Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 18

Which Children’s Bible is Right for Your Family?


These stories from the Bible, simplified for children, are a treasure trove of historical information as well as moral instruction. Many Biblical characters symbolize universal virtues, vices and moral difficulties, and their stories communicate truths about human nature that are well understood even by young children.

Dec 14

James Baldwin’s Famous Stories Retold


Baldwin’s stories are highly anecdotal in nature, and many have a gentle moral. They do not tell complete histories or biographies, but usually only touch upon a single anecdote in a famous person’s life. For example, the stories of “Columbus and the Egg”, and “Bruce and the Spider”, tell only of a single incident in the lives of these famous characters, but at a level of great interest to a young reader. The stories are selected to lay the foundation for broader studies, since nearly all are alluded to frequently in literary, as well as historical works.

Dec 11

Ten New Books added to the Heritage Library

This Children’s Bible is a true classic, and was a favorite in many American homes for decades. The authors were renouned scholars of biblical literature, and every section of the Bible is rendered with great care to preserve Biblical accuracy while retelling the most important stories in common language. This second volume of the Children’s Bible covers the New Testament, from the Birth of Christ, to the Acts of the Apostles, ending with Stories from the Epistles of Paul, James, and John. . . . perfect for daily reading, family reading, or reference.