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Library CDs include e-book versions of 40 to 80 books on a particular historical topic. Books summaries and reading recommendations are provided for all ages.

Curriculum CDs include study aids such as maps and timelines in addition to e-books. Both Library and Curriculum CDs are preferred by families that enjoy reading history off-line. All books and resources are available in both e-book and printable format, and can be copied to any computer or e-reader.

Academy Courses contain all the resources in our Curriculum CDs plus additional features. They are preferred by families that enjoy online learning and appreciate structure and accountability. They are also attractive to international customers who prefer to avoid shipping costs.

Library Passes allow students to download e-book versions of every book on the Heritage History website but do not include any study aids.

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The complete Heritage History Library contains over 500 children's histories. In order to present our study units in an organized manner we have divided our collection into ten categories that cover world history from Biblical times until the early 20th century. These historical subjects provide the basis for our Curriculum CDs and Academy Courses.

The Young Readers course includes easy-to-read selections from all ten civilization libraries. It was created especially for young elementary students. The Independent Study course is available at no cost to all registered users.

Historical ErasAcademyCurriculum CDLibrary CDLibrary Pass
Ancient Greece -
Ancient Rome -
British Middle Ages -
British Empire   (Africa, India, Science & Industry)-
Early America  -
Spanish Empire  (Exploration, Latin America)(fall 2015)-
Christian Europe   (5th to 17th centuries)--
Modern Europe   (18th to 20th centuries)-
Biblical Kingdoms  ---
Eastern Empires   (China, Japan, India, Islam)---
Young Readers -
Independent Study --