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Answers to Questions about Children's history and the Heritage Classical Curriculum.

Dec 02

About Heritage History: Academy Courses

Heritage Academy

For the last year much of our development effort has been dedicated to the Heritage Academy, an online study program that was created to complement the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It was an ambitious undertaking and we are still working on additional courses, but in December we released the Early America Academy Course, the fourth unit …

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Nov 30

About Heritage History: Our Classical Curriculum

old history books

From this experience we came away with several conclusions. The first was that older history books, written before school boards and politicians got a strangle-hold on “history education”, are usually preferable to modern ones. We also concluded that engaging a student’s natural interest was critical to any meaningful history education. Teachers can force feed a few facts by repetition and drill, but to get any genuine insight from the study of history, interest and curiosity are fundamental.

Nov 28

About Heritage History: Who we are, what we do

Heritage History Bookshelf

It has been quiet on the Heritage History blog for the last six months and some of our customers are wondering what is going on. We’ve had thousands of new visitors to the Heritage website during that time, many of whom have never heard of us and aren’t sure exactly what we’re up to. So …

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Mar 12

Heritage History and Core Curriculum Standards

There is nothing so corrupt as history when it enters the service of the state.” —Edgar Quinet

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” —George Orwell

“It is the great paradox of the modern world that at the very time when the world decided that people should not be coerced about their form of religion, it also decided that they should be coerced about their form of education.”—G. K. Chesterton

Jan 24

Why are some books “missing” from Heritage History’s CD collection?


“If I buy the the entire collection of Heritage History’s Classical Curriculum and Library CDs, will I be getting all of the books in the Heritage Library? If not, which books are left out? I would love to see a place on your site with a list of these books, so that I could find, without a lot of searching, if we already have a book or not and if there was something that we might be interested in.”

Sep 15

Ask Heritage: Why Assign Two Spines instead of One?

When you say every student of Ancient History should read at least two comprehensive histories (sometimes called “spines”) for both Greece and Rome do you mean one after the other or do you mean two different spines over the course of their elementary schooling years, the way the three and four year curriculums suggests? – …

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