Secret Society Research: Advanced Topics

We developed these Advanced Research pages to provide a summary of what we have learned about the history of Canaanite Secret Societies over the last few years. However, the topic is very challenging. We are assuming that researchers are already familiar with the claims of certain "conspiratorial histories". Only those who are already thoroughly convinced of the enormous degree of corruption in our most important institutions will benefit from a study of advanced topics. If you are not already familiar with the material introduced in our Conspiracy Primers, please review these introductory texts before proceeding.

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Research Topics: Overview

"Expand your thinking."

The Advanced Research pages listed below includes our own commentary as well as reading suggestions. This is because many of the books we used as sources are fairly difficult to interpret, and we inferred certain conclusions from a broad range of evidence. Some of the books we used for advanced research were written for specialists; others contain disinformation as well as fascinating dislosures. Still others promote theories that are dismissed by modern academics in spite of much evidence in their favor. And in many cases, a broad knowledge of ancient history is necessary to understand cryptic references. All these factors are discussed more fully in on the Difficulties with Research into Secret Societies (1) page and we strongly recommend reading this introduction before proceeding.

Once you are aware of the pitfalls and complications that make the study of Secret Societies so difficult, you will see why a certain amount of subjective interpretation is necessary in order to recognize signs of cabal activity in history. Sections (2) and (3) list dozens of "clues" that can be used to Recognize Cabal Activity, even in accounts that make no explicit references. Section (4) deals with the history of Ancient Phoenicia and is of enormous importance. If you are unfamiliar with ancient Phoenician culture this is a critical area to review.

The final five sections cover many other difficult and controversial topics, including medieval trading and banking networks, Noah's Flood, Atlantis, the "secret knowledge" of the cult, the relationship between Canaanites and Jews, Symbolism and the occult, and the role of the Vatican in conspiratorial history. We have cited sources and recommended reading wherever possible.

We realize that the study of conspiratorial history and secret societies is extremely difficult, and there is an enormous amount of disinformation on social media. For this reason, we have mainly used public domain, printed sources, rather than internet blogs, message boards, or videos. Wherever possible, we have tried to evaluate the credibility of the author before coming to any conclusions. We implore researchers to read ALL history and historical commentary—even our own—with discernment and skepticism.


History is a far, far more falsified and distorted field than most people can imagine, but we continue to find our studies of the past fascinating and productive. We believe that the reinterrpretation of history to incorporate the truth about the secret influence of occult networks is an important project and are happy to contribute whatever we can.

Research Topics: Menu

"The deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes."

  1. Difficulties with Research into Secret Societies—Insights into the many difficulties and deceptions involved with research into Secret Societies. There are no perfectly reliable authors or sources; there are hundreds of diversions and "rabbit holes"; and all of human history is awash in misinformation.
  2. Recognizing Signs of the Cabal in History, Part I—Once you read "Difficulties with Research into Secret Societies" (above), you will understand that there is no direct route to studying the history of the cabal. However, there are many identifiable signs, symbols, occupations, behaviors, and places that are associated with cabal activity. Learning to recognize them can provide many insights into "hidden history".
  3. Recognizing Signs, Part II: Pathologies—This is a continuation of the "Recognizing signs of the Cabal in History, but instead of focusing on visible clues, it focuses on behavior patterns, including certain characteristic pathologies. This page contains a short and somewhat expurgated (this is a P-G rated website) review of some of the Cabal's most horrendous practices, many of which date to ancient times and are related to Canaanite cult-programming and mind-control.
  4. Phoenicians and the Ancient World—Study of Ancient History and especially the Canaanite-Phoenician culture is essential to understanding secret societies. Conventional accounts infer that the Phoenician civilization disappeared with hardly a trace following the Roman-Punic Wars, but this is false. This unit includes fascinating research into ancient religions, trading networks, and "secret knowledge". It also briefly covers the period in Roman history following the Punic Wars, a critical period during which a few Canaanite families gained control of the Roman government and brought much of Europe under "imperial" control.
  5. Trade and Financial Networks of the Middle Ages—This page will focuses on the rise of various trading empires from the Hansa League and Venetian Empires of the Middle Ages to the Dutch and British East India Companies. It also examines the international Banking and Finance networks that were associated with them, and introduces some of the most important secret societies of the Middle Ages.
  6. Antediluvian History: Advanced Civilizations—The worldwide catastrophe known by Christians as "Noah's Flood" was almost certainly a historical reality. The fossil record, geological formations, ancient monuments, and indigeonous legends worldwide all testify to a worldwide catastrophe thousands of years ago that wiped out a fairly advanced "antediluvian" civilization. What can be known about lost civilizations? What was 'Atlantis'? What caused the worldwide flood? who survived? and what does any of this have to do with the "secret knowledge" possessed by the Phoenicians?
  7. Symbolism and the Occult—This is a list of occult classics. However, most of the information in the books in this collection is purely diversionary. The deepest secrets of occult societies relate to mind-control techniques, secret knowledge, antediluvian history, and the extent of existing institutional corruption. Many occult practices and rituals are merely brain-washing techniques, and serve to obfuscate the criminal pathologies at the core of Canaanite secret societies. This is not our field of expertise and this page only provides links to 19th century sources on the topic.
  8. Israelites and Canaanites—The Jews have had a complicated relationship with Canaanites and secret societies since Biblical times. This section includes Jewish histories written from both pro-Jewish and anti-Semitic perspectives. It includes histories of the Jews of the Holy land, the Sephardim of Spain, the Ashkenazi Jews of the Rhine, the Khazars, and the Russian/Polish Jews. Discussion topics include blood libel the Inquisition, the Jewish role in American colonizations, and the critical relationship between Sephardim "Conversos" and the Early Jesuits.
  9. The Vatican—The Catholic Church has a long and complicated relationship with the 'Synagogue of Satan.' There is no question that the Church officially condemns secret societies and that the vast majority of Christians are faithful to the truths of the Church and enemies of everything secret societies stand for. Unfortunately, certain religious orders and members of the Catholic hierarchy have been infiltrated with subversives and saboteurs, and they have done great harm.

Editor's Preface

Greetings fellow researchers.

We would like to provide a few insights into our own experience in researching secret societies for the benefit of anyone else who takes an interest in conspiratorial history. But first a little background on how we became involved in these matters.

My spouse and I are semi-retired engineers and homeschoolers. We have been reading and digitizing traditional, "public domain" histories for almost twenty years. At first our primary interests were Ancient and European history, including Christian history. We eventually developed a reading-based curriculum based on the traditional student histories in our collection.

About ten years ago, we began research for a unit on Modern Europe, focusing on developments from 1650 to the Great War, and it was at this time we began studying Freemasonry. We did not, originally, have a conspiratorial frame of mind, and like most people, thought wars, corruption, and vicious politics could be explained by normal human frailties. However, the more we researched the more clear it became that the Freemasons, and other secret societies were in fact, part of a devious and malevolent worldwide conspiracy. Their methodical and insideous tactics of espionage, infiltration, and subversion made this this obvious, but what did it all mean?

The Deafening Silence—At first we fell into the trap of believing they were merely Satanic enemies of Christianity and that "Jews" were somehow behind it all. But if this were true, why weren't Christian leaders exposing their corruption at every opportunity? Why weren't Catholic historians researching and revealing these dangerous foes? After years of investigation, the most distressing aspect was not the obvious evidence of organized criminal activity and corruption at the highest levels of government; it was the "dog that didn't bark." We were amateur historians, yet were able to access dozens of well-documented "conspiratorial" histories that provided clear proof of secret societies' involvement in virtually every war and revolution in the last three centuries. Yet all conventional histories—whether written from a conservative, liberal, Christian or secular viewpoint—ignored or downplayed this evidence. How was this possible?

The more we studied the existing body of well-researched, well-documented conspiratorial history, the more deafening the silence of conventional historians. Many of the books we used as references were decades old; some over a century old. Their information had been publically available for generations yet even conservative Christian historians read from the same script, (just as leading scientists publically support the preposterous theory of biological evolution). We were privite citizens with no important connections and nothing but a homeschool history website as a platform. There was nothing we could do but continue to do what we knew how to do: digitize worthwhile histories and make them publically available. Hence, our Secret Societies webpage.

The Podesta Emails—Until a few years ago we ignored politics as much as possible and focused only on history. We were aware of the work Wikileaks did, but most of their disclosures only confirmed a degree of corruption that we were already certain of. However, the Podesta emails (October, 2016) which clearly referred to child sexual abuse and trafficking among America's political elite, were earth-shattering. This was a shocking revelation that got our undivided attention and completely transformed our way of thinking.

It took a few months to absorb the full significance, but all the research we'd done over the years regarding secret societies and ancient history seemed to come together in disconcerting ways. We were horrified and relieved at the same time; horrified because these activities were unimaginably dispicable, and relieved because many of the things that did not "add up" in our historical researches finally began to make sense—dreadful, nauseating sense that more than confirmed our worst fears. Yet we were still relieved. Partly because, when you are certain that something is terribly wrong but cannot name it, knowing the awful truth is better than unutterable dread. But mostly because, for the first time, we knew with absolute certainty that many others besides ourselves were aware of these problems and doing something about them. Hallelujah!!

The Secret of Secrets—To get right to the point, ritual child abuse and murder is an enormously important key to understanding the entire network of secret societies. It is perversion and blackmail, not persuasion and bribery, that is the basis of secret society power, and these abhorrent rites that intentionally cross every boundary of human decency are also at the heart of the cult's brainwashing methods and inexplicable secrecy and solidarity.

The critical factor for us as historians, was that we saw that these practices were a direct and undeniable link between modern day secret societies and Cananite cults of ancient times. We had heard of such connections and had already read a great deal about the ancient Phoenicians; but it was impossible to believe that such a cult could have continued to operate undetected for over 2000 years, and that these appalling rituals still occurred in the modern era. That is, it was impossible to believe until it was undeniable. Once Wikileaks (and later Q) provided confirmation of certain unthinkable realities, we could not fail to recognized their astronomic significance.

We are aware that most people have scant knowledge of ancient religions, trading networks, empires, and secret societies, and would therefore, fail to see the significance of all of this. Most people don't even realize that Tyrians of the Bible (think Jezebel and king Hiram), were closely related to the Cathaginians of Punic War fame, or that the Phoenician network of ancient times extended far, far, beyond Carthage, or that the Severan dynasty in Rome openly practiced the Canaanite religion. Most people don't know these things, or a thousand other suspicious facts about historical Empires, ancient cults, European royalty, or medieval guilds and trading networks that have helped us recognize the activities of the cabal throughout the centuries. We have long been fairly knowledgeable about many of these aspects of history, but still it has taken years to put pieces together and find specific "proofs" of Canaanite activity. And our project of historical revisionism is still very much a work in progress.

Is all of this knowledge upsetting? Yes of course. Extremely so. Before proceeding with "Advanced Research", please be sure that you value truth above comfort and familiarity. Most people do not want to know the extent and antiquity of the corruption in the world. They merely want the corruption to go away, without having to deal with a wrecking ball destroying comforting illusions about heroic people and institutions in which they have placed their trust. We respect this, and do not make any attempt to throw this information in people's faces. On the contrary. We try to be as truthful as possible with a minimum of graphic detail, and as American Catholics who love their country and their Church, tread as lightly as possible on topics of enormous sensitivity.

That said, it is an evil cult that has been running the world for many centuries, and their power lies in their secrets. And their greatest power lies in their innermost secrets—their most horrid and unspeakable secrets. So helping to expose these secrets, so that mankind can know once and for all the manner in which it has been deceived, is important. Only by exposing these secrets can this cult be abolished forever from the face of the earth, and never allowed to rise again.

We have no important connections and limited resources. We are not particularly active on social networks, do not consider ourselves to be "authorities", and prefer seclusion and quiet reflection to action and controversy. There is almost nothing we can do to contribute to the "fight" against this evil cabal except with this one thing. To help expose their secrets to those who are willing and ready to learn. More information about our background, methods, and experince can be found on the Difficulties with Researching Secret Societies page. If you are able to read through these notes we have provided, thank you for your time. Good Luck and God Bless. Peace be with you.

D.A.R. and T.A.R., proprietors of Heritage History.
January 1, 2022