The Rockefeller Files - Gary Allen

This detailed investigation of the subversive activities of the Rockefeller network of banks, corporations, and foundations, shed an enormous amount of light on the 'behind-the-scenes' rulers of modern America. The book looks beyond the Rockefeller image, and exposes a far more insidious and expansive criminal network that uses 'philanthropy', 'internationalism', banking-cartels, and political coercion to form monopolies, and promoted communist slave-states throughout the world in a malevolent quest for "one-world" government.

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[Title Page] from The Rockefeller Files by Gary Allen
[Imprimateur] from The Rockefeller Files by Gary Allen

About the Author

Gary Allen (August 2,1936—November 29, 1986)

Gary Allen was a California based free—lance journalist. After majoring in history at Stanford University and doing graduate work at California State College at Long Beach, he became aware through independent research that his college courses had been highly slanted. Many of the most important facts had been left out. This book is the result of his "personal post graduate studies" in finding out "who's who" in American politics.

Allen was associated with the John Birch Society until shortly before his death of a 'liver ailment' in 1986. He contributed to magazines such as Conservative Digest and American Opinion fron 1964 until the mid-1980s. He was the speech writer for George Wallace during the Alabama Governor Presidential campaigns and was adviser to the conservative Texas millionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt. Some of his works include:

  • Communist Revolution in the Streets, 1967
  • Nixon's Palace Guard, Western Islands, 1971
  • Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, 1971
  • None Dare Call It Conspiracy, 1972
  • Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, 1976
  • Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, 1976
  • The Rockefeller File, 1976
  • Tax Target, Washington, 1978
  • Ted Kennedy: In Over His Head, 1981


Dear Reader:

The super rich in America enjoy power and prerogatives unimaginable to most of us. Who can conceive of owning a private empire that includes 100 homes, 2,500 servants, untold thousands of luxuries, and untold millions of dollars? America has a royal family of finance that has known such riches for generations. It is, of course, the Rockefellers.

But if the Rockefellers were content with their wealth, if their riches had satisfied their desires, this book would not have been written. And I would not be urging you to read it. Money alone is not enough to quench the thirst and lusts of the super-rich. Instead, many of them use their vast wealth, and the influence such riches give them, to achieve even more power. Power of a magnitude never dreamed of by the tyrants and despots of earlier ages.

Power on a world wide scale. Power over people, not just products.

The Rockefeller File is not fiction. It is a compact, powerful and frightening presentation of what may be the most important story of our lifetime, the drive of the Rockefellers and their allies to create a one-world government, combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.

For more than one hundred years, since the days when John D. Rockefeller Sr. used every devious strategy he could devise to create a gigantic oil monopoly, enough books have been written about the Rockefellers to fill a library. I have read many of them. And to my knowledge, not one has dared reveal the most vital part of the Rockefeller story: that the Rockefellers and their allies have, for at least fifty years, been carefully following a plan to use their economic power to gain political control of first America, and then the rest of the world.

Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do.

I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent. You will find the truth—often surprising, sometimes unpleasant, always vital—in the pages that follow. Gary Allen has done a masterful job of combining the hundreds of scattered facts and hidden clues of the Rockefeller puzzle until one unmistakable pattern emerges.

The picture that is revealed when The Rockefeller File is finally opened may shock you. In this book, you will learn why the Rockefellers follow the policies they do, what their goals are, where they intend to take America . . . and why it is essential they be stopped.

I urge you to read The Rockefeller File and to encourage your friends to do the same.

Editors Note: This introduction was written by Congressman Larry McDonald (GA-7) who served briefly as the second president of the John Birch Society before being killed when his airplane KAL 007 was shot down by the 'Russians' [Sept 1983].

It is our understanding that Gary Allen broke ties with the John Birch Society soon afterward, and he himself died a few years later [Nov 1986] of a 'Liver Ailment' (i.e. poisoning), at age 50. The John Birch Society no longer publishes or distributes Gary Allen's Books.


[Imprimateur] from The Rockefeller Files by Gary Allen