Nixon: Man Behind the Mask - Gary Allen


Numerous well-meaning individuals have tried to stop me from publishing this book. Some said the timing was bad. Others said that I would be smeared and that no one would believe the truth. Others wanted to know what it would accomplish and said I should not attack the Republican party. They felt we should take the best candidate we can get and try to work with him. This book is not an attack on rank-and-file Republicans, but an attempt to let them know that it is the Insiders who have been stampeding the Elephant. Any individual who is willing to compromise with the conspirators is not the best we can get because he is not ours.

A man's judgment is no better than his information. If this book makes enough people aware that we are in a life-and-death struggle with a conspiracy, it will have accomplished more than enough to make the Insiders wish it had never been written. Until grass-roots Republicans realize that they are up against a conspiracy which is seeking to control both major political parties, their efforts are doomed to frustration and failure.

For many years the author believed it was merely the "Liberal mentality" that was the enemy. The "Liberal mentality" is an enemy, but there is more behind America's problems and the takeover of the Republican party by the Left than just the "Liberal mentality." For it is a conspiracy, not an ideology, that is taking over our country. The American people have not swallowed and did not vote for the concepts that are now being thrust down their throats by Richard Nixon as President—or as an Insider of the conspiracy. They voted, in fact, for almost exactly the opposite concepts, proclaimed by Richard Nixon the candidate. And Nixon was elected President largely because of the rising revulsion against the very pro-Communist policies that he is now carrying out with regard to both our foreign affairs and our domestic system. So let me repeat: It is the conspiracy that is our enemy and our danger.

The American people must make sure, next time they go through the quadrennial ritual of turning the rascals out, that it is the real rascals they turn out. We will stay on the same merry-go-round, merely switching brightly colored horses, unless a sufficient number of people wake up to the con game that has been perpetrated by an exceedingly cunning gang of international monopolists for the past six decades. It makes no difference whether the man who throws out the CFR gang and their philosophy comes from within the Democrat, the Republican, or the Amalgamated Intergalactic Party; but the candidate must be irreversibly committed to carrying out that act before he is elected.

Yes, there is a conspiracy, and the only way to defeat it is to turn the bright light of unequivocal and unwavering truth on it. What the conspirators count on most in this whole struggle for the world is the short memory, colossal ignorance, good-natured gullibility, and incredible apathy of the American people. We are all being "played for suckers" in a gigantic confidence game in which the stakes are both our freedom and our lives. And all it will take, even now, to escape the net that is being pulled tight around us is to wake up enough people to the fact that there is a net.

If five percent of American citizens wake up and go to work, the Insiders will see the rewards of their decades of careful planning disintegrate like a pane of glass hit with a sledgehammer.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

When one is attacked it is only natural to attempt to defend oneself and reassure one's friends. This author wrote an article for the October 1968 issue of American Opinion magazine which, while striving to be objective, nevertheless presented much condemnatory evidence concerning Richard Nixon. Nixon campaigners screamed like so many banshees. Doubtless, the same attempts at obfuscation and rationalization will be made in the effort to dull the impact of this book, and these ploys are therefore worth examining.

The Nixon-Agnew Campaign Committee sent out this reply to Republicans who were disturbed about the 1968 article:

"The article that you referred to is a slickly-written hatchet job that consists of a great many half-truths. It is instructive to note that the primary authority for the author of the article was William Costello. Mr. Costello was hired by the Democratic National Committee to write a book on Mr. Nixon for the 1960 campaign. I think you'll agree that any book inspired by the Democratic National Committee on a probable Republican presidential candidate, can hardly be described as dispassionate or objective.

We accept as a compliment the statement that the article was "slickly written," but the charge that it was a "hatchet job that consists of a great many half-truths" is one that Nixon-Agnew apparently felt no need to document, nor could they have documented it. And of course William Costello was not "the primary authority for the author." The aim of Costello (and of the Democratic National Committee, if they did indeed instigate his book) was anything else than to show that RMN was a Fabian Socialist, internationalist, welfare-state Liberal. The book presented Mr. Nixon basically as a "reactionary," an "anti-Communist," and an "economic Neanderthal." Costello's admissions of Liberal stands by Nixon were clearly admissions against interest that had to be made to keep the book honest.

Human Events, a generally excellent and Conservative newsweekly whose Achilles' heel is its refusal to deal with the Council on Foreign Relations web of conspiracy, defended its pro-Nixon stand by claiming that this author's article was "riddled with factual errors, exaggerations and misinterpretations." It too felt no necessity to cite chapter and verse concerning the author's alleged journalistic sins. He was to be sentenced to life as a galley-proof slave, to be burned alive at the literary stake, or at least to have his literary license revoked, without being afforded any opportunity to refute the evidence (if any) on which he was charged.

In retrospect, the American Opinion article projected a much more accurate picture of Nixon than did features in other Conservative publications. Readers of American Opinion knew what to expect from the Nixon administration. Readers of other Conservative publications are in a state of shock today, and today these publications still criticize Nixon's policies but never come to grips with the character of the man and his integrity, or lack of it.

One can hardly expect those who have a strong vested interest in any particular politician to throw in the towel when their boy is exposed. Mr. Nixon himself is unlikely to go on national television and announce: "O.K. The jig is up. I confess!" Instead, phrases such as "half-truths," "distortions," "factual errors," "exaggerations," and "quotes out of context" will be used in an effort to cover up.

Doubtless there are errors in this book despite all the pains taken by the author and his editors to eliminate them. The author has tried to do his homework faithfully and document his case thoroughly, but sources can be erroneous and he is not omniscient. There has never been a historical-political biographical book written that did not contain errors. Probably no book of any sort has ever been published that did not contain at least one typographical error. And all quotations are "out of context" unless the entire speech, statement, book or article is reproduced. The cry, "I was quoted out of context," is often a red herring. Quoting out of context is reprehensible only if the author has done it deliberately to give a distorted or dishonest connotation different from the intended meaning. Nit-pickers will try to get the reader to focus on trivia and minutiae rather than on the mountains of evidence that prove the case against Nixon.

Other critics have complained that the author in his 1968 magazine article relied heavily on Liberal commentators to prove that Nixon was a Liberal. Since we Conservatives don't believe these Leftist sources on other things, these critics ask, why should we believe them when they tell us that Nixon is a Liberal? Isn't this a trick to discredit Nixon in the eyes of Conservatives? These are good questions. However, we don't remember that the Establishment columnists, in their efforts to discredit such authentic Conservatives as Robert Taft, Joseph McCarthy, William Knowland, and Barry Goldwater, ever told us that these men were Liberals. We think it much more likely that these Insider pundits were being used as a transmission belt to carry the word to the Liberals that RMN really is O.K. after all.

Another complaint regarding the article was that it did not quote Nixon himself sufficiently. After all, we were told, Nixon himself had covered many of the situations described, in his book, Six Crises. The author was asked why he didn't give Nixon's version of the story instead of someone else's. In his memoirs Nixon naturally indulged in a great deal of self-justification and succumbed to the very human temptation to leave out of his narrative some of the key facts, especially those that reflected no credit on him. This author's aim was merely to fill in the omissions. Conservatives would not blindly accept all the facts in an opus titled The True Story Of My Administration, by "Honest Lyndon" Johnson, and they should be just as critical of any other politician's recreation of his public life while he is still running for political office. The present book has quoted Mr. Nixon himself extensively many times, but we doubt if his defenders will like these quotations much better.

We hope the reader will apply the same standards to the attackers of this book as to the book itself. Make them document their assertions against it. Make them document their conviction that there is no Council on Foreign Relations, and no interlocking web of elitist organizations forming a supra-government. Make them document their belief that the continual movement to the Left over nearly forty years has been mere coincidence. Make them document their denial that we have propped up the Communist world time after-time, and their insistence that it is just an accident that our foreign policy toward the Communists doesn't change from administration to administration. Make them document, too, their contention that Nixon has not really staffed his administration with more than one hundred CFR members. Don't let the obfuscators con you with nebulous dismissals of this book.

Americans are destined for slavery unless the CFR Insiders and those who are controlled by them can be purged from the government.

Five years ago, anyone who thought there was anything seriously wrong with America was ridiculed as an alarmist. Today, those who can't see that something is drastically amiss are targets for ridicule. Let's go on the offensive!