Historic Boys and Girls

Author: E. S. brooks
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York
Dates: 1896

Peter the Great
This series of short biographies selects as it subjects famous men and women, who even as children or young adults, engaged in notable deeds. It follows the course of their childhood and young adulthood, stopping soon after they become adults, and frequently the most famous events of their lives, which the author assumes the reader is familiar with, is covered only briefly or not at all. The object of these stories is to show how, even as young persons, the personality and character of the subjects was well established. The tone of the books is well presented in the authors preface to Historic Boys

"The world's historic boys and girls have been many. In every age and clime may be found notable examples of young people who, even before they reached manhood or womanhood, have—for good or evil—left their impress on their time.

"From these the author of this volume has selected the careers of a dozen young fellows of different lands and epochs, who, even had they not lived out their "teens," could have rightly claimed a place in the world's annals as Historic Boys. They are such also as show that, from the earliest ages, manliness and self-reliance have ever been the chief groundwork of character, and that in this respect the boy of the nineteenth century in no way differs from his brother of the second or the ninth. . ."

Historic Boys   by E. S. Brooks
These essays, which originally appeared in St. Nicholas magazine, are biographical sketches of famous boys from History, ranging from Ancient Rome to American Revolutionary times. The subjects are all characters who were later famous, but even in their youth showed signs of greatness. The subjects of these stories include Marcus Aurelius of Rome, Brian Boru of Ireland, Olaf of Norway, Baldwin of Jerusalem, Henry V of England, and many others. 106 credits

Historic Girls   by E. S. Brooks
These biographical sketches of famous girls from history originally appeared in St. Nicholas magazine. The subjects are all characters who even in their youth showed signs of great promise, and the stories focus more on the achievements of their youth than later feats. The subjects of these stories include Zenobia of Palmyra, Helena of Britain, Clotilda of Burgundy, Teresa of Avila, Christiana of Sweden, and many others. 77 credits