Little Cousins of Long Ago

Author: Various Authors
Publisher: The Page Company, Boston
Dates: 1913–1916

The Our Little Cousin series was introduced by the Page Company, in the early 1900's. It was based on the idea of introducing world geography through the stories of children who live in various countries. After its initial success, a new series was initiated, entitled Our Little Cousin of Long Ago. These books differed from the original in that they were centered on ancient civilizations instead of modern ones. Most were set in the midst of important historical events, but the central drama is always fictional, and the historical events and characters play out in the background, rather than the foreground of the story.

Like the original series, the books are intended to focus on the every-day life, beliefs, customs, and livelihoods, of the characters rather than to tell a particular historical tale. In many cases however, the character is present at an important battle, or during the sacking of monastery, or during some other key historical event. But the main plot typically involves the curious adventures of a ten-year-old boy rather than a particular historical incident.

Our Little Roman Cousin of Long Ago   by Julia D. Cowles
This book tells the story of Marcus, a young boy who lived in the final years of the Roman Republic during the age of Julius Caesar and Cicero. The focus of this children's book is less on political events than on the everyday life of a boy growing to manhood during the close of the Republican era. 37 credits

Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago   by Julia D. Cowles
This book tells the story of Chartas, a young Spartan growing up during the years immediately preceding the Persian War. Many Spartan customs are described and the manner in which young boys were raised from an early age to be soldiers is well portrayed. The book closes before the famous battle of Thermopylae, but the events in Greece leading up to the war are covered and several well-known Spartans who played a role in that conflict are introduced.57 credits

Our Little Saxon Cousin of Long Ago   by Julia D. Cowles
This book tells the story of a Saxon boy name Turgar who lived at the during the age of Alfred the Great. He was educated at Crowland abbey and was present during its sacking by the Danes. The story tells the details of his life at the abbey and shows how the monasteries were an important part of mediaeval life. After many adventures, Turgar joins the army of Alfred the Great to help keep Britain safe from the Danish invaders. 34 credits

Our Little Athenian Cousin of Long Ago   by Julia D. Cowles
This book tells the story of an Athenian boy named Hiero who lived in Athens during the age of Pericles, around the beginning of the Peloponnesian War. One of the main characters is a sculptor and the story emphasizes the artistic achievements of the Greeks during the golden age of the Athenian empire. 43 credits

Our Little Carthaginian Cousin of Long Ago   by C. V. Winlow
This story about a Carthaginian boy named Hanno takes place during the era between the first and second Punic Wars. Instead of focusing on historical events, the author emphasizes the customs and daily lives of typical Carthaginian of the era. The drama of the story peaks when Hanno rescues his sister from the murderous priests of Carthage, and eventually joins the army of Hannibal.36 credits

Our Little Viking Cousin of Long Ago   by C. H. Johnston
This book tells the story of a Viking boy named Biarne who travels with Leif Erikson on his voyage to Vinland in North America around the year 1000. He lives the life of a Viking adventurer, building a boat, crossing the ocean and helping to establish a settlement on in the new land. Eventually the small tribe of Vikings is attacked by natives, which they call Skrellings, and have to return to their base settlement at Greenland, but not without many treasures from the new land.49 credits

Our Little Celtic Cousin of Long Ago   by Evaleen Stein
The story of Ferdiad, a boy of Ireland in the time of High King Brian Boru, when the Danes were pillaging the Irish countryside. How his foster-father Angus becomes poet to the High King and how Ferdiad himself recovers a lost treasure. Gives a glimpse into the customs and social life of the Celts, with special emphasis on their artistic achievements, including the Book of Kells and the stories of Cuculain.37 credits

Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago   by Evaleen Stein
A story of Normandy in the time of William the Conqueror, giving a vivid picture of manners and customs through the eyes of two boys of the court. Describes castle life, dress, amusements, training for knighthood, and other aspects of feudal life. Also relates stories of William's early days, as well as tales of his Norsemen forefathers, Duke Robert the Magnificent, Little Duke Richard, and Rolf the Ganger.41 credits

Our Little Crusader Cousin of Long Ago   by Evaleen Stein
The story of Hugh, page to King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England, and Raymond, page to Count William of France, and their adventures in Palestine during the third crusade. Through their eyes we see how, even with all their quarrels and failures, the men of the third crusade left a lasting record of gallant and heroic deeds.48 credits

Our Little Aztec Cousin of Long Ago   by C. V. Winlow
The story of an Aztec boy named Coyotl, who lived a few years before the Spanish conquered Mexico. He was educated by the temple-priests, but later sold into slavery. While traveling with a merchant he had many adventures and helped put down a rebellion against the Aztec empire.0 credits

Our Little Florentine Cousin of Long Ago   by C. V. Winlow
The story of Filippo, a young boy who lived in Florence during the time of Lorenzo d' Medici and becomes unwittingly involved in political conspiracies of the age. 100 credits

Our Little Feudal Cousin of Long Ago   by Richards
0 credits

Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago   by Evaleen Stein
0 credits

Our Little Macedonian Cousin of Long Ago   by Julia D. Cowles
0 credits