Boy's Books of Frontier Battles

Author: Edwin L. Sabin
Publisher: George W. Jacobs & Company
Dates: 1918–1920
Buffalo Bill
"Whether Sabin was contributing to the "Trail Blazer" series, published by J. B. Lippincott, or to the "Great West" and the "Range and Trail" series, issued by Crowell, his plots were ingenious and his research as meticulous as he could make it. He soon learned that historical investigation was much like stepping into quicksand—the more one struggled to find truth, the more one sank by the pull of endless problems and queries. He did the best he could, scouring the country for primary sources and hard evidence. Perhaps no author of juveniles of the day labored harder to base his work on facts, or what were believed to be facts."

The previous quote, from a short biography of Edwin L. Sabin's life, illustrates what an outstanding historian he was. This three volume series includes almost all the major frontier battles in Unites States history, from the era of King Philip's War, to the Retreat of the Nez Peirce under King Joseph. It includes Stories of the Mexican-American War as well as a great many American-Indian battles. Each battle is told in a vivid manner, complete with engaging dialogue.

Only one of the volumes focuses exclusively on Indian conflicts, but since Indian wars lasted from the time of the earliest colonies to the conquest of the West in the late 19th century, all three volumes feature Indian battles. Although Sabin is an enthusiastic American patriot, his treatment of Indian warfare is fairly even handed. He deplores treachery, but is as critical of white settlers who deal duplicitously with Indians as he is of savage viciousness.

Boys' Book of Indian Warriors   by Edwin Sabin
This book, written from the point of view of the American Indians who tried to defend their land from the white men, highlights the lives and deeds of some of the most important Indian chiefs from the earliest Iroquois and Algonquins in 17th century New England, to the flight of the Nez Perces under Chief Joseph. Piskaret, King Philip, Pontiac, Logan and Cornstalk, Little Turtle, Tecumseh, Black-hawk, Red Cloud, and Sitting Bull are some of the Chiefs whose stories are told here.147 credits

Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters   by Edwin Sabin
This second book in Sabin's Series of Frontier Fighters features the exploits of American frontiersmen, including Simon Kenton, Simon Girty, 'Betty' Zane, John Colter, Samuel Brady, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Many of the stories feature great exploits or escapes rather than military battle, and tell the stories of many of the frontier heroes of early American folklore.154 credits

Boys' Book of Border Battles   by Edwin Sabin
This is the final book in the Frontier Fighter series from Edwin Sabin that covers many of the battles in American history fought on the frontiers and borders of the expanding American nation. His other two books cover many of the wars with Eastern and Western Indian tribes. The final books contains a few pre-revolutionary wars with Indians, but is mostly dedicated to the Spanish-American War in the South and the Sioux War on the northern plains.141 credits