The Lake History Series

Author: Samuel Bannister Harding
Publisher: Scott, Foresman and Company
Dates: 1998–1912

This series of introductory history readers is directed at sixth and seventh graders, but might be enjoyed by students of any age. The series includes brief, introductory histories of Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and England, assumes no previous knowledge of world events, and relates interesting and informative stories of many of the most important characters and events of western history. It's author was a well known writer of histories for both children and adults.

The series was published by a company that specialized in school textbooks, and later versions of each of the books include study questions and outlines that might be helpful for formal instruction. Even without these aids however, the books read very well, cover important topics, and can easily hold the interest of most students. The series was very popular in public schools throughout the United States in the early years of the 20th century.

Greek Gods - Heroes - and Men   by S. B. Harding
The major portion of this books tells delightful stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes of old. Included are the Gods of Olympus as well as lesser known stories such as that of Helios, Eros, and Pan. The stories of the well know Greek Heroes, both mythical and real-life follow. The stories of Lycurgus and Leonidas follow those of Jason and Theseus in such a way that the distinction between myth and true history seems almost blurred. 59 credits

City of the Seven Hills   by S. B. Harding
This short history of Rome is part of a four book set, intended for middle school readers that introduces the major points of world history. Like most Roman histories written for younger students it focuses primarily on the Kingdom and Republican eras, and conveys all of the major legends and hero stories of the age. Harding is exceptionally good at conveying the essential stories of an era in concise, but engaging prose. An excellent introduction to Roman history for novices.116 credits

Story of the Middle Ages   by S. B. Harding
Relates the history of the Middle Ages simply, directly, and entertainingly. The material is well-arranged and the selection of topics is excellent. Special attention is given to presenting the life of the people; peasant, noble, and court. A unique and valuable book. 100 credits

Story of England   by S. B. Harding
This book, which can be used as a middle-school history of England, provides a thorough and succinct introduction to the history of the British Isles from the early Britons to the end of the Victorian era. Besides giving a chronological account of events, a brief explanation of some of the important industrial and social changes are discussed. The later chapters focus on the difficulties of administering an enormous empire spanning the entire globe.170 credits