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History Quest is a new Quiz Game app that can be used either by history buffs to test their existing knowledge, or by students who are being introduced to unfamiliar periods of history. It is now available FOR FREE on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Microsoft Windows Store for Windows Laptops.

History Quest is a quiz game designed to make learning about the great events of history easy and enjoyable. Questions are based on traditional, public domain history stories found in the Heritage History library, and everything needed to learn about many epochs of world history is included. Questions range in difficulty from introductory to expert, so any student who has a solid middle school knowledge of history facts can earn knowledge medals.

History Quest is targeted at teens and young adults but it is accessible to history lovers of any age. Short reading selections have been recommended for each unit to introduce key characters and events so players can breeze through topics they already know, and learn as they play when encountering less familiar material.

If used in a high school history course, each History Quest program corresponds to a semesters worth of history credit. However, independent students can learn at their own pace. The program is well suited for homeschoolers, especially those using a "Charlotte Mason" approach to history.

The History Quest app is FREE. Donations can be made to Heritage History, but the app was created by a homeschool family for other homeschoolers and for independent learners. Once the app and books have been downloaded to a tablet or laptop, no internet access is required.

Six Study Programs

The current release of History Quest includes over 4000 multiple choice questions divided among six programs. Each program is divided into eight units and players can answer questions from an entire program or they can focus on one unit at a time.

The links below provide more information about each of the programs, including reading recommendations, study aids, and sample questions.

Two ways to Play History Quest

The Heritage History Quiz Game can be played in two ways. In either mode players are presented with twelve multiple choice questions randomly generated from a particular question bank.

In History Quest mode players who are already familiar with the history of a particular civilization answer questions from the entire program and win points based on speed and difficulty. There are about 600 questions per historical subject and five levels of difficulty. Players need to answer eleven of twelve questions correctly to progress to the next level so substantial knowledge of a historical subject is needed to obtain high scores.

Upper level History Quest questions are challenging enough to hold the interest of well-read students and history lovers but can be difficult for novice players. Therefore a second mode of playing, more appropriate to students with limited knowledge of a particular topic is provided.

In Knowledge Medal mode players focus on one era from within a historical subject (for example, the "Punic War" era within "Ancient Rome"). By narrowing their focus, players are presented with questions from a more restricted question bank and can progress more easily. There are short reading assignments provided for each division and players who have reviewed all recommended materials should be able to win medals after just a few attempts. There are four levels of medals (for 75, 83, 92, and 100 percent correct answers) and players can earn up to twelve medals in each division.

Leaderboards and Progress Reports

Players who would like to compete against other History Quest users have the option of posting their scores to one of several Leaderboards. Each History topic has its own board and players can compete on the basis of high scores or knowledge medals. Groups of players who would like to compete against each other can define a "group" name on their profile page and view scores on a private leaderboard.

Players who want to share their scores without posting on any public board can email an encoded version of their status to friends or instructors using the Progress Report feature.

History Quest Leaderboards

There are two leaderboards for each History Quest program. One sorts by high score and the other by Knowledge Medal points.

Ancient Greece High ScoresKnowledge Medals
Ancient Rome High ScoresKnowledge Medals
British Middle Ages High ScoresKnowledge Medals
British Empire High ScoresKnowledge Medals
Spanish Empire High ScoresKnowledge Medals