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This is an abbreviated version of the Ancient Rome "Outline Maps" file.
The complete file offers links to several additional maps and lists of geography terms.

Outline Maps and Geography Terms
of Ancient Rome

Central Italy     Italian Peninsula     Western Roman Empire     Eastern Roman Empire    

Click on the outline maps shown below to view printable versions. A Printable version of the Geography Terms listed below is also available.

Central Italy

Cities - Central Italy

Rome: Latin colony, grew to dominate Mediterranean region.
Alba Longa: First city in Latium, eventually overshadowed by Rome.
Veii: Etruscan city across the Tiber from Rome, conquered by Camillus.
Clusium: Etruscan city ruled by Lars Porsena, an ally of the Tarquinni.
Ostia: Port city at mouth of the Tiber, controlled by Rome.
Tusculum: Latin city, ally of Rome, defended by Cincinnatus against Aequii.

Regions - Central Italy

Latium: Coastal region south of the Tiber, north the Volturnus, home of Latins.
Etruria: (Tuscany) Coastal region north of Rome, home of the Etruscans.
Umbria: Mountain region north of Rome.
Campania: Coastal region south of Latium, home to Oscii, Samnites, and Greeks.
Cisalpine Gaul: (Lombardy) N. Italy, Po river valley, over-run by Gauls in 500 B.C.

Rivers and Water Bodies - Central Italy

Tiber: Major river through central Italy in which Rome was situatated
Anio: Tributary to the Tiber, northeast of Rome, source of Roman aqueducts.
Allia: Tributary to the Tiber in Sabini mountains. Site of battle against Gauls.
Lake Regulus: Lake north of Alba Longa, site of battle against Tarquinii.