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November FREE e-Book: Story of the Pilgrims

“We hear much about the new land across the sea,” said John Robinson, their pastor. “A good many Englishmen have gone there and made comfortable homes for themselves. They say it is a great, beautiful country where there is land enough for all.” “If we were in America we could make homes such as we had in England. We could have our own church, and bring up our children to love and serve God,” said Elder Brewster. . . They thought of the long voyage, and of the hardships of life in the new land. There was not a city, nor a town, nor even a house in the place where they would go. There were no mills where they could buy timber for their cottages. They would have to cut down the trees to make their own lumber. . . “Can we go so far away?” they thought. Between America and Holland the sea is very wide.

Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey

It’s November, and time for another FREE E-BOOK from Heritage History. Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret Pumphrey, is a family favorite, perfect for read-aloud in the weeks before Thanksgiving. It tells the dramatic story of the Pilgrim families who embarked for America on the Mayflower in search of religious freedom. Beginning at their first home in Scrooby, England, the book follows the family of William Brewster, first to Holland and then to the New World, where they endured great hardships in the years leading up to the first Thanksgiving celebration.

This book is already well known in homeschool circles, and has been a family favorite for generation. We hope your family enjoys this delightful book as much as we do. You can download your Free eBook at this page, or read the book online here.

Stories of the Pilgrims can also be found in the Early American Classical Library, and also in our Young Readers collection.

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