Stories from History

Edited by: John Lang
Publisher: E.C & T.C. Jack
Dates: 1910–1912
Authors: J.H. Kelman, Mary Macgregor, Lena Dalkeith,
Ethel Lemon, Hilda Skae

The Publisher of the Marshall and Macgregor series of classical history texts for middle school students, followed up their success with a similar series, intended for elementary school students. The Stories from History series, in common with the Children Heroes series from the same publisher, is a very small, nicely illustrated book, that can be easily read by an elementary school student.

Instead of attempting to tell the entire history of each country in such a short book, the authors selected between six and ten especially famous stories to tell with enough detail to be of interest. By carefully selecting their stories, the each writer manages to get across the most important events and characters of their subject civilization, and makes them appealing even for young children. The books are so short they can be read in only a few hours by an older elementary school student, or read aloud to a younger one.

Stories from the Crusades   by Janet Kelman
This book brings the Crusades to life by telling the stories of its most famous heroes. It tells the story of how Peter the Hermit leads the first crusade; how three kings of Europe, including King Richard the Lionhearted of England, King Philip of France, and the Emperor Frederick of Germany, join efforts in the third crusade; and how King Louis of France launches the last crusade and is ultimately martyred.32 credits

Stories of the Vikings   by Mary Macgregor
This book gives a brief history of the early kings of Norway, starting with Harald Fairhair (c. 860) , who first brought dozens of separate Viking kingdoms under a single rule, to the conversion of Norway from a Pagan to a Christian kingdom, under Olaf Trygveson (c. 1015). The explorations of Leif Erikson and his family are also covered. 44 credits

Stories from Roman History   by Lena Dalkeith
This children's book was written as a first introduction to Roman history for elementary students. It is too short to introduce Roman history in a comprehensive manner, but instead recounts stories about some of the most famous heroes of Republic Rome. Subjects include Horatius and Coriolanus, heroes of the early Republic; Hannibal, Fabius Cunctator, and Scipio Africanus, military leaders of the Punic Wars; and Pompey and Julius Caesar, protagonists of the Caesarean Civil War, which brought the republic to an end. 40 credits

Stories from French History   by Lena Dalkeith
This beautifully illustrated book tells seven of the most picturesque stories from the history of France. They include the story of Clovis and his Queen Clotilda, Charlemagne, Saint Louis the Crusader, Joan of Arc, the Huguenots and the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon Bonaparte.37 credits

Stories from Greek History   by Ethelwyn Lemon
In this short, but beautifully told book, only six of the many inspiring stories from Geek History could be told. They include the story of Solon, the law-giver of Athens, Themistocles and the battle of Salamis, Pelopidas and Epaminondas and the Boeotian Wars, Timoloen and the liberation of Sicily, Demosthenes, the orator of Athens, and Alexander the Great.36 credits

Stories from English History   by Hilda Skae
This book recounts six stories from early English history, written for grammar school students, beginning with the Celtic hero Caradoc and ending with Sir Francis Drake. Other tales include the story of Augustine of Kent and the conversion of the Saxons to Christianity, William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, King John and the murder of his rival Prince Arthur, and the story of the Black Prince at Crecy and Poitiers. 41 credits