 pts
Our Little Spartan Cousin by Julia D. Cowles 57 pts
Our Little Roman Cousin by Julia D. Cowles 37 pts
Our Little Saxon Cousin by Julia D. Cowles 34 pts
Our Little Viking Cousin by C. H. Johnston 49 pts
Our Little Carthaginian Cousin by C. V. Winlow 36 pts
Puritan Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 47 pts
Eskimo Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 49 pts
Scotch Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 59 pts
Belgian Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 49 pts
French Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 51 pts
Dutch Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 50 pts
Swiss Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 32 pts
Spartan Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 43 pts
Japanese Twins by Lucy F. Perkins 46 pts
Peter of New Amsterdam by James Otis 64 pts
Ruth of Boston by James Otis 67 pts
Martha of California by James Otis 58 pts
Seth of Colorado by James Otis 60 pts
Richard of Jamestown by James Otis 68 pts
Hannah of Kentucky by James Otis 62 pts
Calvert of Maryland by James Otis 68 pts
Benjamin of Ohio by James Otis 64 pts
Antoine of Oregon by James Otis 60 pts
Stephen of Philadelphia by James Otis 69 pts
Mary of Plymouth by James Otis 63 pts
Philip of Texas by James Otis 60 pts
Three Greek Children by Alfred J. Church 57 pts
Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle 61 pts
Boys Who Lived on the Road by Jane Andrews 74 pts
The Lance of Kanana by Harry French 46 pts
The Man Without a Country by E. E. Hale 23 pts
Boys of the Ages by Laura W. L. Scales 83 pts
With Lewis and Clark by Edwin Sabin 114 pts
Into Mexico with General Scott by Edwin Sabin 141 pts
With Lieutenant Pike by Edwin Sabin 114 pts
Gold Seekers of '49 by Edwin Sabin 134 pts
With the Indians in the Rockies by James W. Schultz 63 pts
Comic History of the U.S.A. by Bill Nye 129 pts
Men of Iron by Howard Pyle 119 pts
Rolf and the Viking's Bow by Allen French 101 pts
Baron Munchausen by R. E. Raspe 56 pts
The Adventures of Akbar by F. A. Steel 81 pts
To the Lions by Alfred J. Church 70 pts
Burning of Rome by Alfred J. Church 116 pts
The Chantry Priest of Barnet by Alfred J. Church 89 pts
With the King at Oxford by Alfred J. Church 86 pts
Count of the Saxon Shore by Alfred J. Church 108 pts
Callias - The Fall of Athens by Alfred J. Church 128 pts
Young Macedonian by Alfred J. Church 108 pts
Lords of the World by Alfred J. Church 133 pts
The Hammer by Alfred J. Church 135 pts
Lucius - A Roman Boy by Alfred J. Church 137 pts
The Crown of Pine by Alfred J. Church 92 pts