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Tales from Irish History - Alice Birkhead

This book features true tales from Irish history from the age of St. Patrick to the Fenian brotherhood. It features both legendary tales from the Celtic kings, and historical characters from Boru to O'Connell. Other famous Irish tales include stories of the Kildares and O'Neils, the invasion of Cromwell, the battle of the Boyne, and the stories of Dean Swift and Daniel O'Connell. The stories end in 1886 when the first bill for Irish Home rule was submitted to the British parliament.

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Map of Ireland.

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This book is for children who wish to know something of the great men and great deeds in the stirring history of Ireland. Irish History is, as a rule, very little known in spite of its great interest, and it is hoped that this book will stimulate a further reading and appreciation of the subject.

I am greatly indebted to Mrs J. R. Green, Dr. Todhunter, and Arthur Va Clerigh for permission to use extracts from their works.


May 1910

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