Young American Heroes

Author: James Barnes
Publisher: D. Appleton and Company
Dates: 1899-1916

This series of biographies written especially for boys focuses on American heroes whose heroic career started at an early age. Barne's Boy's biography of Farragut, for example, spends most of its time on a few episodes in the great Admiral's youth when he was a young midshipman and saw much action during the War of 1812. Likewise, the story of Robert E. Lee, told in Son of Light Horse Harry, tells much about the exploits of the young captain in the Mexican American War, rather than focusing only on his Civil War career.

Midshipman Farragut   by James Barnes
This exciting adventure story follows the boyhood of the Civil War era naval hero David Farragut during his days as a midshipman during the War of 1812. His escapades on the USS Essex were as action-packed as his later ventures during the Civil War, and they are the primary focus of this biography. 64 credits

Hero of Stony Point   by James Barnes
Mad Anthony' Wayne was one of Washington's leading generals during the Revolutionary war, and the hair-raising victory at Stony Point was one of his most heroic actions of the early war years. Wayne distinguished himself as a great leader, not only in his greatest moment of victory, but also in numerous battles that ultimately were won by the British. His heroism never flagged in difficulty or defeat. 61 credits

Son of Light Horse Harry   by James Barnes
Light Horse' Harry Lee was one of George Washington's most trusted generals during the Revolutionary War, and his son Robert E. Lee led the confederate army during the Civil War. This book follows the early years of Robert E. Lee during his youth, education, and shows how he distinguished himself as an officer in the Mexican-American War and as an outstanding citizen. 72 credits

Commodore Bainbridge   by James Barnes
0 credits

The Hero of Erie: Oliver Hazard Perry   by James Barnes
0 credits