Romance of Empire

Edited by: John Lang
Publisher: E.C. & T.C. Jack
Dates: 1908—1910
Authors: Ian D. Colvin, John Lang, Victor Surridge, R. Horsley, B. Willson

By the 19th century, the British Empire controlled a very large percentage of the world, and had territories on every continent. The Romance of Empire Series was conceived in order to provide detailed histories of each of the major provinces of the British Empire. These histories of the British colonies were produced by E.C. Jack, and the books appear similar to the Marshall and Macgregor. series. They are lavishly illustrated, and very well written. In contrast to the former two series however, the Romance of Empire series is told in greater detail and is directed at an older audience. Marshall's Our Empire Story covers much of the same material at a more simplified and condense form.

An entire book in the series is dedicated to each of the five major British provinces, being, India, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Each history begins long before the arrival of the British, and covers the earliest dealings of westerners with the indigenous people. In addition to the five books about the major colonies, the series includes two additional books. Land of the Golden Trade gives a history of colonial dealings on the West Coast of Africa, including several chapters on the Slave Trade. The some episodes of the history of many of Britain's lesser colonies, including Gibraltar, Malta, and the West Indies are given in Outposts of Empire

South Africa   by Ian D. Colvin
This book is a comprehensive history of South Africa from the first exploration of Africa by the Portuguese to the Boer Wars. Twentieth century history not included, but the long struggle between Dutch and English settlers is covered in depth. As part of the Romance of Empire series, the book is helpful in understanding the pro-imperial point of view and the complexities of colonization.147 credits

Land of the Golden Trade   by John Lang
This book covers the exploration of Africa from the earliest voyages of the ancient Phoenicians to about 1900. It's primary focus is the Ivory coast, and many of the stories are about the explorers, plunders, traders. slavers, and pirates who frequented Western Africa. There were few permanent European settlements in the area because of the difficult climate, so the historical stories are episodic rather than comprehensive. The history of the slave trade of particular interest. 122 credits

India   by Victor Surridge
This book is part of the Romance of Empire series, written at the height of the British empire. It recounts many of the most exciting events in the history of India, from around the time Britain first established a trading post on the continent, in the 1600's, until the decades following the Indian Mutiny, in 1857. The treatment of Britain's involvement is in India is somewhat sympathetic, although many of the greatest blunders and questionable policies of the British Raj are owned up to squarely. 120 credits

New Zealand   by R. Horsley
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Australia   by John Lang
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Outposts of Empire   by John Lang
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Canada    by B. Willson
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