Mediaeval Builders of the Modern World

Author: Marion Florence Lansing
Publisher: Ginn and Company, Boston
Dates: 1910–1911

Florence Lansing
This series was originally intended to have six volumes, but the final three were never completed. The available texts however, are quite excellent, and tell fascinating stories events during the early middle ages that are often left out or rushed over quickly in comprehensive studies of Europe. For example, Barbarian and Noble, contains numerous stories about the first German invaders of the Roman Empire. The history of the Visigoth nation is given, and the Visigoth invasion of Italy is related from the Visigoth point of view. Other semi-barbaric heroes dealt with in this volume are Theodoric the Ostogoth; Roderic, the last king of the Visigoths; Rollo the Viking, first Duke of Normandy; Clovis, king of the Franks; and Saint Winfred, Apostle to the Saxons.

The second book, Patriots and Tyrants continues to focus on the early middle ages, and the barbaric Germans who clashed with the Romans, but features those heroes who are most well known for fighting for their liberty, such as Hermann, who drove the Romans out of Germany; Hereward the Saxon, who resist the Norman invasion; Robert bruce of Scotland; Simon of Montfort, who established the English Parliament, and the fascinating rise of the Independent city of Venice.

Page—Esquire—Knight focuses on some of the legendary heroes of the early middle ages, including King Arthur and his knights; Roland and the Peers of Charlemagne; Godfrey, the hero of the First Crusade; and Chevalier Bayard, the French knight of renown.

Barbarian and Noble   by Marion Lansing
This book recounts the rise of the Germanic tribes in the period during and after the fall of the Roman empire. It introduces the heroes of the various Teutonic tribes, including Athanaric, Alaric and Roderic (Visigoths), Theodoric (Ostrogoth), Clovis, Charlemagne (Franks), and also the later heroes, Alfred the Great, Rollo the Viking. The transition from barbarian tribe to Christian nation is featured in each story. 67 credits

Patriots and Tyrants   by Marion Lansing
The stories in these books recount the growth of freedom and liberty among citizens of the middle ages, beginning with German chieftains' conflicts with the Romans, and ending with the Dutch revolt against Spain. Many patriotic heroes are introduced, including Hermann, Wittekind, Hereward the Saxon, Simon de Montfort, Robert Bruce, William the Silent, and many others. 67 credits

Page—Esquire—Knight   by Marion Lansing
Presents the best stories of all periods of chivalry, from the days of the founding of the Round Table to the death of Chevalier Bayard. It sets forth in simple story form the development and progress of knighthood from the time of St. George, who won his spurs by killing the dragon, to the founding, a thousand years later, of the order which bore his name and embodied in its ritual the highest ceremonial of chivalry. With its explanation of the meaning of the degrees of knighthood, its description of quests and tourneys, and its outline of the great events of chivalry, this volume will serve as a good introduction to the later reading of Arthurian and other romances, and of the history of Charlemagne's wars and the crusades.58 credits