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Parent Accounts

The Heritage History Academy supports individual student accounts, but also supports parent accounts, which allow an entire household to share access to history courses purchased by a parent. Enrolling in the Academy as a parent allows a user to create student accounts for each of his school-aged children. The student accounts created by a parent have all of the same capability as those of an independent student, but they are unable to purchase courses independently. Instead, family-students have access to all the courses a parent has purchased, and can enroll in any of them, at no additional cost. For families with children, creating a parent account is more economical than purchasing individual courses for each student. This is especially true for large families, or for small families that purchase multiple Academy courses.

In addition to cost savings, there are several other benefits to creating a parent account. For example, parents are able to view their family member accounts with full editing privileges (meaning a parent can override a students reading status or modify his study parameters). Perhaps the most important benefit of a parent account, however, is that it makes it very easy for parents to learn along with their students. The parent account is not only the master-account of the family, but it has all the capabilities of a student account, meaning that a parent can update their own reading list and take knowledge tests, independently of their students. If these features encourage healthy competition between family members, all the better.

A parent pays the same price for a history course that an independent student pays, but in order to share it, he has to pay an enrollment fee for each additional family member. Once the enrollment fee is paid however, there is no additional charge for additional courses. The more Academy courses the family enjoys together, the greater the savings.

This chart shows how the savings grow with more family members ($10 each),
and more courses ($25 each).

Number of Students1 course 2 courses 3 courses 4 courses
1 Student $25 $50 $75 $100
2 Student ($10) $50 vs. $35 $100 vs. $60 $150 vs. $85 $200 vs. $120
3 Student ($20) $75 vs. $45 $150 vs. $70 $225 vs. $95 $300 vs. $130
4 Student ($30) $100 vs. $55 $200 vs. $80 $300 vs. $105 $400 vs. $140

There are restrictions on parent accounts however. They may only be used by members of the account holder household and they are limited to six student accounts per family. However, for many homeschooling families—or any family that enjoys learning history together, the Parent account is an excellent option.