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Aug 28

Heritage History Summer Blitz Comes to an End

Patrick, Amanda, Ben, Jake, David, and Hana.

It has been a long while since we last posted to the Heritage History blog. The long break has not been do to an extended vacation, world travels, family obligations, or even general laziness. Instead, the whole Heritage History Team, including six summer interns, has been working incredibly hard to rewrite the entire website and …

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Jan 09

A Momentous January Wedding

marriage york

The most ancient of human institutions has an authority that may seem as wild as anarchy. Alone among all such institutions it begins with a spontaneous attraction; and may be said strictly and not sentimentally to be founded on love instead of fear. . . . Force can abolish what force can establish; self-interest can terminate a contract when self-interest has dictated the contract. But the love of man and woman is not an institution that can be abolished, or a contract that can be terminated. It is something older than all institutions or contracts, and something that is certain to outlast them all.

Aug 14

Poem : The Pines


There are not many things that we enjoy as much as reading history, but hiking in the Rocky mountains is one of them. We love the lakes, rivers, and endless forests, and even the five months of winter. This weekend we took the boys up to Steven’s lake, just east of Wallace, near the Idaho/Montana border.