Modern education has not given us men who write better epitaphs or men who build better houses. It has given us men who are afraid to write epitaphs and leave it to the vicar. It has given us men who are afraid to build houses and leave it to the architect. — G. K. Chesterton

Favorite Series

Many of the most fascinating books in the Heritage Collection are part of a series. A good number of the best authors of juvenile history, such as H. E. Marshall, Alfred J. Church, Jacob Abbott, and others were prolific writers and produced not just one but an entire collection of first rate books. Most of their books, therefore, are recommended as part of a series rather than as stand-alone books.

Overall at least two thirds of the books in the Heritage Collection are part of a series. Some are written by a single author, but others are written by a group of authors under the direction of a publisher. Some collections are confined to a relatively narrow theme, such as American Frontier History, or Exploration, while others are broad and wide-ranging. Our complete list of series can be found here, and several of our favorite series, selected from all three reading levels, are listed below.

Series Title
Told to the Children Legends and classical literature retold for children21 of 30Louey Chisholm
Children's Heroes Live stories of men-of-action written for children 14 of 17John Lang
Famous Men of the Ages Collective biographies of notable men from various ages4 of 4Haaren & Poland
Colonial Children Historical fiction featuring Americans of colonial times. 12 of 12James Otis
Guerber Historical Readers Intro to Western Civilization for middle school students 8 of 8Helene Guerber
Stories from Gorilla Country Adventure stories from an early explorer of Central Africa5 of 5Paul du Chaillu
Marshall British Histories Storybook histories of Britain and Western Europe7 of 8H. E. Marshall
Macgregor Ancient Histories Introduction to ancient history for intermediate students.4 of 4Mary Macgregor
Van Bergen Asian Histories Excellent short histories of Japan, China, and Russia4 of 4Robert van Bergen
Historical Tales Exceptionally interesting historical tales from many nations, intended for young adults 12 of 12Charles Morris
Makers of History Historical biographies of prominent men and women 18 of 20Jacob & J.C. Abbott
Heroes of Exploration Outstanding biographies of early Spanish explorers 10 of 10Frederick A. Ober

*NOTE: Volume indicates the number of books in the Heritage Library out of the total volumes in the series.