Secret Society Research FAQs

If you are just getting started investigating Secret Societies, you should know that researching "Hidden History" can be disorienting. It is difficult to adjust to the reality that many 'heroes of history' are as they seem, and that 'facts' about the past that have been accepted as common knowledge are simply untrue. The information below answers questions that novice researchers might have regarding our collection of books and some of the truths they reveal.

What is a Secret Society?

A simple definition is "an organization whose members are sworn to secrecy about its activities." The network of secret societies that we are discussing, however, is more specific. We are not concerned with informal or isolated conspiracies. The secret societies we are investigating are part of a complex, long-standing network of covert associations that operate internationally, and control financial, political, and criminal organizations in countries throughout the world. Such networks have existed since ancient times, but have become far more powerful in recent centuries. Freemasonry is one such organization, but there are many others secret associations that are interconnected by common symbols, signs, and occult knowledge. A great deal of financial extortion, political intrigue, money-manipulation, drug and human trafficking, global trade, and international crime can be traced to syndicates that are controlled by these 'Secret Societies'.

What makes you an expert on Secret Societies?

We do not claim to be experts on anything, just well-read in certain areas. We are regular American homeschoolers with computer skills and an extensive interest in history. We are not crackpots, white supremacists, or political activists. We do not consider ourselves to be 'conspiracy theorists', just people with an interest in history and a willingness to pursue independent research.

We prepare public domain history texts for homeschoolers and independent learners. While researching modern history we encountered many references to Freemasonry and this led to a study of secret societies in general. The more we researched, the more clear it became that most contemporary historians were avoiding some very difficult issues. We have always found that reading older authors provides interesting perspectives, and never more so than when discussing the problems of secret societies and apparent 'Jewish' domination of finance and statecraft. Such topics were addressed more openly before WWII than they are today, so older books are sometimes more frank and informative than modern ones.

We are librarians rather than historians. Instead of attempting to rewrite history ourselves or convince people of the truth of these difficult matters, we have simply included on this website many of the books that we have read to inform ourselves. We encourage people to research on their own and make their own decision what to believe.

How can I know what is trustworthy and what is not?

In the field of Secret Society research, there are many worthwhile resources, but there is no single, ultimate authority. Some books were written by well-meaning 'outsiders', who did commendable research, but had to work with incomplete and conflicting information. Others were written by people with intimate knowledge of a particular situation but with limited insight into the "big picture". Others were authored by 'insiders' who provide partial disclosure, but may have written with the intent to mislead or divert attention. And several of the books that appear to provide enormously helpful disclosures are of disputed authenticity.

The biggest problem facing those who seriously wish to investigate secret societies are not obvious lies and ommisions, but subtle lies and misinformation. Dozens of fraudulent 'best-sellers' that pretend to expose corruption in businesses and government agencies are regularly published by well-credentialed "insiders" but they intentionally obscure the real problem. These misleading exposés invariably focus on the misdeeds of a few malevolent bogeymen, while ignoring the role of the criminal syndicates, secret societies, business cartels, and corrupt justice systems that enable them.

Most of the authors on the Secret Society website were independent researchers, who did not rely on government, foundation, or corporate funding or gate-keepers. This freed them from the institutionalized lying that characterizes most 'official' history, but did not make them omniscient. Try not to be put off by information that flatly contradicts 'official' history, seems out-of-date, or is inconsistent with other authors. You don't need to believe or understand every detail to get the general idea, or see that the truth is more complicated than you thought.

Be open minded. Think for yourself. Feel free to change your opinion or simply reserve judgement. Try not to worry about "trusted" authorities, and learn to trust yourself.

I am not very familiar with Secret Societies. What do you recommend for a novice?

Some of the books on the Secret Societies page are intended for serious study. Nesta Webster and Eustace Mullins for example, did much original research and their works are well-documented.

Other authors wrote for a general audience and offer their readers a less detailed overview. If you are just beginning to research secret societies, you might start with one of these introductory texts. All were written in the 40s and 50s so they are slightly out-of-date, but still extremely informative. Fagan gives a good survey of the situation in the U.S.A. while Ramsay and Carr provide more background on events in Europe. Both Fagan and Ramsay books are fairly short.

Another short but important document to read is Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The other texts included in the Protocols division are also very short and revealing.

We would also recommend reading an introduction to Freemasonry. This is important because a study of Freemasonry provides some insight into the psychology of Secret Societies. All are good overviews, but Rev. Dillon's 1885 classic War of the Anti-Christ with Christian Civilization is the best known.

With this background, you should be ready to tackle the works of more serious researchers or alternatively, you can focus on studying specific conflicts by reviewing topics listed on the Wars and Revolutions page.

Can I copy pages from this website? Can I repost this information on my blog?

As far as we are concerned, you can do anything you like with any of the material on this website. To the best of our understanding, all these books are in the Public Domain, and you do not need any additional permission. We offer online, EPUB, and printable PDF of most of our books to make reading them on any platform, and sharing them with others as easy as possible. We would appreciate you sharing the information with others in whatever manner you see fit.

Are the 'Jews' really behind Secret Societies?

The situation is EXTREMELY complicated!!! It is hard to discuss without making false and unfair generalizations. But Revelations 2:9 offers a good starting point: "I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan."

Many studies on Secret Societies trace the 'masterminds' of occult organizations to Jews. Others blame a network of power-crazed money-lenders. There is some truth to these observations, but it is not the whole truth. Many of the worst culprits are businessmen, entertainers, philanthropists, or religious leaders with no apparent connection to Judaism or banking. A somewhat better (but still simplistic) explanation follows:

The history of the Jews, for over 3000 years, has been associated with that of their Baal-Worshipping 'Semitic' brethren, the Canaanites (known to us in history as Phoenicians and Carthaginians). When the great cities of the Canaanites (Tyre and Carthage) were destroyed, the Phoenicians seem to have disappeared from history but they did not. They had ships, trading stations, treasure stores, and a network of colonies throughout the Ancient World so much of the population simply dispersed and used symbols and occult knowledge to maintain networks across diverse cultures. Many disguised themselves as Jews, but they also settled into communities wherever they had established trading ports and lived as Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Moors, and Spaniards. This occurred before the time of Christ.

The Canaanites have used symbolism and secret associations to preserve their community for thousands of years. Their cultish behavior, perfidious deceptions, perverse rites, and subversion are part of their culture and always have been. Canaanites who settled around Italy greatly influenced the Roman Empire and they've had their hand in events and revolutions throughout history. Canaanites were prominent among the Sephardi Jews, the bankers of Venice, the "Black Nobility", the Barbary pirates, Sicilian mobsters, and the Jewish communities of the Levant. They have also been prominent among Talmudic scholars, British bankers, merchant marines, Freemasons, slave traders, explorers, arms dealers, lawyers, religious leaders, diplomats, University Professors, and revolutionaries.

A network of Canaanite/Jewish money-lenders have used their gold and other methods of persuasion to influence kings and local rulers for centuries. However, only in the last few centuries have they organized to overturn, "all the religions and governments of Europe", and establish a 'New World Order'. Most histories of secret societies date from this time, but the Canaanite network itself is much older.

Some sects seem to have maintained 'pure' Canaanite bloodlines, but many have adopted Goyim identities. Some are masters, some are puppets. Some know all the cult secrets, some appear to know only partial truths. There are complicated hierarchies and outsiders can only speculate on the inner workings of the cult. But of its existence, there are many proofs.

The Canaanites use Jews as well as Gentile dupes and "fellow travelers" for nefarious purposes and hide their existence behind a confusing array of contentious religious and political factions. They are liars, deceivers, blackmailers, and propagandists. They mislead and it is very difficult to avoid falling into their many traps. Although the history and culture of these Canaanite sects are very tied up with that of the Israelites, most non-Canaanite Jews are just as befuddled as everyone else.

If modern histories cannot be trusted, what should I teach my children?

It is ironic that the greater the influence of "mass media" in recent decades, the easier it has been to deceive people about their history. During our 24 years of homeschooling we came to the conclusion that traditional, story-based histories, such as those in the Heritage History Library, were more engaging and less politicized than modern histories. However, even some of these older histories are distorted, especially those dealing with the events of 19th and 20th centuries. Nevertheless, we still believe that it is important for students learn the basic facts and stories of history before trying to understand what goes on "behind the scenes". Students should read histories that engage their interest. More complicated insights can come later.

We have made some effort in a few of the Heritage History Study Resources pages to add material that corrects flagrant misinformation, but are just getting started on this effort. Perhaps someday a thoroughly honest history of modern times will be written for students, but for now but it is hard to imagine how one would make such complicated deceptions comprehensible to young people. The problem is confusing even for well-educated adults.

Why does Wikipedia say the authors you recommend are 'anti-Semitic'?

"When both logic and facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell."
— Carl Sandburg

The terms 'anti-Semitic' and 'conspiracy-theorist' are often used to belittle researchers who investigate secret societies. The object is to discredit them so that people will not bother to read their books. Serious researchers have exposed much irrefutable evidence that a world-wide network of operators work together to foment conflict and revolution, manipulate money supplies, and fund wars, political corruption, monopolistic business practices, and criminal activities. Instead of challenging specific charges, their critics seek to discredit researchers by representing them as bigoted, paranoid, and obsessed with conspiracies.

Wikipedia has much excellent material, but it is not the trustworthy, independent source some people assume. It is 'controlled' just like most other media sources.

If information about secret societies has been known for decades, why isn't it in history books?

The way the cabal suppresses truthful historical information is a good model of how it operates in general. Two important concepts to understand are "Gate-keeper", meaning one who controls access to something, and "Follow-the-money" meaning that when you find out who pays the bills, you have usually identified your "gate-keeper". Who hires 'historians' and decides whether they should be published or promoted? Universities, foundations, publishing companies—these are the "gate-keepers". But the more revealing question is: who funds the universities, foundations and publishing companies? Who hires and promotes the gate-keepers? Who controls the controllers?

A very small number of people control a great deal of the wealth in the world. And an even smaller number are major donors to the cultural institutions that serve as gate-keepers to most educational establishments. And these people do not appreciate being identified as part of a cabal or secret society or 'Semitic' racial group. Historians who go along with the program are treated well. Those who go down dangerous paths find themselves flipping hamburgers.

IMPORTANT: "Gate-keeping" and "Following-the-money" apply to 'conservative' and 'Christian' Colleges, foundations, and publishing companies, as well as liberal and secular institutions. The existence of an authentic 'conservative' opposition is something of an illusion. See "Controlled Opposition".

What is 'Controlled Opposition?

One of the standard ways secret societies operate is that they put forth leaders to represent every major political party, religious movement, and question of national importance. Some people mistakenly believe 'liberals' are the 'bad guys' and that conservatives and orthodox religious leaders can be trusted. This is false. The spies and conspirators who direct secret societies have no permanent principles or beliefs. The accumulation of power and the destruction of their opponents is their only concern. Most people trust in 'leaders' who say what they want to hear, so the cult is always ready with 'deep cover' agents, including political and religious 'conservatives' to provide inspiring 'leadership' on both sides of every conflict.

The job of these false-leaders is to keep the conversation focused on emotional, controversial, and transitory issues, and crusade against their ideological opponents, but never to educate the public about the real powers-that-be. "Infiltrate, Divide and Conquer" has been their modus operandi for centuries.

A good example of this technique from history is Daniel Defoe. We know him as the author of Robinson Crusoe, but he was also a gifted political writer, supposedly loyal to the 'Stuart' cause in England. He became one of the primary editors of a 'Jacobite' (pro-Stuart) newspaper opposed to the Hanoverian government in the early 1700s. He served as a trusted Jacobite leader for years, all while working as an informer, spy, and diversionary agent for the Hanoverian-Whig government. A more contemporary example of would be William F. Buckley, founder of the National Review, but really a 'Skull and Bones' alumni and 'conservative polemicist' for the CIA.

How is the Catholic Church affected by Secret Societies?

At this point it should be obvious to most Catholics that some among the clergy are compromised, not just on the basis of personal sin, but due to their involvement with an organized Satanic mafia intent on destroying the Church. We are long time Catholic homeschoolers. We love all that is good and true in the Church and honor all faithful Christians, but recognize that there are serious problems.

When we began researching secret societies our assumption was that the pre-conciliar Church was a bulwark against secret societies and the errors of modernism. Many of the most informed anti-Masonic writers in the 19th century were Catholic priests and the Church has made many pronouncements against secret societies. However, the more deeply we researched, the more clear in became that in spite of the excellent work of individual Catholics, the Church has been severely compromised, especially in certain orders, (*cough Jesuits *cough) for centuries. We have posted a few exposés of the Catholic Church on the Secret Societies web page but there is much that remains undisclosed. We are praying for Christian unity.

Are you aware of the Qanon Movement?

Yes. We happened upon Q in November 2017 and followed his posts on 8chan for two years. We still follow selected twitter accounts but are not otherwise active on social media. Much of the information Q has posted validates and expands on research we had already done so there was never any question in our mind of its authenticity. Although Q deals mainly with current events and we are focused on history, the symbolism, hierarchy, techniques of manipulation, and malicious deceptions, are common to secret societies of all ages. Much of the information Q provided was disturbing, but seemed consistent with what we knew of secret societies. But we were quite shocked that the criminal mafia behind 'hidden history' was actually being acknowledged and exposed. We never expected to see this in our lifetime.

Some of the disclosures of Q involve matters that are deeply distressing, especially details regarding child abuse and mind control. These revelations are unsettling but they help explain the iron grip that the cult is able to maintain among its followers. Such disclosures may be necessary to understand the diabolical nature of secret societies but they are not something that we, as doting grandparents, are able to focus our attention on and we have not included any explicit references to such disturbing topics on this website.