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Heritage History maintains the Largest Collection of Classical Children's Histories on the internet. Our library contains over 500 books, and over 5000 historical illustrations. Almost all were scanned and reformated for digital display by volunteers associated with Heritage History.

In addition to republishing hundreds of Traditional Children's Histories Heritage History provides Reviews and Recommendations for students of all reading abilities. We also provide information about Traditional History Authors and Series, and have developed hundreds of original Study Aids (timelines, character bio's, maps, etc.) accessible from the Study Resources page.

The Heritage History Library and all associated teaching materials were developed by a homeschooling family and their associates over the last eight years. Our efforts have been supported for much that time by the sale of Curriculum CDs and online courses. But much has changed in the world of digital publishing and it is now time to present these timeless classics to a new generation of history teachers and homeschoolers. We have chosen to do this by providing Free Access to all existing material while we continue development of new projects.

If you enjoy the books and resources provided on this site Please consider supporting Heritage History through a financial donation or by sharing information about us on social media. We appreciate both one-time contributions and monthly support.