Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 27

Christmas Special for History Lovers


Do you have a History Lover on your Christmas list? If so, a Heritage Classical Library CD could be that unique gift you’ve been looking for. Each of our Classical Curriculum and Library CDs includes dozens of traditional histories, biographies, military histories, and literary classics for history lovers of all ages! From now until the …

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Nov 06

Abraham Lincoln’s Favorite History Series

Lincoln reading with his son Tad.

“I want to thank you and your brother for Abbott’s series of Histories. I have not education enough to appreciate the profound works of voluminous historians, and if I had, I have no time to read them. But your series of Histories gives me, in brief compass, just that knowledge of past men and events which I need. I have read them with the greatest interest. To them I am indebted for about all the historical knowledge I have.” —Abraham Lincoln.

Nov 06

November FREE e-Book: Story of the Pilgrims


Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret Pumphrey, is a family favorite, perfect for read-aloud in the weeks before Thanksgiving. It tells the dramatic story of the Pilgrim families who embarked for America on the Mayflower in search of religious freedom. Beginning at their first home in Scrooby, England, the book follows the family of William Brewster, first to Holland and then to the New World, where they endured great hardships in the years leading up to the first Thanksgiving celebration.