Heroes of All Time

Authors: Holland, Francis, Ross, Cunnington, Wilmot-Buxton, Russell, Birkhead, etc.
Publisher: George G. Harrap & Co. LTD, London
Dates: 1913–1922

This outstanding series of biographies is of special interest to the intermediate student. The subjects of this series tend to be individuals of important historical consequence, rather than merely men or women of action. Their stories are told with great interest, but also with enough explanation of circumstance so that a middle school or older student can begin to understand the dilemmas faced by these heroes and the consequences of their actions. The biographies are told in enough detail to give valuable insights into the subjects' lives, but they are not overly long. Each book is slightly less than 200 pages.

This series was originally produced in Great britain, so a good number of its subjects are Englishmen and women. However, characters from all of world history are considered, from Julius Caesar and Augustus, to Washington and Lincoln. In addition to political figures a number of important religious leaders are also considered. Some of these include Buddha, Mohammed, Luther, and Anselm.

Story of the Buddha   by Edith Holland
This book tells the story of the legendary life of Siddhartha, founder of the Buddhist faith. He born in Nepal in the 5th century B.C. as a prince. His father tried to protect him from sights of human suffering, but he eventually escaped palace life to embark on a spiritual quest. He eschewed wealth and became a monk to contemplate the meaning of life. After becoming enlightened Siddhartha is said to have traveled throughout India spreading his doctrines and founding monasteries. 59 credits

Story of Mohammed   by Edith Holland
This book tells the life story of Mohammed, founder of Islam, from his early years as a camel driver who married a wealthy widow, to his eventual triumph over all of the pagans who controlled the worship of religious idols at the Kaaba in Mecca. Mohammed and his small band of followers endured decades of persecution before prevailing over his enemies and bringing Arabia to the new faith. 64 credits

George Washington   by Ada Russell
This middle school biography of Washington tells the story of his youth, young adulthood, and career as commander of the Revolutionary forces. The final chapter summarizes his accomplishments as first President of the United States, and the appendix includes a selection of Journals, letters, and addresses given by the foremost of the founding fathers that make for fascinating reading and give first hand insight into his character.81 credits

Oliver Cromwell   by Estelle Ross
This biography of Oliver Cromwell, the fierce puritan general who led the Roundheads to victory in the English Civil War and formed the Commonwealth government very ably describes the problems of the age, and Cromwell's role in permanently transforming the English monarchy. It is an excellent intermediate biography, suitable for mature middle school or high school students who would like to better understand this critical period in English history. 68 credits

Augustus: His Life and Work   by Rene Francis
This biography of Octavio (Caesar Augustus) does an excellent job of explaining what the state of Rome's affairs were in the years following the death of Julius Caesar in easy to understand terms, accessible to middle school students and older. It clearly explains why Octavio's organizational abilities, and tact were so effective at stabilizing the republic at a critical juncture and laying the foundation of an empire. 56 credits

Garibaldi and his Red Shirts   by F. J. Snell
Garibaldi is one of the most interesting of the characters involved in the wars of Italian Unification. He was an extreme radical and violently anti-Catholic, but idealistic and selfless in his efforts; always willing to risk his own life and property while accepting no reward or position for his services . He was a warrior rather than a statesman, and this biography follows his military career in detail. The politics involved in the Unification of Italy were exceedingly complicated so the episodes of treachery, shifting alliances, secret missions, and geo-political struggles may be difficult to follow without a previous introduction to the period, but the military campaigns in and of themselves, are of great interest.75 credits

Julius Caesar   by Ada Russell
The life of Julius Caesar spans one of the most fascinating and important periods in all of Ancient history, and this book does an excellent job of bringing all the characters of the age to life. The first century B.C. saw the collapse of a corrupt republic, a number of savage civil wars, and the rise of a relatively benign tyranny under Caesar. The book devotes just enough attention to the political dramas of the time to give intermediate students some idea of the vicious politicking of the era, without being tiring.74 credits

Marie Antoinette   by Alice Birkhead
Marie Antoinette was one of the most tragic figures of the French revolution. This biography traces her life from her frivolous youth as a carefree and extravagant young queen, through the drama of the revolution and the calamities of the Reign of Terror, and finally to her stoic and courageous death on the scaffold. 58 credits

Anselm   by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton
This book provides excellent insights into the state of the Church during the twelfth century, when the "investiture controversy" conflict raged, and the independence of the Church was threatened from all sides. What could be a dry subject is presented in a fresh, personal, and compelling way by focusing on the power struggle between the gentle, patient, "saint like" Anslem, and the vicious, grasping, blasphemous, and tyrannical William Rufus.85 credits

Jeanne d'Arc   by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton
0 credits

Thomas Becket   by S. Cunnington
0 credits

Story of William Caxton   by S. Cunnington
0 credits

William the Silent   by A. M. Miall
0 credits

Alexander the Great   by Ada Russell
0 credits

Martin Luther   by Estelle Ross
0 credits

Peter the Great   by Alice Birkhead
0 credits