Boys and Girls from History

Author: Kate Dickinson Sweetser
Publisher: Harper and Brothers
Dates: 1901-1913

Each of these books books is organized in a similar fashion. The story of ten young people, either from history or literature are selected. One chapter introduced each character. When literary characters are introduced, usually one or two chapters from the book they are featured in are consolidated, and much dialogue from the original book is used. The story is typically condensed and some context is giving before and after the main incidents are recounted. When historical characters are introduced, the focus is usually on their childhood and young adulthood rather than incidents later in their lives. The literary style is similar for all characters, both real and fictional, because considerable dialogue is used to convey action, rather than relying only on a third person narrative.

Sweetser writes in an engaging and easy to read style. The subject of each chapter is developed independently, so they can be read in any order. The character sketeches are written at a perfect level for a middle school or intermediate audience.

Ten Boys from History   by K. D. Sweetser
This collection of stories tells the story of boys from history who accomplished something of renown while still very young. Several of the heroes went on to achieve even greater fame as an adult, but these stories focus only on their boyhood exploits. Subjects include King David, Edward the Black Prince, Louis XVII of France, Samuel Morse, David Farragut, Wolfgang Mozart, and several others.88 credits

Ten Boys from Dickens   by K. D. Sweetser
This collection of stories, adapted for middle school age children, are taken from ten of Dickens most famous books. Each provides a character sketch of a well-known young character, and is intended to interest young people in further enjoyment of Dickens. Some of Dickens boy heroes include Tiny Tim, Oliver Twist, Tommy Traddles, David Copperfield, Paul Dombey, and Pip. 102 credits

Boys and Girls from Thackeray   by K. D. Sweetser
Thackeray was one of the greatest novelists of Victorian era, and this book introduces eight of his most famous childhood characters by way of short anecdotes taken from his novels. Some of the famous childhood characters introduces in this collection include Henry Esmond, Becky Sharp, George Osborne, and Ethel Newcombe. 154 credits

Ten Girls from History   by K. D. Sweetser
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Ten Girls from Dickens   by K. D. Sweetser
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Book of Indian Braves   by K. D. Sweetser
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