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Father Damien

Civilization: Christian — Hawaii
   Field of Renown:  clergy — Missionary
Era:  Later Modern

Father Damien, born Jozef De Veuster, was the seventh child of a Flemish corn merchant and his wife. He attended college before entering the novitiate of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, where he took the name of Brother Damianus (in French, Damien). Like his brother Augustus, Damien became a Picpus Brother in 1860, but his lack of education made his request for entry into the priesthood a difficult decision for his superiors. He was, however, able to learn Latin under his brother, and he was soon given leave to begin his ecclesiastical studies. Still, Damien’s real goal lay not in diocesan duties but in missionary work, and three years later his prayers were answered when he was chosen to travel to Hawaii.

Father Damien
Damien arrived in Honolulu in 1864, and he was soon ordained to the priesthood and assigned to the Catholic Mission on North Kohala. Meanwhile, the island was facing a public health crisis; influenza, syphilis, and leprosy, brought to the natives by foreign traders and settlers, were killing thousands of Hawaiians and threatening to destroy the entire community. One year after Damien’s arrival, the native king approved an "Act to Prevent the Spread of Leprosy," then thought to be incurable and highly contagious, which quarantined those infected and moved them to Kalawao County, separated from the rest of the island by a mountain ridge. Those sent away—over 8,000 in number—were given food and supplies but could not be provided sufficient medical help, and because of the nature of their illness they could not grow their own crops.

The residing bishop wished to send several priests to those in need, but because he knew that the assignment was essentially a death sentence, he waited for missionaries to volunteer for the position. Eventually four men did, Damien being the first. Damien arrived at the settlement in May 1873, and he immediately set out to establish the Church of Saint Philomena. In addition to his priestly duties, he also built homes and beds, dressed and fed those who could not care for themselves, and dug graves for the deceased. Soon after his coming, the community established laws, built schools, and bettered themselves as best they could. At his own request, Damien remained on Molokai for the remainder of his life.

In 1884, Damien himself contracted leprosy, but he did not let the disease hinder him in his plans for the continued progress of his beloved community. He received treatment from an acclaimed leprologist, which did relieve some of his symptoms, but after five long years of fighting the illness while working diligently, he passed away and his body was returned to its native Belgium. He was beatified in 1995 and canonized in 2009.

Key events during the life of Father Damien:

Born in Belgium.
Became a Picpus Brother.
Entered into ecclesiastical studies to become a priest.
Sailed to Hawaii as a missionary.
  Ordained to the priesthood.
Assigned to the Catholic Mission in North Kohala.
Arrived at the Kalawao settlement to assist the lepers there.
Contracted leprosy.
Beatified by Pope John Paul II.
Canonized by Pope Bendict XVI.

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