Heritage History Privacy Policy


http://www.heritage-history.com/ ("Website") is owned and operated by its parent company, Heritage History ("Heritage History"). Heritage History is strongly committed to protecting your personal privacy. For purposes of this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") you are a "User," and any other person accessing or using the Website is also a "User" whether or not the User creates a personal account or purchases products from the Website. This Privacy Policy outlines how Heritage History collects, uses, discloses, transfers, and stores User information, and when Heritage History shares or refuses to share that information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Website or this Privacy Policy.


1.             No Sale of Information. Heritage History will not transfer, sell, trade, rent, barter or otherwise disclose personally identifying information ("Personal Information") provided by Website Users except pursuant to this Privacy Policy, posted Website terms of use, or written permission from the User whose information is subject to disclosure.


2.             Purpose and Applicability. Heritage History and the Website have implemented this Privacy Policy to explain: (a) information gathered from and about Users and potential uses of that information, (b) Users' options with regard to disclosure and use of Personal Information, and (c) Users' ability to correct, withdraw or delete Personal Information from the Website. This Privacy Policy applies only to this Website. Other websites owned by Heritage History and websites owned or operated by third parties may contain similar or different privacy policies. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any person, entity, organization, or website to or from which the Website links or is linked. You are strongly encouraged to read and regularly review posted privacy policies on all websites, whether or not owned by Heritage History or affiliated with this Website.


3.             Cookies and Collection of User Information. Users may browse and read general Website content without revealing Personal Information other than default information customarily logged by the Website and its host server. Heritage History, the Website and the host server may automatically collect certain information from all Users who access the Website, including without limitation: (a) date and time of access, (b) the originating IP address from which the User accessed the Website, (c) the Internet address of third-party websites from which the User accessed or linked to the Website, and (d) pages and portions of the Website the User views or accesses. The Website collects this information through the use of Cookies, pixel tags and other available technologies. "Pixel tags" enable Heritage History and the Website to send email messages in a format Users can read, and also inform Heritage History whether or not an email has been opened. Heritage History may use pixel tags to reduce unwanted messages sent to Users. "Cookies" means text files with electronic identifiers which store and retrieve information from and about Users, permitting Heritage History and the Website to recognize returning Users, track use of the Website and maintain customized Internet web pages and preferences. Session Cookies expire when a User exits the User's Internet browser. Persistent Cookies remain on a User's computer for a given time or until deleted. This Website uses both session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Heritage History and the Website do not combine information collected from or through the use of Cookies with other Personal Information to determine the identity or email address of Users without the individual User's express consent. Heritage History collects and periodically reviews information collected using Cookies, pixel tags, web beacons and similar technologies in order to provide access to the Website and related services, to review and evaluate the popularity and functionality of the Website and related services, to establish priorities and allocate resources associated with the Website and related services and for other internal informational purposes. Heritage History and the Website may also use Cookies, web beacons or other programs to determine, on an anonymous basis, which portions of the Website are most frequently accessed by Users. Users who wish to create accounts, purchase items, or actively use other services available through the Website may be required to provide contact, identity and other Personal Information as part of the subscription and/or account creation, purchase, and login processes. Users always have the option to choose not to use services or features which require them to provide specific Personal Information. If and to the extent Users' IP addresses or similar identifying information may be considered personal information by applicable law, Heritage History also treats these identifiers as Personal Information. In addition, where non-identifying information is received in combination with Personal Information, Heritage History treats the combined information as Personal Information for purposes of this Privacy Policy.


4.             Collection of Information at Account Creation or Purchase. Heritage History and the Website may permit individual Users to register for and use subscriptions and/or personal accounts with the Website and/or to purchase products and services offered on and through the Website, pursuant to posted terms of use and other policies, rules, procedures and practices established, posted and modified by Heritage History and the Website from time to time. For purposes of this privacy policy, the phrase "purchase items" refers to both items purchased for money or other valuable consideration and also to items downloaded from the Website or available free of charge. As part of the account creation and/or purchase process Heritage History and the Website may ask for specific Personal Information about the relevant User, including without limitation the User's name, age, address, e-mail address, login name, password, credit card and/or other payment information. Heritage History and the Website require this information in order to create and maintain a personal account for or on behalf of a User, to provide the User with access to products and services offered on the Website, and/or to complete the User's purchase of products and services offered on the Website. Heritage History and the Website may also use Cookies and other available technology to remember User preferences and customized settings, to facilitate User access to the Website and to verify User access to personal accounts.


5.             Use of Personal Information. Users who register for a subscription and/or personal account or who purchase items through the Website must provide a valid e-mail address along with other identifying Personal Information. Heritage History and the Website may use Users' Personal Information from time to time in order to contact Users for purposes of updating required information and providing important information about: (a) products and services offered by Heritage History and the Website, (b) changes to Website policies, rules, procedures and practices, and (c) User's personal accounts. Heritage History and Website do not and will not sell or disclose User names or e-mail addresses to third parties and do not engage in "spamming" or other unsolicited e-mail contact for purposes of marketing, advertising or sales. Users may opt out of Heritage History's advertising and news-related mailing lists at any time by updating their account preferences. Users may not opt out of purchase notices and notices regarding changes to Heritage History's and the Website's terms and conditions, because these notices are important to Users' interaction with Heritage History. Heritage History may also use Personal Information for internal Heritage History purposes, including without limitation auditing, data analysis, and research. Users who submit Personal Information to or in connection with Heritage History and/or Website contests also agree to use of the relevant Personal Information in accordance with the relevant contest terms and conditions. Heritage History and the Website reserve the right to keep copies of information provided by Users.


6.             Nondisclosure. Heritage History will not sell or disclose Users' Personal Information except as reasonably required: (a) by law or to comply with legal process served on Heritage History or the Website, (b) to comply with posted terms of use, disclaimers, contests, this Privacy Policy, and other policies, rules, procedures and practices as in effect from time to time, (c) to develop, improve, operate, maintain and debug the Website or Heritage History operations, and/or (d) to protect and defend the rights, property and personal safety of Heritage History, the Website, Users or members of the general public.


7.             Protection of Personal Information. Secure portions of the Website, such as shopping carts, may use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on portions of the Website where Personal Information is collected. Users who wish to purchase items from the Website must use an SSL-enabled browser (for example, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) to help protect the security of Personal Information.


8.             User Access. Each User may access his or her own Personal Information and account information for the limited purposes of viewing, verifying, altering, correcting, or updating Personal Information provided to Heritage History and the Website.


9.             No Unsupervised Minors. Heritage History is concerned about safe, supervised use of the Internet by Minors. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "Minor" means any natural person under the age of eighteen (18) years. Heritage History and the Website do not knowingly collect information from Minors, permit Minors to register for personal accounts with the Website or permit Minors to access the Website without adult supervision and the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Use of the Website constitutes a warranty that the User: (a) is not a Minor or (b) is a Minor using the Website with the full knowledge, active supervision, and consent of the Minor's own parent or legal guardian. Heritage History strongly encourages parents and legal guardians to review Website policies, rules, procedures, and practices carefully and to monitor use of the Internet by their Minor children. Heritage History and Website reserve the right to block or terminate the account access of any User suspected or determined to be a Minor using the Website without the supervision and consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.


10.          Links to Other Websites. The Website may contain links to other Internet websites ("External Links"). External Links may be provided by advertisers or other third-party content providers not related to or affiliated with Heritage History or the Website. The Heritage History and the Website have no control over third-parties or their websites, whether or not those websites link to or from the Website. This Privacy Policy, along with other posted Website and Heritage History policies, rules, procedures and practices, apply only to this Website and do not apply to External Links or linked sites. Users are advised and strongly encouraged to carefully review and understand the individual privacy policies of other websites. Heritage History and the Website accept no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies or actions of third parties or for information provided to third parties, whether or not linked to or accessed through Website.


11.          Privacy Rights. Information provided on or to, or appearing on, the Website may be owned by third parties and subject to a variety of legal rights, including without limitation privacy and publicity rights. Use of information appearing on the Website is subject to posted terms of use and applicable law. Use of information appearing on the Website without the permission of the owner may result in liability for a variety of claims, including without limitation claims for violation of privacy rights. No person may use or commercially exploit the information appearing on or purchased from the Website without the consent of the owner. All rights to protected information are expressly reserved. The civil codes of certain states permit website Users to request certain information regarding disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Heritage History complies with all applicable state laws and legally permitted User requests to review information.


12.          Changes to Privacy Policy. Heritage History and the Website reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without cause or prior notice. Heritage History will post all changes to the Privacy Policy on the Website. Changes to the Privacy Policy are effective immediately upon posting. Users are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policy regularly. Use of the Website indicates the relevant User's full and complete agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy as if the User had signed a written document containing the Privacy Policy. Use of information gathered by or in the possession of Heritage History and the Website is subject to the Privacy Policy as in effect at the time of use.


13.          Privacy Questions. If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or the manner in which Heritage History or the Website use information, please contact us at: Heritage HIstory PO Box 901 Newman Lake, WA 99025 or customerservice |@| heritage-history.com