Antediluvian History
Advanced Civilizations before 'The Flood'

This page addresses the difficult problem of attempting to determine the "prehistory" of modern humans. It goes without saying that most of the information presented on this page is speculative. Given the lack of indisputable scientific evidence or reliable historical records, all we can do is discuss what might have been. There is, however, some fascinating archeological evidence that indicates that a very ancient civilization existed on earth in remote times, and plenty of geological and anthropological evidence that a large scale "catastrophe" of some sort did, in fact occur. Independent scholars have been trying to put the pieces together for over 200 years, but they are generally dismissed by conventional academics.

This is ironic, because one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that the story of human origins offered by the mainstream academia—that is the theory of "evolution"—is certainly false. And the "standard cosmological model" based on the big bang and the theory of relativity does not work unless it is assumed that the universe is made up mostly of unobservable "dark matter" and "dark energy". Clearly there are problems with academic models of human origins and cosmology, but "official" academies and scientific journals are notoriously unwilling to seriously discuss alternative theories.

The fact is, there exist many evidences of advanced ancient civilizations that pre-date conventional history, and there is also compelling evidence that a cosmic catastrophe, very likely involving a worldwide flood did occur. The nature of the civilization that inhabited planet earth in prehistoric times, and the relationship of that civilization to modern humans, however, is quite mysterious, and there are a number of theories. I have divided some of these theories into four categories, although they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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Most of the information presented on this page refers to advanced civilizations that may have existed on earth thousands of years ago, in pre-historic times. The connection between these ancient civilizations and secret societies, probably relates to a body of "secret knowledge" that was preserved by a group of survivors of this lost world.

It is clear that in historical times, an elite group of scholars, traders, priests and kings used advanced knowledge to gain control over peoples throughout the world. And because of their mysterious knowledge and ability to predict events, these people were regarded as magicians, demigods, or natural rulers over much of the population. We have been referring to this elite group as Canaanites or Phoenicians, but its tentacles undoubtedly extended worldwide.

Many scholars who have researched ancient civilizations claim that this elite group of oligarchs originated in Sumeria (a.k.a. Ariana, Babylon, Chaldea), etc. The ancient history of Sumeria, Ariana, and all of Mesopotamia is of great interest, and very likely holds clues to the ancient past, but it is not well known by most people. However, many of the writers on the subject of Atlantis and other antediluvian legends had extraordinary knowledge of these ancient civilizations.

Obviously, some of the theories of these researchers are controversial and highly speculative, but they are topics that should be of great interest to serious scholars. However, there is a near blackout on such discussions in contemporary academia. In recent years, a great many Youtube videos, blogs, and "psuedo-scientific" books have been published to promote some of these ideas, but they are often poorly documented, and the topic lends itself to unproveable theories and intentional disinformation. Therefore, instead of depending on recent accounts, we have focused our studies on older, well-documented, research. These topics were seriously discussed in the 19th century and early 20th century by earnest scholars before the academic "blackout". In this way we hope to preserve a certain degree of credibility and avoid making unsupportable claims.

Many of the scholars we have selected, including Donnelly, Higgins, Waddell, and Velikovsky, were far more well-read and prudent in their judgments than are their modern critics. All acknowledged they were making judgments based on incomplete data and offered not one or two evidences, but hundreds, all meticulously footnoted. Instead of addressing their most compelling arguments, however, many of their critics simply dismiss their research out-of-hand, without addressing the implications of their findings.

[NOTE: We don't generally recommend Youtube videos because it is difficult to evaluate their credibility. That said, we think Robert Sepehr's Youtube channel provides a good introduction to some difficult subjects. His videos provide fascinating insight into prehistoric civilizations and his theories are mostly compatible with those presented on this website. ]

There are just a few more points related to antediluvian history that are worth mentioning.

First, the term "Aryan" is used by several of our authors to describe a race of people with advanced knowledge, who greatly influenced the indigenous peoples of Europe and became their kings and priests. The word "Aryan" now has racial connotations, but 19th century scholars used the term to refer to a people who migrated from ancient "Ariana" in Central Asia, a region now known as Iran, and previously as Sumeria. According to the best available historical scholarship, the peoples of Sumeria, also known as Babylonians or Chaldeans, were direct ancestors of both Phoenicians and Hebrews. Therefore, claims that Aryans were a "master race" that possessed secret knowledge and ruled over much of the ancient world is not inconsistent with what we know about the ancient Phoenicians.

Finally, virtually all theories of archaic ages end in a cataclysmic destruction by a world-wide catastrophe. Native legends worldwide refer to this disaster, and geological formations on every continent support the theory of catastrophism. Yet "modern science" clings to the recent and highly problematic theory of geological gradualism and biological evolution, and dismiss catastrophism as pseudoscience. Much of what is taught as "scientific fact" in modern schools is based on selective research that buttresses a secular, naturalistic, worldview—the "creation story" of modern academia.

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Biblical Narratives and the Book of Enoch

The Book of Genesis tells a familiar story of the Creation and Fall of Man, followed by Noah's Flood. Although most of the historical and prophetic books of the Old Testament deal extensively with the Canaanite people and their conflicts with the Hebrews, only a few details about them are directly provided in Genesis. Canaan was the forth son of Ham, and was cursed by Noah because of the sins of his father, but there is not an obvious explanation for why Canaan, alone of Ham's sons, was cursed, although there has been speculation that Canaan's wife was descended from fallen angels and that his descendants worshipped demons.

The religious practices of the Canaanites were abhorrent to the God of the Israelites and the Old Testament, when read from a straight-forward Hebraic point of view, clearly condemns them. However, the Bible is also an important prophetic book to the Canaanites but their interpretation of the scriptures is entirely backwards. According to their twisted logic, up is down, black is white, and evil is good. For example, Noah's "curse" against Canaan was that he should be a servant to his brothers. (Gen. 9:25 "And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren"). According to Canaanite thinking however, Noah's "curse" meant that the Canaanites had a natural right to rule over other races by trickery and deceit.

Likewise, a Canaanite reading of the ten commandments can be read as a rulebook of methods to attain power and control over others, rather than a catalog of sins to avoid. Their race was notorious for idol worship (1st commandment), lies and treachery (8th commandment), adultery (6th commandment), covetousness (10th commandment), murder (5th commandment), and all other imaginable forms of vice and perversion. And these practices were adopted specifically to brainwash their own people and to corrupt and subjugate their neighbors.

NOTE: It is essential to understand that Canaanites/Phoenicians do not view the world as normal people see it. Everything is backwards, or inverted—and this is key to understanding how they think, communicate, and impersonate faithful citizens. For example, when a Canaanite says "For God and Country", he is not speaking as a true patriot; when he says "Defense of the Faith" or "Blessed Virgin", he is not speaking as a true Christian. In these cases his perverted meaning is clear to other Canaanites, while his neighbors are deceived. If you are unable to recognize the inverted meaning of Canaanite communication, you will will not be able to make sense of their deceptions.

The Old Testament is therefore, extremely useful for gaining insights into Canaanite thinking and methods, but it provides very little information regarding antediluvian times. Genesis 6 makes a reference to the Nephilim but no further explanation is given. "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them."

In order to fill in the blanks, many researchers refer to the non-Canonical "Book of Enoch", said to be written by the great-grandfather of Noah. The book, which was never accepted as Canonical by either Jews or Christians, provides more detail about the Nephilim. It claims they were giants and children of "The watchers," fallen angels who had married the sons of man. It would seem that, according to the "Book of Enoch" the Canaanite nation could be descended from the Nephilim, but that other races throughout the world could be descended from them as well.

Other sources, including certain Masonic texts pervert the Biblical narrative even further by interjecting a dualist (two Gods) cosmology. Their creation story claims that Cain was born by Eve's association with an angel and that he was unjustly persecuted by the God of Adam. These Masonic accounts extol "the ingenuity of the descendants of Cain, and the degree of perfection to which they carried the arts of civil life." Masonic accounts likewise promote Hiram Abiff, a Phoenician master builder, as a cult hero, and deride Solomon, the Jewish king as a jealous villain. These dualist themes are also promoted in Milton's Paradise Lost. In this so-called "Christian" epic, Eve dreams she has been carried off by an angel, and the story of Lucifer is told from a sympathetic viewpoint.

The Bible and Book of Enoch are therefore of enormous importance to understanding antediluvian history and the Canaanite worldview, but one must be aware of perverse ways in which the scriptures can be twisted by malevolent actors in order to understand their full significance.

Primary Recommendations
Genesis 6-9 Moses (10th cent. B.C.)
Curse of Canaan Eustace Mullins     (1987) 172 pts
Curse of Canaan
Eustace Mullins     (1987) 172 pts
Legend of the Temple (Freemasonry) Heckethorn (1892)

The Preface, and first few chapters of Mullin's "Curse of Canaan" summarizes the "Book Enoch" version of Biblical history very well. How literally one choses to read these books is a matter of personal preference. What is certain is that, according to a number of scholars with deep knowledge of antiquity, many ancient legends tell important truths about the past in allegorical form. This manner of using fairy tales to communicate selected truths, while falsifying or destroying bona fide historical records, would be entirely consistent with Canaanite methods.

Additional Reference Materials
Book of Enoch Enoch (3rd cent. B.C.)
Eve's Dream (Paradise Lost) Milton (1667)

Legend of Atlantis, Ancient Civilizations

Atlantis was a lost civilization described by Plato and other ancient writers that was said to have sunk into the ocean. Many researchers who have studied ancient religions and mythology saw similarities between the legend of Atlantis and other pre-flood myths and folk-stories worldwide. The story of Noah's Flood is well known, but many other folk tales from remote civilizations refer to a similar cataclysm. For example, legends from Greece, India, China, Babylon, and indigenous Americans all tell of a worldwide flood and a lost civilization. In addition to the evidence of folklore, certain monuments, such as Stonehedge and ancient structures of the Americas and Asia, appear to support the existence of an advanced culture that inhabited the earth long before the historical period.

One problem with these theories is that they depend on the interpretation of a broad variety of legends. However, well-informed scholars have identified hundreds of similarities among ancient cultures, including many common symbols, words, letters, names, worship practices and building techniques. This implies that many ancient civilizations, even those separated by continents and not known to each other, appear to draw from a common ancestoral civilization. Some scholars hypothesize that all ancient civilizations descended from one pre-existing culture that is no longer extant, and many refer to this mysterious civilization as Atlantis.

Primary Recommendations
Atlantis: the Ante-Diluvian World Ignatius Donnelly     (1882) 100 pts
Atlantis: the Ante-Diluvian World
Ignatius Donnelly     (1882) 100 pts

The best known American promoter of the theory of Atlantis was Ignatius Donnelly. He did less original research than Higgins or Waddell, but his books are well organized and accessible to the general public. It was Donnelly that popularized research into Atlantis in 19th century America, and his later book "Ragnarok" was one of the first to propose a cosmic cataclysm involving a near collision between the earth and a comet as an explanation for the worldwide flood.

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, placing it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, from Mundus Subterraneus published in 1669. The map is oriented with south at the top, in the same manner customary among Phoenicians. Kircher was a Jesuit Egyptologist and Hebrew scholar who wrote many books on ancient religions, geology, and other scientific topics. He was also responsible for the restoration and erection of the Pamphilj Obelisk—a Canaanite Icon—in central Rome.

One of the original English-speaking scholars who pursued this type of research was Godfrey Higgins. He spent 20 years studying ancient religions and civilizations before writing three volumes that claimed first, that the British Celts descended from an Indian or Sumerian culture, and later, that all world civilizations can be traced back to a particular ancestral culture. The British archaeologist L. Waddell, who is frequently criticized for promoting the idea that "Aryans" (Sumarians) were the first civilizers of Britain, came to similar conclusions after a 20 year career involving the study of Buddhist, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Assyrian languages. Both of these scholars were independent researchers, and they make many claims of connections between cultures, some of which are likely true and others of which are controversial.

Paschal Beverly Randolf is another author who wrote on antediluvian civilizations. He was related to the well-known Randolf family of Virginia, and was known to be an occultist and a member of the Rosicrucian Secret Society. His book, Pre-adamite Man makes many strange claims about an ancient civilization on earth, but given his suspicious background, it likely contains a strange mixture of both truth and intentional misinformation.

Additional Reference Materials
Celtic Druids Godfrey Higgins (1827)
Anacalysis I Godfrey Higgins (1833)
Anacalysis II Godfrey Higgins (1833)
Phoenician Origins of Britons Laurence Waddell (1924)
Pre-Adamite Man Paschal Bevery Randolf (1863)

Catastrophism, Comets, and Floods

One of criticisms of both the Biblical and Atlantis accounts of Ancient civilizations, is that a worldwide flood seems unfathomable based on forces operating on the earth today. What natural force could have caused such an inundation?

A number of writers have answered that the most probable scenario was the near collision of the earth with a comet or planet. The close collision of the earth with another celestial body would have not only have caused a worldwide flood, it could have actually changed the earth's axis and orbit. If such a catastrophe did actually change the polar and magnetic axes of the earth, it would easily explain such strange geological anomalies such as ice-ages in temperate regions, tropical fossils in Antarctica, and the migration of continents.

Researchers have further proposed, based on both legendary and geological evidences that the comet that nearly collided with earth was likely Venus, and that it was not until this cataclysmic event occurred, several thousand years ago, that the orbits of both the earth and Venus settled into their present rotation.

These proposals have been severely criticized as "pseudo-science" by the "scientific establishment." However, the theories that are currently taught as "standard cosmology" have serious deficiencies. For one thing, they depend on a great many unobservable entities, such as "black holes", "dark matter" and "dark energy" for the mathematical models to work. For another, the entire "big bang" theory relies on extreme precision of all possible cosmic constants. If a single factor had been varied, the Universe would have immediately imploded. In short, the standard cosmological model is extremely doubtful, and fails to explain many mysteries about our universe, but in spite of obvious problems with the theory, it is presented as established science.

Readers who have difficulty believing that ancient legends are credible sources of historical events, should begin by reading Velikovsy's "Earth in Upheaval". In this book he makes his argument for an interplanetary catastrophe base purely on geological, rahter than literary evidences.

Theories of Planetary Collisions
Earth in Upheaval I. Velikovsky     (1955) 100 pts
Earth in Upheaval
I. Velikovsky     (1955) 100 pts
Worlds in Collision I. Velikovsky     (1950) 100 pts
Worlds in Collision
I. Velikovsky     (1950) 100 pts
Ragnarok: the Age of Fire and Gravel Ignatius Donnelly     (1883) N/A
Ragnarok: the Age of Fire and Gravel
Ignatius Donnelly     (1883) N/A

A comet or giant asteroid would not have to enter earth's atmosphere in order to cause catastrophic damage. The gravitational pull of a large celestial body on another could certainly change the axis and period of rotation, and perhaps even alter a planet's orbital path around the sun. And this is before even considering the electro-magnetic effects that are postulated by the "Electric Universe" model of cosmology. It is possible that the stability we see in solar system in modern times has not always existed.

The theories of planetary collisions put forth by Donnelly and Velikovsky not only answers critics of a world-wide flood, it opens the door to a different way of interpreting the forces of the universe and the history of our solar system. Their theories are supported by a number of independent astronomers who construe the forces in the universe differently than many conventional astronomers.

One of these "non-standard cosmologies" is Plasma Cosmology (also known as the "Electric Universe" theory), which proposes that a universal electro-magnetic field, or "plasma" rather than gravity is the predominant force in the universe. Another, "non-standard" cosmological concept is "Redshift periodicity," a theory that provides an alternative explanation for redshift and therefore denies the need for an expanding universe, black holes, dark matter, or the big bang. These alternative cosmologies upset the apple-cart of mainstream science, and are dismissed out of hand by "authoritative" science journals. But they are worthy of serious consideration.

"Non-Standard" Cosmology
Seeing Red: Redshifts, Cosmology, and Science Halton Arp (1998)
Beginners Guide to the Electric Universe Thunderbolts Project (2004)

We link only to free sources, but two books of interest to those who would like to further study Plasma Cosmology are "The Electric Sky" by Donald Scot (2007) and "The Electric Universe" by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot, both available at the Thunderbolts Project.

Alien Civilizations, Extra-Terrestials

Those who are already comfortable with a race of malefactors descended from fallen Angels, an advanced civilization buried under the ocean by a worldwide flood, collisions with comets leading to earthquakes, fires, and other worldwide catastrophes, and a way of viewing our cosmos that flatly contradicts the claims of mainstream science, should have no trouble with our next topic: Space Aliens.

There is a fairly common belief among some conspiracy theorists that extra-terrestrials exist and that certain advanced technology has been made available to earthlings by communication with alien races. Obviously these claims are controversial, and we ourselves have not investigated the topic well enough to have any useful insights. However, it is possible to identify two fundamental different claims about extra-terrestrial visitations to earth. One argument focuses on ancient monuments and artifacts exist that indicate highly advanced technology was available to the ancients. The other argument claims that modern day defense and intelligence "black ops" projects involve communication with alien life forms, and the use of advanced technology. The two claims rely on completely different evidences, so should be treated separately.

[NOTE: We are confident in our knowledge of world history and are at least conversant regarding alternative cosmologies. Frankly, extraterrestials are out of our baliwick but it seems no conspiratorial speculations on pre-history would be complete without them.]

Ancient Astronauts: Once set of researchers advocates an "Ancient Astronauts" theory, that extra-terrestrial visitors with advanced technology helped build such monuments as the pyramids, Stonehedge, the Nazca lines, and various oversized monuments in the Americas. The main problem with this theory, is that it adds little to the already proposed hypothesis that an advanced civilization existed on earth before historical times. The Atlantis theory, and even the Biblical account allowed for a antediluvian society that existed on earth with advanced knowledge of many arts and technologies that were largely lost to mankind after some form of catastrophe. Many of the monuments and artifacts that "Ancient Astronaut" theorists cite as evidence of extra-terrestrial contact are the same evidences the "Atlantis" theorists use to promote the idea that an advanced civilization existed in antediluvian times.

Attributing either advanced technical knowledge or human life itself to an alien race is an interesting theory, but it solves nothing, and merely begs the question of where the aliens obtained their advanced technical knowledge and who or what created alien life forms. And if ancient astronauts were responsible for colonizing the earth, or imparting ancient secrets, why is there so little evidence that they had continuing contact with their "colony".

Nevertheless it is worth mentioning, in favor of the extraterrestial theory, that there is nearly certain belief that many ancient civilizations had access to extremely advanced astrological knowledge. In addition to knowing the cycle of eclipses that required hundreds of years of observation to ascertain, they appeared be aware of the precession of the equinoxes, which occurs over a 26,000 cycle. This degree of astrological knowledge indicates a previous civilization that was extremely old, highly advanced, and exceedingly focused on astrological phenonmenon. It is almost easier to believe that such knowledge by passed on by "ancient astronauts."

One well-known writer who promoted the Ancient Astronaut theory was Erich Von Daniken. His book does a useful job of making the case that deep mysteries regarding ancient civilizations are worthy of study.

Chariots of the Gods Erich Von Daniken (1968)

Extra-Terrestrial Contact in Recent Times: When we first began researching secret societies over ten years ago we were highly skeptical of many seemingly outrageous claims regarding extraterrestials. Over the years, however, as our research provided more in depth understanding, we have found many of the claims we rejected as too far-fetched, to be more credible. Reality is not as we supposed it was, and the truth was far stranger than we could have imagined.

Even though at this time, we have done virtually no serious research into the topic of extra-terrestrial contact, we are aware that certain credible conspiracy theorists, especially those associated with the military, appear to have information in this topic which is somewhat unsettling. It is hard to distinguish truth from rumors in this situation, but what is certain is that the United States military and intelligence agencies do operate black ops, and some of these covert projects involve "classified" technology that is far more advanced than that which is generally known by the public. What if anything these projects have to do with alien life forms or space travel is not entirely clear, but credible sources have report that such classified projects do exist.

The testimony of one such former Naval Intelligence officer describes government dealings with U.F.O.'s including first hand witness of unexplained technological devices. And the author's accounts have been corroborated with other former military specialists. The following book does not purport to prove that alien communication exists, only that the U.S. Military has active operations in related areas.

Behold a Pale Horse Milton William Cooper (1991)


It is difficult to know what conclusions to draw from all our research into Antediluvian History. We are able to identify many curiosities, mysteries, and strange associations but have very little solid information about our distant past. There are a few things we can say with certainty, however. The first is that it appears that mankind has been kept intentionally ignorant of its true history in every eon since a worldwide catastrophe, thousands of years before Christ. Instead of sharing the truth about mankind's distant past, secret societies have been working for millennia to keep the great mass of humanity ignorant of its heritage. Why?

A second is that the story presented in conventional scientific accounts of human origins, the biological evolution of life, including both pre-biotic evolution of primitive life from non-living matter, and "common descent" from a universal ancestor is utterly preposterous. And the fact that such a blatantly false theory is promoted by scholars at all levels of academia, from Universities to public elementary schools, is evidence of both systematic corruption of scientific authority at the highest level, and a mind-boggling degree of gullibility and brainwashing among the general population.

The third is that none of the theories that have been proposed on this page are mutually exclusive, and all deserve further study. The Genesis account supports the idea of an advanced pre-flood civilization, and who knows, the Nephilim could have been space-aliens for all we know. There is a great deal of evidence of an advanced civilization on earth thousands of years before historic times. Scholars need a forum to discuss these complicated matters intelligently that bypasses the academic and scientific "gate-keepers" who have been working for decades to suppress this important conversation.

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