Great Men and Famous Women

Edited by: Charles F. Horne
Authors: Clarence Cook, and many others.
Publisher: Selmar Hess, New York
Dates: 1894

The Great Men and Famous Women is a series of four over-sized volumes, contains biographies of nearly three hundred of the most famous men and women in world history. They were composed by a variety of authors, including many University Professors, and so the tone of the essays vary considerably. A few are overly scholarly, but most are fairly accessible, and give a good overview of the subject. The illustrations, however are spectacular. At least one full page etching, portrait, or historical scene is used to illustrate the life of each character. The illustrations help bring the stories to life, and the treatment of all of the subject is thorough and accurate.

Soldiers and Sailors   by C. F. Horne
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Statesmen and Sages   by C. F. Horne
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Artists and Authors   by C. F. Horne
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Workmen and Heroes   by C. F. Horne
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