Recognizing Signs of the Cabal in History
Part II: Crimes and Pathologies

They make threats. . . . They censor. . . . They lie. . . .
They project. . . . They cheat. . . . They steal. . . . They harm.
They are sick. . . . They are evil.

This is the second part of a series on clues to recognizing signs of the Cabal in history. The first part focused on visible aspects of Cabal activity. This page focuses on cabal behaviors and techniques of deception, some of which are quite horrifying. Dwelling on the appalling nature of certain activities or describing in detail their abominations is not our intention. We will leave as much as possible on these topics unsaid, while still providing enough information to see through Cabal facades, lies, and artifices.

Always keep in mind, however, that these Canaanite pathologies are not mere vices. They are intentional deviations which serve specific purposes, of corruption, cult-programming, and mind-control. These aberrant behaviors are intended to break down normal human emotional responses, severe their participants from the mass of humanity, and attach them permanently to the cult as mind-controlled servants. There is no point in going over the gory details of how this is done, a brief overview is more than sufficient. It is also important to understand that these bizarre and horrible practices are thousands of years old and were prevalent in ancient and mediaeval times, as well as the modern age. Many trace back all the way back to the Phoenician era.

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It is hard to realize the fact that we are dealing with a self-perpetuating cult of criminally insane sociopaths here, but such is the case. All of the perversions listed here are consistent with a degree of demented malevolence that is perfectly capable of producing a document as diabolical as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Once you have read this page, it might be a good time to return to this controversial manifesto, which on first reading seems too exorbitantly fiendish to be anything other than satire. It makes far more horrible sense when you understand the inner workings of the cult.

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Lying and Deceit

Lying is an art form and a way of life among Canaanite cabalists. They lie as individuals and in coordination with each other. They lie about large matters and small, and they have many elaborate methods of lying from false identities, to coordinated lies, to suppression of contrary evidence, to telling convincing half-truths. Lying and deception are so pervasive they need their own book—this summary barely scratches the surface. Cabal dishonesty is so pervasive and universal that it is difficult to even categorize.

Gargantuan Lies—Some lies are so enormous that they require planning, coordination, and rigorous censorship of all counter-narratives to pull off. Enormous lies often involve thousands of people, but most are not allowed to see the big picture; they are mere "extras" who happen to wonder onto the set of an elaborate, scripted production, and most assume their role as victims, survivors, or witnesses without realizing they are being played. It is incomprehensible to most people that lies on this scale are possible to pull off. The 911 terrorist attack is once such example, but even more incredibly, so was WWII. It, like virtually all modern wars, was planned in advance, and although not every detail was scripted, the availability of supplies, resources, and intelligence was carefully controlled and the terms of the final peace, including the Communist takeover of Eastern Europe, was devised long before the first shot was fired.

Besides Wars and false flags, another field for gargantuan lies is science. The cabal controls both funding and publishing of scientific studies, and carefully limits the fields of allowable research. The most notorious, and long-standing scientific whopper, of course, is biological evolution. The more is known about micro-biology, the more preposterous the whole theory of natural selection and common descent becomes; it is an affront to scientific integrity as well as common sense, but the cabal grip on science is so tight that the fabrication persists, and no scientist who values his career will speak out. If evolution is a lie, than what else? Climate change? Medical science? Astrophysics?

"A lie is most convincingly hidden between two truths."

Hidden Lies—Canaanites are extremely adept at lying because they are familiar with certain techniques of lying convincingly that most of us fail to see. One of their most expert techniques involves hiding an important lie among many undeniable truths. The Jesuits, who established their credentials by presiding over the Council of Trent and publishing an official catechism are perhaps the most outstanding example of this form of lying, but it is a technique favored by fraudulent opposition leaders of all stripes. In the case of the Jesuits, they established themselves as theological scholars by reiterating the eternal truths of the Church based on the writings of Church fathers, and having won the trust and goodwill of both bishops and laymen, were free to use their reputation as orthodox defenders of the faith to cover for nefarious activities and dubious interpretations of Christian creeds. "A lie that is a half truth, is the darkest of all lies." This is the true Jesuit-Canaanite motto.

Hidden Truths—Just as insidious as hiding lies within a body of truth, is the cabal practice of disguising truths as "fairy tales" and facts as fictions. One example of this can be found within conspiracy theory literature. In order to disguise revelations of its activities, the cabal may promote a buffoonish and egotistical "conspiracy theorist" who combines outrageous tales of child sacrifice with talk of space aliens, and holocaust denial. The purpose of course is to discredit all such claims by associating them with a well-known fraudster. Another example of this is the vocal promotion of anti-evolution research by six-day creationist, Biblical literalists. This provides a convenient way for pro-evolution disinformation agents to attack young earth Christians rather than defend the outrageously false lies of evolution on the basis of rational logic. A final and more complicated way that the cabal hides truth within lies, has to do with mythology and history. Many famous myths and legends appear to certain historians as disguised truths, which, if interpreted correctly, reveal secrets about hidden periods of history. The same is true of the Hebrew Bible, which has a special meaning to Canaanites. Many of the fantastic stories from Genesis are intended to convey real, historical truths, but of course, they are intentionally disguised as legend.

Obfuscation and Diversion—An extremely common way the cabal operates is to obfuscate the truth by setting up bugaboos so that people will lash out at something other than the disguised Canaanite-Phoenician cult that is ultimately behind every secret societies and criminal syndicate in history. "Jews" are the most obvious bogeyman, but "Communists", "Khazarians", and "Jesuits" are also frequent diversions. There is no better example of Cabal obfuscation than the diagram at right. Virtually all of the groups indicated in this chart are of great historical importance and have played leading roles in Conspiratorial history. However, the chart itself is arranged in a confusing Cabala "Tree of Life" format, and does little to help connect the dots. In fact it fails to emphasize the main thing you need to know to tie cabal history together that is, the central role of the Phoenician trading networks, and how they disguised themselves in every age. Canaanite mind-control methods are closely connected to every group represented, yet they are missing from this supposed diagram of Cabal history. On second thought, perhaps Canaanite call signs are all over it: Diversion, misinformation, half-truths, obfuscation.

False Identities—It is obvious that many cabal agents are false leaders and not who they appear to be but the extent that the cabal goes to create and maintain false identities is not understood. Intelligence agencies can play a role in creating entirely false backgrounds for key agents, and even have a name for these fraudulent identities: "legends". In addition, high ranking cabal progeny are often adopted out at birth to handlers who operate in modest neighborhoods, so that particularly powerful leaders can appear to arise from deprived or middle class backgrounds. Almost every notorious "rags to riches" story of particularly famous politicians, business tycoons, and celebrities is a fraud, and has been for centuries. Many 'real' people have risen from modest backgrounds, to an enviable level of prosperity, but they are not likely to become famous for doing so. Those who rise beyond the level of personal success to corporate Titan, famous icon, national politician, or wealthy celebrity are almost all frauds. In past, less media-obsessed ages, false identities were no less common, and somewhat easier to enact.

Slanders and Smears—Destroying the reputation of those who oppose the cabal, is just as important as creating false identities and "legends" to support key cabal agents. "Slander boldly, something always sticks", is a famous saying, and the marching orders for an organized body of professional detractors. Smearing and detracting of a "threatening" person, or organization is not usually done in an offhand way. It is a carefully organized endeavor. John Flynn, a WWII era journalist who exposed the Truth About Pearl Harber, was the subject of systematic smears, and as a result, write a pamphlet called The Smear Terror, that documents the entire process, and exposes well-funded groups whose entire purpose is to defame "opposition."

Psychological Projection—Closely related to Canaanite methods of slanders and smears is the art of "projection" or "blame-shifting". This occurs when Canaanites who are guilty of a particular vice deny the their own fault and attribute it to others. The classical example of this is among preachers or clergy who warn their congregation of mortal sins of the flesh while carrying out sordid affairs. But it is also true that high level managers of "Child Protection" services are often themselves, child-abusers; Medical foundations are often led by malevolent agents of Pharmaceutical companies, and foundations serving "Low Income" families, and feigning concern for the "homeless" are often funded by financial firms who benefit from housing subsidies.

Understanding the psychological technique of "Projection" is essential when reading books of a certain type, written by Canaanite agents. High ranking cabalists sometimes write "how to" books, intended as instruction manuals for "insiders", disguised as warnings against cabal abuses. Two examples of this are Propaganda by Edward Bernays, and History of Monetary Crimes by Alexander del Mar. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, was a major figure in the field of sociology and "public relations", but this was a cover for his extensive activities in mass-media based mind-control. His book evinces fake concern that people may be easily manipulated, while outlining techniques to manipulate them. Likewise Del Mar, a high ranking Treasury official with extensive Cabal associations, deplores the financial chicanery of international bankers while providing details of exactly how the criminals he excoriates use misdirection and foreknowledge to manipulate currencies.

Said Edmund Burke: "It is a general popular error to imagine the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare."

Falsification of History—The falsificaiton of history is a project in itself, and it has been treated at length on our Difficulties with Researching Secret Societies Advanced Research page. In mediaeval times, it was necessary to purge a great deal of historical data in order to preserve the favored narrative, and this type of wholesale destruction of incriminating information continues today. From the age of the printing press however, advances in printing and other media have aided, rather than complicated the effort to control the historical narrative. This is because, until very recent times, the cabal enjoyed a near monopoly on mass-media including, books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television. By controlling the media, including most printed works, original, first-hand reports of events could be tightly controlled. This has been an invaluable aid in falsifying virtually all of conventional historical accounts for almost 500 years.

Lying and Deception is beyond a way of life to the Cabal—it is an obsession and a sport. Satan is the "father of lies", and "the devil deceives his own". Canaanites lie to everyone about everything. They lie to themselves, and to each other. Many Canaanite spies and minions do not even know for whom they serve, and can no longer tell up from down or black from white, let alone right from wrong, or truth from falsehood.

This section has only touched on a few aspects of Cabal lies and fraudulence. The topic is vast. Another discussion of Cabal methods of deception can be found on the Difficulties of Research Advanced Page, but a complete catalog of Cabal deception impossible to summarize in brief.

Satanic Rituals and Mind Control

"These people are sick".

One would think that Satanic rituals were the worst possible thing that any cult could possibly be engaged in. But they are only a part of an even worse fundamental pathology; that of ritualized mind-control and reprogramming. For the diabolical masterminds behind Canaanite criminality, Satanic Rituals are merely the capstone of a process of systematic brainwashing, ending in the total enslavement of the participant, body, mind, and soul. It is self-evident that those who organize and participate in Satanic rituals do not believe in eternal judgment or the fires of hell, although they certainly believe in demons. Their concern is not everlasting perdition, it is maintaining the earthly power of the cult. As a practical matter, in order to oversee and expand the cabal's extensive domain, it is necessary to induct an army of thoroughly indoctrinated agents do the cults bidding, keep secrets and obey orders. Satanic rituals are an induction ceremony into the executive ranks of the cabal's thoroughly brainwashed army of slave soldiers.

A Mind Control Cult—The cabal is a mind-control cult. Its leaders understand the human psyche far better than normal people because they know, by horrific experience, the limits of human mental endurance. They understand what it takes to destroy free will, destroy empathy, destroy conscience, destroy the will to resist. And having destroyed all semblance of personal dignity and autonomy among their victims, they know how to rebuild a psyche that is utterly dependent on, and devoted to the cult. These secrets are not known to normal people, because the idea of using terror, torture, and brutally sadistic manipulation techniques to control and subjugate helpless children is incomprehensible to us. But these techniques are known to the cult because they have been used and perfected for thousands of years. Their legacy to their children is enslavement to demons. The "Ancient Wisdom" they claim to possess, is the knowledge of limits of human mental and physical endurance, and what is required to shatter a personality into multiple, controllable states. Some call this "demon possession;" to others its "disassociative personality disorder." In any case, the entire cult is affected.

Satanic rituals need to be understood in the context of a much vaster program of mind-control in order to see its real significance. The details of the rituals are less important that the psychic effect of having witnessed or participated in them. And they are only the capstone of a much larger program of spying, manipulation, enticement, propaganda, bribery, blackmail, falsity, and posturing, that the cult uses to control, deceive, and brainwash thousands of minions who follow cult leaders and do the cults bidding without any knowledge of its innermost secrets. Every person directly involved in these operations is either "demon possessed" or "mentally-ill" depending on one's worldview, but are nevertheless, exceedingly well-connected, supported by a network of like-minded intriguers, protected from the consequences of their crimes, and in possession of the darkest secrets of the human psyche.

Human Sacrifice—Human sacrifice is an essential and age old part of the cult's mind-control program. It's necessity is best explained by an actual member of the cult. In the following quote the author of Report from Iron Mountain, waxes philosophical about the need for human sacrifice as a "substitute for war".

"One of the most noteworthy features common . . . to the more successful of ancient civilizations [i.e. the Phoenicians], was their widespread use of the blood sacrifice. . . . some form of ritual killing occupied a position of paramount social importance . . . Invariably, the ritual was invested with mythic or religious significance; as with all religious and totemic practice, however, the ritual masked a broader and more important social function. . . . In these societies, the blood sacrifice served the purpose of maintaining a vestigial 'earnest' of the society's capability and willingness to make war—i.e., kill and be killed."

In other words, human sacrifice symbolizes the participant's "earnestness", and "willingness to kill or be killed," that is, to sacrifice all, and give themselves entirely over to the cult.

This explains the purpose of human sacrifice by reference to its affect on participants. But, when done publically, it also had enormously important psychological effect on those whose children were being sacrificed. It was a sign that the cult had complete power of life and death over all, and that resistance was futile. In ancient times, most victims were children of slaves and lower classes, but at certain times even the wealthiest and most powerful families were required to sacrifice their children, and were not allowed to show any sign of hesitation or grief. It is said that even today, in order to attain the highest ranking positions within the cult one must ritually torture, abuse, and sacrifice one's own child. It is still necessary to show "earnestness" and "willingness to kill or be killed" in order to win access to the Cabal's foremost secrets and power.

Abominable Perversions—In addition to human sacrifice many other abominable perversions occur during Satanic rituals, and also in other venues, for they are themselves a sign of depravity and submission. In addition to sexual atrocities, there are tales of cannibalism, blood drinking, and tortures too horrible to describe. Graphic details are not necessary to understand the point that the purpose of Satanic rituals is to destroy all hesitation and conscience and to break all bonds of conventional morality and empathy. The perversions are therefore, as abominable as one can imagine. The more horrifying, the more effective. Once again, normal humans are at a loss for even imagining such atrocities. They are out of our realm of our experience or comprehension.

Mockery and Mystery Religions—One form of Satanic rituals is a Black Mass, where every part of the Catholic liturgy is perverted to defile and mock the Christian service. But Baal worship long predates the Catholic Church, and has been adapted to mock and defile other forms of worship and sacred rites. There is considerable variety among forms of worship but virtually all civilizations recognize the existence of a superior being or beings, and have some notion of a demon or evil spirit that leads men astray. Canaanite Baal worshippers have adapted their demonic rites to suit a wide variety of cultures and religions. Wherever there are ethical norms that can be violated and sacred icons that can be defiled, the cabal can adapt. The Canaanite money changers who defiled the Temple of Jerusalem by usury likely defiled it even more thoroughly when out of public view. Even pagans, who tolerated behaviors that were abhorrent to Christians, were inducted as initiates into "mystery religions" and sworn to secrecy, before being exposed to the appalling rites, and perverse abuses of the Canaanites. Even primitive cultures frown upon on incest, torture, abuse, and murder of small children, so these activities are the essential components of the Canaanite liturgy, no matter what native religion they are mocking and defiling.

Like everything else the Canaanite sociopaths do, the mocking of religious rites and morals has a specific purpose. It is counter-intuitive but almost certainly true, that most of those who are recruited into the cult as adults and participate in Satanic rituals voluntarily, don't believe in demons or perdition. They are often recruited through secret societies and have generally been convinced by their handlers that all religion is a lie; that people who believe in them are superstitious fools; and that they have the world to gain and nothing to lose by joining the cult. This is all intentional—yet another Canaanite deception. Satan's greatest lie has been to convince the world that he doesn't exist.

Persuasion, Seduction, Manipulation—Not all of those who are controlled by the cult participate in, or are even aware of satanic rituals or human sacrifice. The majority of Cabal agents are mere minions who are useful in some way to the cabal and loyal to certain leaders, but are not "insiders". But just as the Cabal excels in brain-washing and re-programming its innermost core of Canaanite loyalists, it also has many methods of controlling its less intimate followers. The cabal's knowledge of the human psyche is its most valuable and frightening secret. Their agents know how to use fear, flattery, curiosity, pride, pleasure, mystery, superstition, seduction, adventure, loyalty, and all other motivational factors both noble and deplorable. They understand different types of personality, and how men can be controlled by both their virtues, (loyalty, courage, piety), and their weaknesses (concupiscence, envy, pride).

This phenomenal knowledge of the ways in which the human psyche can be manipulated is truly the most demonic power the cult possesses. They use these techniques on all people who they can influence as individuals, and in groups. In order to avoid detection they generally do not use force or obvious means, but rather suggestion and enticement. Their influence over the masses is enormous and their methods of keeping their Sheep in line has been discussed elsewhere. But the Cabal also has use for the talents, energy, and influence of thousands of specifically dedicated minions, who may not be entirely programmable, or who cannot be trusted with cabal secrets. Some of these minions, in fact, must be virtuous citizens who would be appalled and horrified at the notion they were serving a coalition of demons. How does the cabal reach and control these unknowing, but exceedingly useful dupes?

Secret Societies and Espionage

"The skillfull employer of men will employ the wise man,
the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man."

—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The more one studies secret societies, the more their essential similarities and their connection to Canaanite mind-control and satanic rituals, becomes apparent. Heckethorn's two volume study of the subject catalogs dozens of Secret Societies with a diverse range of missions and circumstances, but all involve strange rituals, multiple levels of initiation, odd costumes and symbols, hierophants who relay secret knowledge, and all require blood oaths of loyalty and secrecy. All secret societies have a particular nominal purpose which is likely to attract a certain type of person. All have as members certain influential or well-known men in the community, who are well known in their profession, whether that profession is a religious vocation, a business association, or a criminal enterprise. All Secret Societies appear to promise opportunity, status, mystery, important connections, or secret knowledge to the inductee and are exclusive enough so he is aware some pledge of loyalty and secrecy will be required.

Every Type of Man—Secret societies with all these strange and mysterious attributes have existed worldwide in all ages, and have recruited every type of man, from respectable townsmen to assassins; from wealthy nobles to indigent rioters; from priests and scholars to brothel keepers; From artist and musicians to iconoclasts. What does this enormous variety in mission and type of recruit tell us about the real purpose of secret societies?

The same elaborate rituals, the same hierarchical structure, the same aura of mystery, the same dependence on secrets and mystery, yet many utterly dissimilar missions. It should now be somewhat apparent what the real purpose of secret societies are, and how they are related to Canaanite methods of brain-washing, mind-control, manipulation, insidious influence, and espionage. They are institutions whose central purpose is to recruit, spy on, manipulate, direct, bribe, entice, and blackmail an army of cabal minions in a wide range of fields and occupations.

Secret societies exist to provide a manner for cabal "insiders" to exert control over promising and talented "outsiders". There are different types of Secret societies because the cabal needs agents and minions in a wide variety of circumstances. Occult organizations are different in appearance and mission because they are designed to attract and control many different types of operators, from assassins, to soldiers, to businessmen, to monks. All types of men can be useful to the cabal, as long as they are properly directed, and those who become involved with secret societies due to sincere believe in their ostensible mission but who are not sufficiently corruptible, can be often be persuaded to go along with cabal schemes, and such men provide the best possible cover for ambitious and unprincipled members.

Puppets and Handlers—Only the Canaanite "insiders" who direct these societies necessarily participate in satanic rituals, and the multiplicity of "levels" in a secret society is not an indication of who is, or is not a Canaanite "insider." Most high ranking cabalists are born into the cult or inducted as youth, and although particularly malevolent "outsiders" can work their way up in the ranks and hold enormous responsibilities within the Cabal, they are seldom trusted with the Cabal's deepest secrets. Almost all the occult symbols, initiation rites, secrets and connections to ancient "wisdom" associated with secret societies is pure hokem, so high rank within a secret society just indicates one has spent a good deal of time absorbing ridiculous esoterica. It may also indicate the degree to which initiates are compromised and corruptible, but it is no guarantee that they are regarded as cabal "insiders" or trusted with more than perfunctory secrets.

The bizarre rituals, "secret knowledge", and oaths associated with induction into higher levels of secret societies are blatant methods of mind-control and manipulation. Even when promoted to a position where they serve as hierophants or handlers for lower ranking recruits, "outsiders" have no real power or control over the society, or even any real understanding of its purpose. Those that allow themselves to be subjected to these techniques are being drawn into an alternative universe, where prestige and rank are merely deceptive fronts for total enslavement. Most 33 Degree "Masons" are not autonomous or sovereign agents. In spite of wealth, prestige and apparent power, they have surrendered their whole selves for the sake of cabal "baubles" and are merely despicable, pathetic, demon controlled slaves.

Spys and Spymasters—The hierarchical form of secret societies serves many purposes, but one of the most important is systematic espionage. Secrets are currency in a secret society, and unknown to most recruits, secrets are shared in both directions. The hierarchical form guarantees that every member "reports" to someone higher up in the organization, and intentionally or spontaneously shares secrets, opinions, and information with them. Members not only spy on each other, they spy on their neighbors, co-workers, and community on behalf of the secret society, all under the pretext that their leaders are interested in their thoughts and opinions. Simply questioning a member about who in his social sphere, might be a good recruit and why, is a well-practiced form of espionage. Several books about Secret Societies describe some of these techniques of questioning "apprentices" in detail about their ideas, observations, and interests. When it is done in a skillful manner it combines flattery, espionage, and tutelage. For example, they may be asked to report on activities or opinions of people in their sphere of influence as an "exercise" to enhance their powers of observation and judgment, without realizing they are being employed as spies, or generally manipulated by a cynical and malignant cult.

Brotherhood—Loyalty to the cult is a primary value that is inculcated into recruits in virtually all secret societies. In addition to swearing oaths of secrecy, members are encourage or coerced into "supporting their brothers" in whatever manner they are able to do. Men in business are encouraged to make deals or contracts with their "brothers". Those in law enforcement are expected to treat all members leniently, even those who are not personally known to them. (For this reason judges, lawyers, and policemen are all heavily recruited by secret societies.) All are expected to promote, lie on behalf of, provide alibis for, or cover for their "brothers". Failure to support a fellow member of a secret society, even when he is utterly in the wrong, is a serious offense.

The psychological effect of knowing that your transgressions will be enabled or covered up has a corrupting effect on many, and the more a member depends on the secret society to avoid the consequences of his misdeeds, the more controllable he becomes. For many "brothers" the line between subornation, protection, and blackmail becomes blurred. Once being "above the law" is assumed as an entitlement, a "brother" is completely under the control of the cult.

Promotions—Secret societies are factories for producing spies, informers, petty criminals who depend on the cabal for "protection", and mind-controlled minions. Secret society members are often in the position to be responsible for placing operatives in key positions in Cabal-controlled corporations and institutions. When it is impossible to attract men of talent and ability into their snares, the secret societies simply places third-rate toadies in key positions. If you have ever wondered why certain executives, politicians, or administrators are so successful in spite of obvious unfitness for office, it is because controllability is a more important factor to the powers that be than competence.

Secret societies tie together many disparate and disturbing aspects of Canaanite brain-washing operations. Satan worship, ancient religions, human sacrifice, symbolism, bizarre rituals, revenge, seduction, perversion, blasphemy, deceit, flattery, favoritism, psychic manipulation, and every other Cabal pathology are are present, and all are used with fantastic skill and malevolent intent.

Sodomy and Sexual Perversions

"These people are sick."

Sexual perversion is a disturbing category, and there is no need to go into detail. But it should be understood that all of the perversions listed below go back to ancient times. These were all practices commonly associated with Canaanite worship and culture.

Sodomy and Child abuse.—The most notorious and important sexual perversions of the Canaanites are sodomy and pedophilia. They are closely related because for Canaanites, sodomy is not "homosexuality" or confined to relationships between consenting adults. Like everything Canaanites do, it is a method of mind control, and it is most commonly practiced on children. Sodomizing children traumatizes and enslaves them in a particular way that makes them both compliant and predatory, and is an essential part of cabal programming.

It is commonly said that abused children are likely to become abusers themselves, and this is true even for those victims who are not abused as part of a demonic mind-control ritual. But children who are raised in cabal households and are being groomed to assume roles as high ranking cabal operatives, are virtually all abused in this way. THey are even rewarded for putting up with such abuse stoically. Growing up as prey to demonic abusers makes them impervious to suffering and obedient to their tormentors, and it conditions them to accept their role in the cult. They willingly participate in degrading activities, and as they get older, see themselves as entitled to abuse others. This is a shortened and simplified summary of demonic child abuse, but it gets the point across; and sodomy plays an essential role in this abominable ritual, both psychologically and physiologically.

Although this sounds like an unimaginably horrendous practice, there are many well known historical instances of this phenomenon. It has been practiced openly for thousands of years. Just a few well known examples include:

Besides these examples, there are many lesser known instances. Wherever in history it is reported that wealthy families put their young boys under the care of a group of unmarried men, such as school masters, monks, military officers, or squires, it is not unlikely that ritual cabal abuse has transpired.

Forced Prostitution—Girls as well as boys were sexually abused and sodomized as children as part of Canaanite mind-control abuse. In addition to individual abuse, there were a number of notorious sexual rites practiced in honor of "the Goddess" Astarte. Temple prostitutes, both male and female, always served "the Goddess", but in addition, every Phoenician woman, both wealthy and commoner, was required to prostitute herself at least once a year, and sometimes engage in activities involving group or anonymous sex. Just as men who were sodomized as children often group up to be predators, women who have been forced into ritualized prostitution at an early age become accustomed to such indignities, and to accept continued abuse, arranged marriage, or even more degrading subjugation as normal. The goal of the cabal in "programming" women is to break their natural allegiance to their husbands and children. Women must marry, not for love, but for whatever strategic purpose the cabal sees fit. They cannot expect fidelity from their husbands. Their children are not their own, but can be sacrificed at any time, or used for whatever purpose the cult decides. And even if their children are not ritually sacrificed, they must allow for their abuse and psychic torture.

It is unsurprising, therefore, that Canaanite women are notorious for promiscuity; even those that are married, wealthy, and of 'noble' birth. And although much has been covered up, the phenomenon of promiscuous noblewomen in history, is far more common than is generally supposed. Many Roman empresses in the Canaanite-Imperial era, for example, were quite notorious. Most scandalous were the wives of Claudius, especially Messalina, but Nero's wife Poppea, Julia Caesarea, the Severan Empresses, and Theodora were likewise infamous. Maecenas, the most powerful man in Rome, shared his wife. The wife of Pericles ran a brothel, and the sisters of Napoleon, Isabeau of Barvaria, Catherine the great, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and a number of other very powerful European royalty were quite sexually adventurous. And this only scratches the surface: all the courts of Europe were buzzing with intrigue, and much of European history hinges on the actions of both male and female "favorites".

Bacchanalia—Another characteristic Canaanite perversion involved drunken, riotous orgies where participants engaged in indiscriminate and debauched relations. We will refer to these festivities as Bacchanalia, in order to preserve some semblance of decorum. When one studies hidden history, wherever Canaanites congregate, relics of such "festivities" can be found. The court of the Roman Emperors were notorious for riotous and debauched fetes, often celebrated in conjunction with specific holidays. (Note these activities occurred during the Imperial, but not the Republican era). The Caesars also built luxurious bath houses throughout the empire that were equipped to host bacchanalia. The Canaanite city of Venice was also known for certain suspicious yearly festivals, such as the city's "Marriage to the Sea", celebrated on a giant, elaborate barge, and "Festa della Marie" which commemorated the kidnapping of "twelve virgins". Many merchant guilds and trading companies also had suspicious "festivals". In modern times such public bacchanalia still occur, mostly in private settings, but occasionally in public. For examaple, the 60's era Woodstock festival, and the more recent "Burning Man" Project.

Transvestites—The Phenomenon of cross-dressing, especially the practice of castrating boys, dressing them as women, and using them as sex-slaves has been a Canaanite practice for over 3000 years. The Galli were boy priests that served the Goddess Astarte as temple Prostitutes. All were castrated; some voluntarily and some by force. They were held in high regard and in some cultures given high ranking positions in government. Astarte is known by the name of many other Goddess in regions where worship had been infiltrated by Canaanites, and the Galli priesthood supposedly served many other Goddess such as Cybele in Rome, Diana of Ephesus, Isis, Hera, Tanit, etc. In addition to serving as priests of Astarte, some castrated boys would be raised as girls and used to supply homosexually inclined Cabal men with wives and mistresses, or to train them as spies or assassins. This practice is still common today.

Incest—Child abuse within ones own family is a Canaanite prerogative. Children are frequently abused by their fathers, uncles, or elder brothers. Certain royal families, including the Ptolemies, Hapsburgs, and Rothschilds are known for this vice, but it is nearly universal in high ranking Canaanite families.

Bizarre Canaanite perversions are just another method of mind control. Children who grow up witnessing the sacrifice of their brothers and sisters become numbed to ritualized murder and come to see all human life as expendable. Parents who submit to sacrificing their children to Moloch may come to see themselves and their children as property of the state. Women who are forced into prostitution at an early age are likely to become accustomed to indignities, and to accept arranged marriage or even more degrading subjugation as normal. And men who were abused as boys are likely to become predators themselves. And all Phoenicians learned from an early age that deceit and murder were respected occupations, and that there was no such thing as personal freedom or dignity. Turning away from the cult was not an option: they existed at the mercy of the state, and they would be killed if they betrayed cult secrets.

Cabal Divisions and Conflict

"They want you divided . . . Divided by Race . . .
Divided by Religion . . . Divided by Culture . . .
Divided by Class . . . Divided by Politics . . .
Divided You Are Weak"

One of the major preoccupations of the Cabal is creating conflict and strife. They create discord, distrust, confusion, and whenever possible violence and enmity between groups of people. They do this with many specific goals in mind, but always with the knowledge that internal conflict weakens their enemies, and strenghthens their control. Cabal puppet masters have been behind every major war in recent centuries, and our Wars and Revolutions page provides a summary of how their agents have fomented, funded, and benefitted from almost all modern wars.

The promotion and management of wars to further Cabal interests is an enormous topic on which volumes could be written. But wars are only the most lethal expression of the Canaanite obsession with stirring up all manner of strife. The cult has methods of fomenting division in every type of human relationship, whether between family members, communities, congregations, or countries. We have remarked before that the cabal's most dangerous and terrifying "secret" is their knowledge of human nature, and the way that people can be manipulated to do things that are not in their best interest. The cabal knows that "sheep" can be tempted, tricked, provoked, or persuaded to take a confrontational stand against their fellow man, at terrific cost to themselves, and all those around them. The ways in which the cabal manipulates perceptions to create conflict the same generation after generation and are used over and over in history.

Benefits of War—As normal humans, we are accustomed to think of war as an unfortunate disaster that should be avoided, but is sometimes inevitable. We are taught to believe that certain strategic goals or principles may be "worth fighting for," to preserve "liberty" or prevent "tyranny". To the cabal, however, the warfare itself is the object, and the principles "worth fighting for" are mere props. To the Cabal, destruction, massacre, fear and despair are opportunities to be exploited. Bear in mind, their agents invariably fund, provision, and propagandize on behalf of both sides of every war, and that the terms of peace that the cabal desires at the end of the conflict is decided before the first shot is fired.

The following list gives some idea of the true goals of the cabal in virtually every conflict. They are completely independent of the stated political goals of a particular war, and show how war and carnage, in and of itself, weakens national autonomy, bankrupts both governments and individuals, and strengthens cabal control. Almost every war in history, fought to "prevent tyranny" has played directly into the hands of the tyrants.

There is always a great deal of money to be made and power to be usurped whenever civilization encounters a crisis. People who anticipate a crisis and prepare for it often do well. Those who do not expect a crisis and are unprepared are often destroyed. The cabal will use any crisis to further its goals, but those disasters which it can clearly foresee and control, such as wars and economic crises, are the most profitable of catastrophes. Fires, floods, and famines may be artificially provoked or worsened by cabal activities, but wars are entirely man-made and cabal-managed. As such, they are the cabal's best tool for consolidating power, destroying their enemies, and keeping "the sheep" in line.

"We see, therefore, that War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument,
a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means."
— Clausewitz

Inciting and Managing War—In some cases, the goal of the war is to remove a government or transfer a specific territory from one sovereign domain to another. In these cases, the conflict itself may be fairly short. But in many cases, the goal of the cabal is not to win a war, but rather, to provoke a deadly conflict and then to extend it as long as reasonably possible. In order to provoke a war, the population on both sides must feel threatened and aggrieved, and ideally, both side must feel that the other side provoked or started the war. In order to prolong a war, both sides must have access to armaments, energy, transportation facilities, and to food and other provisions necessary to sustain the country, to prevent premature surrender. These are just the basic necessities, that are always tended to when the cabal decides it wants a prolonged war. But there are many other sophisticated preparations and methods of brainwashing the public to go along with the cabal's murderous, self-destructive plans.

Controlling Both Sides—The Russian Revolution is an excellent case study in how the cabal initiates and manages wars by controlling both sides. In many cases, the cabal has agents on both sides of a conflict long before open hostilities begin, but in the case of pre-Revolutionary Russia, the peasantry was nearly 100 percent united behind the Tsar, and opposed to western liberalization. The seething resentment of oppressed lower classes toward the aristocracy hardly existed, so it was necessary to take over the country in a two phased process in order to divide a fundamentally united population, and an extraordinary amount of misdirection, stage-managed insurrections, and pro-Soviet propaganda was required.

The four foremost antagonists of the revolution—Kerensky, Kornilov, Lenin, and Trotsky,—were of course, working together, and all apparent divisions between them were scripted. And all were funded by the same American, British, and German bankers, who planned, financed, and sustained the Communist take-over of Russia and established commercial relationships to maintain the regime as soon as their agents were firmly in control.

During Phase I, the "February Revolution", the Tsar resigned, and the "Mensheviks" established a "Provisional Government". The temporary government continued the unpopular war in order to receive financial and military aid from the west and its leader Kerensky immediately freed thousands of political prisoners as well as tens of thousands of actual criminals (very useful to the revolutionaries). He also turned over control of the Russian army to the Red Guard, distributed arms to key revolutionaries, adopted policies hostile to traditionalists and in every possible way paved the way for the Bolsheviks.

Trotsky was originally allied with Kerensky but when he abandoned the Mensheviks it was time for Phase II. During the "October Revolution", Lenin's Bolsheviks, now aligned with Trotsky easily took over St. Petersburg and all government offices. The western press, of course, followed the Bolshevik party line that this had been a spontaneous uprising instead of a carefully scripted, well financed coup. In Russia, however, there was enormous resistance to the Bolsheviks so in order to destroy their enemies, confuse and mislead the peasants, provide material for western propaganda, and justify "war communism", a civil war orchestrated. The Bolshevik's "Red Army" would be pitted against all opposing factions, including the unpopular "Mensheviks", who could be blamed for the country's ills. Kornilov's "White Russian" army was, of course, controlled opposition, whose leaders could sabotage any effective anti-Bolshevik resistance by treachery and divert aid and supplies provided by European allies of the "Whites" into Bolshevik hands. Three years of civil war, a famine, and a Typhus epidemic (famine and epidemics are excellent cover for mass murder), were required to destroy all opposition and render the country thoroughly subject to their Bolshevik tyrants.

This revisionist account of the Russian Revolution underscores the enormous problems with "official" historical accounts. It is essential to recognize the extreme importance of "controlled opposition" in understanding many historical conflicts, but the Russian Revolution is an especially transparent example. Kerensky and Kornilov were obvious fakes (even Kornilov's death was obviously faked), and the major of foreign aid passed through the whites to Bolshevik control. The Russian Revolution was cabal-contrived political theatre. No country in Europe was less inclined to revolutionary communism than Russia, and the whole charade could not possibly have been carried on without the willfull complicity of the western media and the generous financial and political backing of western "Democracies", especially Britain.

The official histories of the Russian Revolution and many other conflicts are completely distorted, but it is only one of dozens of catastrophic wars that were carefully scripted to kill and ruin thousands of people and to enrich and empower the cabal. See our Wars and Revolutions page for an overview of dozens of wars and links to more detailed analysis.

Divisions between Groups—Wars are by far the most dramatic and devastating consequence of the Cabal Policy of dividing patriots and citizens into warring factions. They operate on all levels from family disunity to political disputes to the divisions and infighting among religious communities.

A quick survey of methods that activists have used to flame political divisions in recent years can be summed up in Saul Alinky's Rules for Radicals. These are all well-established Canaanite tactics, that have long been associated with "Left-wing" activists. But there is a bit more to be said. The reason that radicals, disrupters, and those who intentionally create division succeed, is that they are accommodated at all times, by "controlled opposition", who are only waiting for an excuse to "compromise" or make peace with their opponents. These tactics appear effective only when they are employed against an institution that is in league with the radicals and only seeks a plausible excuse to cooperate.

One of the most ridiculous and transparently fake examples of this type of leftist victory was the invasion of Sicily by Garibaldi and his 1000 "Red-shirts". The entire operation, front-to-back, was staged by Secret Societies, and facilitated by a conspicuously proximate British naval escort. Key officers in Sicily were eager to hand over control of the Island to their compatriots, and just needed Garibaldi to make a show of force before capitulating. Everything from the enthusiastic greeting of townsfolk, to the utterly ineffective bombardment by the Royalist navy was staged for propaganda effect. Garibaldi was a "popular hero" because his entirely fake persona was promoted relentlessly in the Canaanite-controlled press.

The masterminds behind the success of radical techniques are not the leftists, but wealthy, powerful, "establishment" figures who feign support for the status quo, but secretly favor tyranny and confiscatory policies, and are strategically positioned to sell-out middle-class patriots and gradually hand more and more control to their supposed enemies, all in the name of compromise, tolerance, and search for a constantly shifting "middle ground".

False Opponents—Whenever you have two hostile factions that war against and deride each other over many generations, you can almost be certain the entire conflict is for show, and that both groups are led by Cabal angents. A few examples of this are the Freemasons vs. the Catholic Church, Fundamentalis Protestants vs. Catholics, and Palestinians vs. Israel disputes.

Confusion and Distractions—It is difficult to describe the way in which the cabal uses confusion and multiplicity of ideas in order to divide and distract the population better than Protocol 13: Distractions. An even more thorough description of methods to impose tyranny by way of confusion and multiplicity of opinions is Protocol 5: Despotism and Modern Progress.

Religion and Humanitariasm

Worship of "the Goddess", Dualism (God and Bad Forces of Equal power), Gnosticism (Secret Knowledge known by elite), Manicheaism, Catharism, Worship of Fire, Sun Worship, Sun Gods, Mystery Religions. The Cabal insinuates itself into every religion, its influence can be seen through its dualist worldview, recurrent symbolism, and imagery, and its ubiquitous, and revolting worship of the "Goddess".

This Page is incomplete and covers many diverse topics. This is only a first draft.

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