Dec 11

Ten New Books added to the Heritage Library

Peeps at Ancient Egypt, Peeps at Ancient Assyria, by James Baikie
The Story of the Chosen People by Helene Guerber, The Children’s Bible by Kent and Sherman
The Adventures of Buffalo Bill by William Cody, Beethoven by George Upton
St. Anselm by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton, Gabriel Garcia Moreno by Mrs. Maxwell Scott
When I was a Boy in Russia by Vladimir De Bogory Mokrievitch
Ivanhoe Told to the Children by Ethel Lindsay

Bible Stories, Biblical Empires, and Biographies

Back in the Good Old Days, before Dave and I made the decision to try to turn our hobby of collecting classical children’s histories into a small business, I spent most of my free time digitizing and proofreading books for the Heritage Library. Preparing new histories is still my favorite activity, but now there is less time for it now than in previous years. Nevertheless, in November, we managed to release a few new titles. We’ll do more thorough reviews later, but for now, just want to introduce these fascinating new books and authors.

Biblical Empires

Peeps at Ancient EgyptPeeps at Ancient Assyria

We’re currently working on our collection of Children’s Bibles and Biblical Era histories. It is difficult to find older books that are as richly illustrated as modern ones, but the Peeps at Ancient History collection not only provides a very succinct summary of Ancient Empires, it includes beautiful color images that appeal to children.

Children’s Bibles

Story of the Chosen PeopleChildren’s Bible – Old TestamentChildren’s Bible – New Testament

Well done Children’s Bibles are a delightful addition to any family library and we’ve just added a few more to the Heritage Collection. Guerber’s Story of the Chosen People reads like a history story of the Jewish people and is easy to understand for those unfamiliar with Bible history. The Kent and Sherman’s Children’s Bible was a popular for many years do both to is its lovely illustrations, and also its scholarly integrity.


What do a Musical Genius, a Twelve Century Monk, a South American Patriot, an American Adventurer, and a Russian Revolutionary have in common? Well, not much actually, accept they are all subjects of biographies recently released on Heritage History. This is eclectic collection of course, but each life story is a fascinating one, that provides great insights into the historical era surrounding it.

BeethovenSt. AnselmGabriel Garcia MorenoAdventures of Buffalo BillWhen I was a Boy in Russia

Adapted Literature

Ivanhoe Told to the Children

Sir Walter Scott was a master of historical fiction, and Ivanhoe, set during reign of Richard the Lionhearted, is one of his most famous novels. This much simplified version, retains a great deal of the romance of the original, but is easily enjoyed by younger children.

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