History Quest — Ancient Greece

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The Ancient Greece History Quest program includes over 500 multiple choice questions. It covers the history and mythology of Greece from the Heroic age to the conquests of Alexander. The quiz game is based on the Ancient Greece Study Program, but it can be used with other curriculums.

The History Quest quiz game is now available (early access) from the Google Play Store

Recommended Reading — Ancient Greece

Most of the questions for the historical portion of the Ancient Greece quiz game are based on the the two intermediate histories listed below. Additional sources were used for the mythology and heroic periods. Reading either book is a good preparation for the Ancient Greece program, but other student student histories cover similar material. For more details about suggested reading assignments see the Ancient Greece Study Program.

Study Aids and Sample Questions

The Ancient Greece program is divided into eight historical divisions. All study aids and review questions are associated with one of the divisions. Links to study aids and sample questions are provided below.

Gods and Myths — Gaia to Age of the Olympians Q/A
Heroes and Monsters — Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and other heroes Q/A
Homeric Epics — Iliad and Odyssey (~1000 B.C.) Q/A
Early City-States — Spart, Athens, and other citystates (to 500 B.C.) Q/A
Persian War — Persia and the Persian War (to 472 B.C.) Q/A
Athenian Empire — Pericles and Pelopennesian War (to 404 B.C.) Q/A
Late Classical — Decline of Athens to Alexander (to 338 B.C.) Q/A
Hellenistic Era — Conquest of Persia to Greco-Greek era (to 146 B.C.) Q/A

Each Q/A worksheet includes at least 20 questions (out of 70+ per unit). Players can use the History Quest quiz game to help them answer questions and earn knowledge medals in each division. Once players have won medals in most categories they should be ready to tackle the combined question bank.