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Roth Family Our Family

This is the Roth Gang. We’ve been homeschooling for fourteen years, and collecting classical children’s books for just as long. Everyone pitches in, if only to keep the house running when certain parents are otherwise occupied.

Top Row: #1 son David (trivia buff, military history buff, punmeister), father David (plays tennis, IT guy, runs business end of HH, “good cop” of parenting duo), Helena (proof-reads, knits, upholds decorum), #2 son Joey (Chemistry geek, plays Rome Total War, reaches things on high shelves).

Bottom Row: Angela “The Tornado” (cardboard and duct tape artist,  increases entropy), mother Teresa (teaches history, content editor, ignores housework, “bad cop”), #3 son Isaac (cooks, programmer in training, fixes go-carts).

Our Helpers

Our college students help with our web-page, marketing, and special projects and we could hardly function without them.

Amanda BoikHana Reichertcan't say for certain

Amanda Boik, a Media student at the University of Idaho, does just about everything from redesigning our web page, to creating helpful videos, to designing ads,  to formatting study guides, to setting up our entire social media empire.  She is Heritage History’s Media Wizard.

Hana Reichert, a Nursing student at Steubenville, has helped us out over the years in many ways including scanning and organizing pictures, creating and proof-reading the Classical libraries, and developing study materials.  She is Heritage History’s Girl Friday.

Ben Troxel, a Computer Science student at Spokane Falls Community College, is working on a project that is so top secret that not only can we not talk about it, but we can’t even acknowledge that he really exists.   He is Heritage History’s Seal Team Six.

Our Books

Heritage History Bookshelf
We’ve been collecting and digitizing classical children’s histories for over fifteen years. Although we have bookshelves throughout the house, the set of shelves shown above contains most of the books that are suitable for the Heritage History online library.

The books are organized into the following categories: Bookshelf #1) Reference, Geography, and “World” histories; #2) Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Spain/Latin America; #3 English History, British Empire, Ireland, India; #4) Europe, Russia, Great War; #5) America; #6) Africa, Asia, Ancient World, Historical Literature.

Theology, Saint stories, and Bible histories are in a different room altogether. Likewise our collection of Soviet and 20th century histories. Military history, Children’s anthologies, more American history, and our nearly complete Landmark collection is in the basement. Helena’s room has the complete Fairy Tale collection, plus Latin, and English Literature, while Angela’s room has the sled dog collection and Redwall series. We’re not sure what is on the shelves in the boys’ room, but I think that’s where the Bismarck/Titanic/Sea disaster collection ended up. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time for this tour and we haven’t even begun to discuss World War II, Chesterton, or the history of science. . .

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  1. Abby L.

    I found your products and blog via the granolamom4god blog. This is just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve signed up for your newsletter and look forward to following the blog. I’ve known for a while that I want to follow a classical style of homeschooling, but it’s such a departure from what I was raised with, that I need all the help I can get. Thanks for putting your knowledge out there for all of us to benefit from!

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