Pawns in the Game - William Guy Carr

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Editors Note: At Heritage History we typically remove footnotes in order to increase readability and portability of the main text. Most authors identify the source of important quotes in their text and many citations are important mainly to researchers, so we have found footnotes to be unnecessary to most readers. However, Carr's notations are included at the end of each chapter and some contain interesting background. Instead of deleting them altogether we have move them to this appendix.


1 The terms Nazi & Naziism are used to indicate and identify the extremist members of the "Right Wing" parties who gave allegiance and loyalty to the totalitarian minded Aryan War Lords who plotted to use Fascism to further their secret plans and ambitions in exactly the same way as the "International Group" consisting of bankers, monopolists and certain politicians have used Communism and all other groups "Left" of centre to further their secret plane and Totalitarian ambitions.

2 The terms "True Communist" and "True Nazi" are used to identify the leaders and agents of the two totalitarian ideologies who have been initiated into the Satanic ritual of Illuminism in Grand Orient Freemasonry or the Pagan Aryan Rites used by German Nazi Military Grand Orient Lodges.

3 The reader must realize the difference between Naziism and Fascism because, contrary to what anti-Fascist propaganda has led so many people to believe, the Fascist Movement, as started in Italy in 1919, was intended to be a Christian Crusade to combat the Atheistic ideology of Karl Marx and to support "Nationalism" as against "Internationalism" as planned by the leaders of both German Nazi War Lords and the International Bankers, Industrialists and politicians.

4 The Aryan Nazi War Lords must not be confused with the more moderate Junkers who were young Germans who took military training to protect what they considered "Germany's National" Political and economic rights as threatened by International minded groups.

5 One of Britain's greatest Intelligence Officers is Godfather to my daughter Eileen. I have known him intimately since October 1914. I served with him, on occasions, in both World Wars. He and I both investigated this angle of Naziism independently but when we checked our evidence we found we were very close to complete agreement.

6 The term 'International Money-Barons' is used to define the International Group of men who control International Banking, Industries, and Trade and Commerce. They are the men who have used Communism to destroy constituted authority, and existing political and religious institutions, in order that they may ultimately usurp undisputed control of the World's resources for themselves.

7 This is an illustration of how the Anti-Communist extremists also use the "Joint Stock Company Principle" and use others to serve their purpose while the actual directors and Instigators remain hidden and unknown to the general public.

8 When Hitler acted contrary to the fundamental principles laid down by Karl Ritter the German Generals who belonged to the Hard Core of the Nazi Leaders tried to have him assassinated, regardless of the fact that they had originally set him up as the Instrument of their Will.

9 All Goldsmiths were not Jewish. Only SOME turned to the practice of usury. One of the richest Goldsmiths is that of the London City Company dating from 1130.

10 The Greek word for Heavens is "Ouranor" from which the Planet Uranus and metal Uranium are named. This predicts the "A" and "H" bombs.


1 See Pears Cyclopedia Pages 514 and 647.

2 See Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 5, p. 41: 1925. It states "Edom is in Modern Jewry". Also Professor Lothrop Stoddard the eminent Ethnologist states: "The Jews' own records admit that 82 per cent of those who subscribe to the Political Zionist movement are Ashkenazim, so-called Jews, but not Semitic. There are many different opinions on these racial matters.

3 The Forrestal Diaries Viking press, New York, 1951.

4 Some readers claim Justianiamus had no such purpose. I claim knowledge of wrong spurs men to create corrective legislation and laws.

5 The same evil influences are responsible for the same evil conditions which exist In all big cities to-day.

6 Bauer is the Jewish Goldsmith who established "The House of Rothschild", in Frankfort-on-the-Main. He and his (confreres) plotted the French Revolution of 1789.

7 Because hate and revenge are the Stock-in-Trade of the forces of evil they will use any pretext to foment wars and revolutions even to using the name of God, whom they hate.

8 The book "Aaron of Lincoln". Shapiro-Valentine & Co. gives interesting information regarding this period of history. Valentine's Jewish Encyclopedia has this to say. "Their numbers and prosperity increased. Aaron of Lincoln (whose house still stands to this day) became the richest man in England. His financial transactions covering the whole country and concerning many of the leading Nobles and Churchmen. . . On his death his properties passed to the Grown, and a special branch of the Exchequer had to be created to deal with the estates.

9 The Statutes of Jewry were printed in detail as appendix 1 in The Nameless War by Captain A.H.M. Ramsay.

10 Because the Jews were being evicted from all European countries Chemor, Rabbi of Arles in Provence, sought advice from the Sanhedrin then located in Constantinople. His appeal was dated Jan. 13th 1489. The reply arrived back November 1459. It was signed V.S.S. - V.F.F. Prince of the Jews. It advised the Rabbis to use the tactics of "The Trojan Horse" Christian and make their sons Priests, Laymen, lawyers, and doctors, etc. so they could destroy the Christian structure from within.

11 The Encyclopedia Britannica on page 67, Vol. 13, 1947 has this to say: "The 14th Century was the Golden Age of the Jews in Spain. In 1391, the preaching of a Priest of Seville, Fernando Martenez, led to the first general massacre of the Jews who were envied for their prosperity and hated because they were the king's tax collectors.

12 This is dealt with more fully in the chapters on Spain.

13 H.G. Wells defines the differences very clearly in his Outline of History, pages 493-494.

14 It does even today. Illegal entry into the United States and into Palestine has reached unprecedented numbers since the end of World War Two. Evidence will be produced to prove the Underground is invariably associated with the Anti-Social characters who constitute the Underworld.

15 Sombirt's work — "The Jews and Modern Capitalism", and the "Jewish Encyclopedia", bear out the above statement.

16 This policy has been common practice ever since. The Soviet Embassies in every country have been turned into the Headquarters of intrigue and espionage as further evidence will prove.

17 This fact was commented upon in the Catholic Gazette in February of that year.

18 Charles was in custody at this time.

19 It is important to note that school history books make no mention of the two opposing groups of men who have been the "Secret Power" behind International Affairs who made history. This policy seems to have been by tacit agreement. —Author.

20 The outbreak of the Great Fire of London, known as "The Great Cleaner" ended the plague.

21 The word Cabal is closely related to Cabala a mysterious Hebrew theosophy dating back into antiquity but which became very active during the 10th and succeeding centuries. Cabala was announced as "a special revelation" which enabled Rabbis to explain to the Jewish people the hidden meanings of the Sacred writings.

Pear's Cyclopedia 57th edition, page 529 says "Cabalism was later carried to great excess". Cabal list leaders pretending to read signs, and evidence, in letters and forms, and numbers, contained in the Scriptures. The French named this mysterious rite Cabale. The French used the term Cabale to designate any group of political or private intriguers. The English coined the name Cabal because the chief personages concerned with Cabalistic intrigue in England were Clifford Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington, and Lauderdale, in that order. The first letter of their names spells Cabal! Cabalists were the instigators of various forms of political and religious unrest during the unhappy reign of Charles II.

22 The identity of the men who control the Bank of England still remains a secret. The Macmillan Committee appointed in 1929 to throw light on the subject failed completely. Mr. Montague Norman, the official Head of he Bank of England was most evasive and non-committal in any answer he made to the committee. For further particulars read — Facts about the Bank of England by A.N. Field, p. 4.

23 If such a policy is carried to its logical conclusion it is only a matter of time before the international money-lenders control the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world. History shows how rapidly they have progressed toward their goal since 1694.

24 The duke is the direct ancestor of Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England today. . . i.e. 1954 — Churchill is self-acknowledged as having been the foremost Zionist of this era. He is the man most responsible for influencing the United Nations to create the State of Israel.


1 These were the original theories on which Class War was ultimately organized.

2 This statement in the original documents should convince all but the biased that the speaker was not a Rabbi or Elder of the Jews nor was he addressing Elders and Rabbis because it was the Goldsmiths, the money-lenders and their affiliates in commerce and industry who in 1773 had the wealth of the world in their hands as they have it still in their hands in the 20th Century.

3 The Red Fog explains how this theory has been put into effect in America since 1900.

4 The word "agentur" means the complete organized body of agents . . . spies, counter-spies, blackmailers, saboteurs, underworld characters, and everything and every body outside the LAW which enables the international conspirators to further their secret plans and ambitions.

5 The word "Goyim" means all others than their own group. The unimportant people.

6 The "Lexicon of Life" he referred to, was Almighty God's plan of creation.

7 There were also thirteen tribes of Israel which could have some bearing on the matter of numbers.

8 The same Evil Geniuses used their agents to involve William Pitt in debt and forced him to resign as Prime Minister of England because during the early part of his ministry he obstinately refused to allow England to become involved in wars they planned to further their own secret plans and ambitions. Pitt had learned a great deal regarding the part the International Money-Barons played in International Affairs when Chancellor of the Exchequer— 1785.

9 Because of his alleged anti-semitic utterances Sir Walter Scott's important works consisting of a total of nine volumes dealing with many phases of the French Revolution have been given the silent treatment by those who control the publishing houses as well as the biggest portion of the press. They are almost unattainable except in Museum Libraries and are never listed with his other works.

"Bowed down with adversity and overwhelmed with debt, to extricate himself he performed the herculean task of writing the life of Napoleon in one year. He had no time for investigation. Writing with the utmost rapidity, he could only record, in those glowing words which his genius ever dictated, the current rumors respecting Napoleon which were at his hand in the English journals. The success of his enterprise depended upon his writing a book adapted to the prejudices of the higher classes of English society. And he doubtless thought that the views cherished by the English aristocracy were correct. Himself a high Tory in political principles, and breathing the very atmosphere of hostility to all democratic tendencies, it would be demanding too much of frail human nature us expect, from his pen, an impartial delineation of the career of the great foe of aristocratic privilege."

10 Sir Walter Scott — "Life of Napoleon", Vol. 2, P. 30 says "The demand of the Communaute de Paris, now the Sanhedrin of the Jacobin, was of course, for blood."


1 It is of interest to note. Protocols of Zion Number 15 reads "We execute Masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it" — and again "In this way we shall proceed with those GOY masons who get to know too much". E. Scudder, in his "Life of Mirabeau" says — "He (Mirabeau) died at a moment when the revolution might still have been checked".

2 My investigations prove that the men who have constituted The Secret Powers behind the scenes of International Intrigue and directed the W.R.M. and the Nazi plan for World Conquest, have not all been of Semitic origin or members of the Jewish religion. I feel certain they were all of the Illuminati, regardless of racial origin. Money- Barons, Industrial Monopolists, Grasping Politicians, never hesitated to blame Jews and Gentiles alike, for the crimes they committed against humanity.

3 The volumes are never mentioned or reprinted with his other works. They are almost unobtainable. As the story of The Secret Power unfolds the reader will realize the importance of this significant fact which illustrates how the channels of publicity are controlled.

4 This was quoted in the Convent du Grand Orient 1923, p. 402, The Illuminati control masonry.

5 Henry Delassus' passage quoted in La Conjuration Anti-Chretienne Vol. I, p. 146; re-quoted in "The Spanish Arena," p. 143.

6 A.G. Michel in La Dictature de la Franc-Magonnerie la France requoted in the Spanish Arena, p. 143.

7 All political events which have occured in France from the outbreak of world War Two to the recent refusal by Mendes-France to agree to the E.D.C. must be studied, with due regard to the Long Range [Plan] of the Illuminati whose agents, the grand Orient Freemasons, are members of all levels of the French government, and all political parties. At the last check more than one hundred members of the French Parliament were Grand Orient Masons.

8 J. Marques-Riviere is the author of Comment la Franc-Magonnerie fait une Revolution.

9 The reason the International Bankers backed Political Zionism from 1914 to date is explained in another chapter dealing with events which led to World War Two. It is sufficient to say here that the International Bankers were interested in securing control of the Five Trillion Dollars worth of minerals and oil which had been discovered in Palestine by Cunningham-Craig, consulting Geologist to the British Government and others, prior to 1918. These geological reports were kept secret. In 1939 Cunningham-Craig was recalled from Canada to make another survey in the Middle East. He died under mysterious circumstances immediately after he had completed his task. To-day, i.e. 1954, arrangements are being made quietly by the big money people to exploit these resources.


1 It was to aggravate this situation that agents of the International Conspirators in America organized the gangs of stage-coach and train-robbers to intercept shipments of gold being sent from various mines to the U.S. Treasury during this period. This connection between international Bankers and the Underworld will be proved to exist even today.

2 Gustavus Myers deals with J.P. Morgan's and his father's connections with the House of Rothschild in much greater detail and all Americans who wish to stop history repeating itself should read how they were sold down the river in the middle of last century. It is explained in another Chapter how the International Bankers met in one section of London and planned policy while the revolutionary leaders met in another and worked out the details of intrigue which would put the wars and revolutions planned by the master-minds into effect.

3 Investigations in several countries already subjugated prove that the Financial Tycoons who owned and controlled the transportation systems on land and sea, and affiliated industries deliberately brought about conditions which led to general strikes immediately prior to the date set for a revolutionary effort to take place. It must be obvious that these international Tycoons cannot form dictatorships as they did in Russia until existing governments and institutions have been overthrown. This book proves how this purpose was achieved in Russia.

4 For full details of the Federal Reserve. Conspiracy read the book of that title written by Eustace Mullins and published by Common Sense, Union, New-Jersey. 1954.


1 This fact had a great deal to do with the eventual destruction of Tzarist power which ended with the murder of Tzar Nicholas II, and his whole family, in the house in Ekaterinburg on July 17th, 1918 by a man named Yorovrest. Ekaterinhurg was afterwards renamed Sverdlovsk in honour of the Jew Yakov Sverdlov who was president of the Soviet Republic at the time of the executions. Illuminati symbols were formed on the walls of the death cellar.

2 This is another illustration of how even a Professor of History can fall into the Anti-Semitic pitfalls set by the conspirators. Admittedly the majority of people believe that all the International Bankers and Tycoons are Jews, but this is incorrect. The majority are not Jews, either by blood, racial descent or religion. They actually foster Anti-Semitism because they can use all Anti-movements to further their diabolical plans.

3 Ginzberg was the official representative in Russia of the House of Rothschild.

4 The Zionist Movement was in turn controlled by the International Bankers and also used to further their secret plans and ambitions. Read The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen.

5 My farther, Captain F.H. Carr, was one of the British officers who served with the Japanese in 1904 and 1905. I have in my possession a very beautiful ivory carving of a Japanese wood-cutter enjoying a smoke after his lunch. This museum piece was presented to my father by the Japanese government in appreciation of services rendered. My father gave me a great deal of valuable information regarding the behind the scene intrigue which led to the Russian-Japanese War.

6 Franžois Coty in Figaro Feb. 20th, 1932 said: The subsidies granted the Nihilists at this period (i.e. 1905 to 1914 - author) by Jacob Schiff were no longer acts of isolated generosity. A veritable Russian Terrorist organization had been set up in the U.S.A. at his expense, charged to assassinate Ministers, Governors, Heads of Police, etc.

7 Because the Rothschild's influence was so great with the Bank of England's directors, and because the directors of the Bank of England could control the policy of the British government, revolutionaries have always been able to find asylum in England when barred by every other country. Karl Marx and Engels are typical examples.

8 Had Lenin and the International Bankers intervened on behalf of the Mensheviks at this time nothing could have defeated the revolutionary efforts. There is no possible explanation for them allowing the Government Forces to regain control except that they had secret plans which they were not then ready to put into effect. That they were preparing for World War One and wished Russia to remain a Monarchy until after the war broke out seems to be the only logical conclusion, and future events would indicate this was their plan.

9 This "Gangster" played an important part in International affairs in England and Germany, in the League of Nations and the United Nations right up to the time of his death.


10 The Atheistic Grand Orient Masons must not be confused with other European and American Freemasons, whose principles are above reproach, work philanthropic, and whose ritual is based on belief in The Great Architect of the Universe.

11 Note: Bulletin du Grand Orient de Belgique 5910, 1910, page 92.

12 Tankosic and Ciganovic were higher Masons than Cabrinovic. It had previously been brought out at the trial that Ciganovic had told Cabrinovic that the Freemasons could not find men to carry out the Archduke's murder.

13 It was indeed a Capitalistic war, but not the kind of Capitalistic war the workers were led to believe it was by propaganda put out by the press the international bankers controlled in every country of the world.

14 Police officials and debates in Congress show this illegal entry is going on today on an ever increasing scale. The underworld characters also find admittance to Canada very easy. The danger lies in the fact that the underworld and the revolutionary underground are interlocked. One could not and never has survived without the other. The men who are The Secret Power direct both. The Aryan War Lords have used the Mafia, The International Tycoons, the Jewish terrorists. This explains gang wars.

15 The troops had 1 rifle to 6 men by Feb. 1917: 1 day's ammunition.

16 This move was almost identical with the plot to use men disguised as women in the march on the Tuileries.

17 One of the best works dealing with the events leading up to the Russian Revolution is "Behind Communism" by Frank Britton.

18 I have definite and authoritative evidence in my possession from people who were in St. Petersburg and in a position to know that the machine-guns used were neither placed in their positions, or fired by the police. The police had received definite orders that they were not to use drastic action.

19 Lenin, in order to break the spirit of the troops fighting the Germans at the front in November 1917, had messages sent to field officers which they accepted as coming from the Russian High Command. One General received orders to advance against the enemy, while two others, one on each flank of the General who was ordered to advance, were ordered to retire. It is little wonder that the troops turned on their own officers.

20 I have evidence to prove that the brother of Paul Warburg of New York was the German Army Intelligence Officer who negotiated with Lenin on behalf of the German High Command and arranged for his safe passage across Germany to Russia.

21 Father Denis Fahey C.S. Sp. in his book The Rulers of Russia pages 9-14 gives the names of all these revolutionary leaders, their nationality, racial origin, and the positions they were assigned to immediately Lenin had usurped power and Trotsky consolidated his position in Russia in November, 1917.

22 Captain A.H.M. Ramsay, member of Parliament for Midlothian and Peebleshire from 1931 to 1945, states on page 96 of his book: The Nameless War — "I was shown the Two White Papers . . . the original and the abridged issue, side by side. Vital passages had been eliminated from the abridged edition."

23 For further details regarding this matter read "The Last Days of the Mevanovs," by Thornton Butterworth; and "Les Derniers Jours des Romanoff', by Robert Wilton, 15 years Russian correspondent for the "London Times".

NOTES 9: Political Intrigue (1914-1919)

1 An exact duplicate of this club was organized just outside Montreal during World War Two.

2 This was in keeping with paragraph 8 of the plot exposed in Chapter 3.

3 Note the word used is "Palestine" not "Israel".

4 This letter was quoted by Mr. Stokes, M.P. in the British Parliament during the Palestine Debate December, 11, 1947.

5 Read "Programme for the Third World War", by C.H. Douglas, Liverpool, 1944.

6 Mr. Cambon of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepted the Balfour Declaration in regard to supporting Zionism at this time.

7 For further details of this aspect of the war read "The Brief for the Prosecution", by C.H. Douglas.

8 Boris Brazel was author of "World at the crossroads" see p. 69.

9 This is the Sokolov who afterwards wrote "History of Zionism".

10 He wrote "World Jewry" (London) February 22nd 1936. It will be seen that a very similar situation was created by international intrigue at the beginning of World War II.

11 Read "All These Things" — A.N. Field.

12 Comdr. Cromie served in British Submarines at the same time as the author. His exploits on behalf of the Russians are recorded in "By Guess and by God" — a book published by the author in 1931.

13 Read — La Russie sous les Juifs, pp. 20-28 and 34-35.

14 A great deal more information on the Russian angle can be obtained by reading "Behind Communism" by Frank Britton.


1 The injustice perpetrated at Versailles was only exceeded by the agreements afterwards entered into Tehran; Potsdam; and Yalta. It will be proved that the same evil influences were at work in all negotiations.

2 See the Iron Curtain Over America by Pro. John Beaty. Wilkinson Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas, pp. 15-16.

3 Time has shown how far this long range plan has matured, and it explains why China was turned over to the Communists.

4 This was Conningham-Craig previously mentioned.

5 The Long Range Plans published in Chapter 3 proves this is intended.

6 The directors of the Standard Bank helped bring about the Boer war in order to give them control of the gold and diamond fields in Africa.

7 It might have been more accurate to have given him the title of Chief Director of Propaganda for the International Bankers.

8 The importance of Palestine in the plans of those who direct the World Revolutionary Movement is such that several books have been written on the subject. People wishing to be better informed should read— Palestine, the Reality, by J.M.N. Jeffries; The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen; Zionism and Palestine by Sir Ronald Storrs (who was first Governor of Jerusalem); Geneva versus Peace by Comte de St. Aulaire, (who was at one time ambassador to the Palace of St. James, England); The Paris Peace Conference by Dr. Dillon, London 1919; Brief for Prosecution by Major C.H. Douglas.

9 Mr. L. Wolfe published Essays in Jewish History in 1934.

10 See Jewish Guardian June issue 1920. Also The Surrender of an Empire by Nesta H Webster, p. 357, 1933; and The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen, p, 60.

11 This league was financed, and dominated, by five American Bankers.

12 See Geneva versus Peace, p. 90.

13 For further particulars read Moscow's Red Letter Day in American History by Wm. La Varre, in the August edition of th e American Legion Magazine. Also Trotsky's book entitled Stalin.

14 Read The Hidden Hand, page 28, by Colonel A.H. Lane. Nahun Sokolov, who was President of the Executive Committee of the Zionist Congress, said on August 25th, 1952, "The League of Nations is a Jewish idea".

15 Read Through Thirty Years by Wickham Steed, London. Vol. 2, pp. 301-302.

16 It was the references to The Secret Power and Hidden Hand by Steed, De Poncin, Mrs. Webster, Maxse and others which caused me to investigate the matter in an effort to find the real answer. Author.

17 The full significance of this declaration was not appreciated even by the author until 1954 when Prime Minister Churchill (during his visit to Bernard Baruch) stated "I am a Zionist and have always promoted Zionism". He then followed this declaration by strongly advocating 'Peaceful co-existence with the Communist Nations'. As the Communist States are actually International Financiers Dictatorships it must be assumed that in 1921 as in 1954 Churchill secretly believed they are best fitted, and most able to rule under present day conditions.

18 Geneva versus Peace, p. 83.

19 Mr. E. Mullins is author of The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. Published by "Common Sense", New Jersey, U.S. A.

20 Study this statement in regard to the meeting of leaders of all 'Dark' and 'Black' races which met in Bandung in April, 1956 and the policy of sending arms to Israel and Egypt.

21 This was prior to the advent of Hitler.

22 It will be proved that the German Generals, and top-level officials who negotiated the Abmachungen were the ones condemned to death at the Nuremberg Trials as War Criminals. They knew too much.

23 A great deal of light has, however, been thrown on this subject by Mr. Cecil F. Melville, who made a deep study of this particular phase of the World Revolutionary Movement, and wrote The Russian Face of Germany.

24 Note. —The German Grand Orient Lodges have never admitted Jews to membership for the obvious reason that the Secret Powers could never have put into effect an international plot of the nature and proportions of the Abmachungen, had their policy been otherwise.

25 Note. —The truth regarding value of mineral resources was not allowed to leak out until the United Nations had partitioned Palestine in 1948 in such a manner that over five trillion dollars worth of minerals are now known to be located in The State of Israel. Count Bemadotte of Sweden proposed that the Jews should give up all of the south, and receive West Galilee in the north. His plan was rejected and in September 1947 Count Bernadotte was assassinated by Jewish extremists.


1 The marriage of Svetlana Stalin to Mihail Kaganovich was reported in the Associated Press, July 15th, 1951.

2 Note: 'Stalin', by Trotsky, page 337 (ibid page 48).

3 This is explained in Chapters 1 and 2 of "The Red Fog".

4 This phase of history is dealt with more extensively elsewhere.


1 This refers to the advice sent by the Sanhedrin in Constantinople to Chemor, Rabbi of Arles in Provence in 1489 mentioned previously.

2 For further particulars see Bakhunin by Professor E.H. Carr.

3 For details regarding this period of Spanish History read La Quiebra Fraudulenta de la Republica by C. Domi.

4 This is a typical example of how any situation is used to divide the citizens of a nation and get them fighting each other on the principle that all wars pave the way for revolution.

5 This is a typical example of how the agents of the International Bankers are placed in private and responsible enterprise for the purpose of helping their revolutionary leaders to oust moderate leaders they cannot buy or otherwise control.

6 See The Spanish Arena, p. 56.

7 See Jean Dauraya L 'Oeuvre Latine January, 1937.

8 What General Mola said was confirmed by a broadcast over the radio from Moscow on March 13, 1938. The announcer was explaining why the Civil War wasn't going in favour of the Communists (Loyalists). He said: "The great work in Spain was seriously compromised by the wicked generals breaking their plighted word to the Grand Orient."

9 Evidence is given elsewhere to prove the revolutionary leaders were supplying counterfeit English Bank Notes to finance revolutionary efforts in other countries also.

10 This document proves that the International Press lied to their readers when it reported The King of Spain had abdicated. The King of Spain never abdicated. Franco holds control of Government because the International conspirators are still determined to turn Spain into a Totalitarian Dictatorship to serve their ends).

11 See English edition of report of Eleventh Plenum, p. 11, and Twelth Plenum, p. 37.

12 Even Maurin and Serges failed to suspect that Lenin and Stalin were only carrying out the orders of the international bankers, who in turn obey the Illuminati.

13 Here again is a typical example of how well the International Bankers kept their secret. Maurin blamed the Governments of England and France for the international crimes perpetrated against humanity by the Bankers, under the direction of the Illuminati.

14 This confirms what has been previously stated, that once the Sphere of Influence was established between the 35th and 45th parallel, the countries within the circle would be subjugated.

15 Victor Serges in Maurin's Revolution et Contre-Revolution en Espagne.


1 Exactly as agents of the W.R.M. drafted the Federal Reserve Banking legislation in the U.S.A. 1910 and 1913 and the 'Palestine Mandate' in England in 1916.

2 Police seized 90,000 rifles; 33,000 revolvers; and 500,000 rounds of ammunition and a tremendous amount of counterfeit money.

3 See The Bolshevik, October issue, 1930.

4 It was to finance Ferrer's 'Training Schools' for youth that Moscow subscribed the $200,000 previously mentioned. In Toronto in 1954 there were seventeen such 'Training Schools'. There were several in Sudbury. All big cities of population have them.

5 The sex orgy that took place in the Ford Hotel in Toronto, October 23, 1954, after the Red Feather Football game, involved dozens of teen-agers of both sexes. It was a typical example of what Communist influence, secretly exerted, can have on the youth of any nation.

6 Mr. Knoblaugh was a 'Correspondent in Spain'. He published a book with that title.


1 The details can be obtained by reading Arrara's Franco.

2 Reported in Gringoire issue February 11th, 1938.

3 The theft of this gold is still an international problem in 1955. Franco demands that the Soviets return the gold.

4 This order protected the bankers and capitalists who were working as agents of the Illuminati in exactly the same way in which similar order protected the Rothschilds in the French revolution.

5 In 1946 the author reported to the proper authorities that .303 rifles had been imported into Canada as scrap; in the same manner Canada's Cabinet Ministers permitted arms to be shipped to the Middle East as scrap in 1956.

6 This order also goes to show the Illuminati are the real leaders of a revolutionary effort. They are always in the top-levels of Governments, Society, Industry and the Armed Forces. The workers, the Mob, are simply the 'Pawns in the Game'. They are used and then subdued. Prove this to them and the Communist plot will fail. —Author.

7 It was after these orders had been issued that the date to revolt was changed to July 22nd.

8 The above information was made available to the 'Free Press of the World' by Free Lance writers and accredited correspondents as soon as it became available, but it was never published. Why? —Author.


1 Investigation of outbreaks in many prisons in both the U.S.A. and Canada indicate these revolt, were Communistically inspired. It took nearly twenty-three years to prove that some of the officials in Kingston Penitentiary, at the time Tim Buck was confined in the institution, were Communists. Evidence would indicate they helped him organize the Kingston Prison Riots. I was a Free Lance writer at the time. I wrote that the whole thing smelt to high heaven as a plot to make a martyr of Tim Buck, in order to arouse public sympathy, in order to obtain his release. I declared it my opinion that guards, and other prison officials, were implicated. My story never appeared in print. In 1953 one of the officials I suspected in 1932 of having 'Red' affiliations contested the Federal election in British Columbia as the Labour Progressive Candidate. Between 1939 and 1944 this same man had charge of the training of personnel in the engineering branch of the Royal Canadian Navy. This information was given to the proper authorities. —Author.

2 It is an historical fact that ten times as many revolutionary leaders have died during Party Purges than died during the actual revolutionary ware.

3 Recorded in official reports "Communist Atrocities in Spain". Parts one, two and three. The investigations were conducted by a committee composed of men of different nationalities. The editing was done by Arthur Bryant, internationally known journalist and author.

4 This statement of my consin's was confirmed an page 238 of the Spanish Arena, written by William Fees and Cecil Gerahty, and also by Arthur Bryant who investigated the Communist Atrocities in Spain.

5 See Catholic Herald, February 11th, 1938.

6 In case some people think that Communists hate only Roman Catholic, it is well to remember that the Secret Powers behind the World Revolutionary Movement are determined to ultimately turn this world into the despotism of Satan. That is the essence of Illuminism. In order to lull people, in countries not yet Sovietized, (sic) into a some of false security, they will try to convince them of their tolerance to religions other than Roman Catholic, but investigation shows that they are determined, when they have sufficient power, to wipe out all religions.

7 Note — Red agents had infiltrated onto the Staff of Britain's B.B.C. in 1938 and for nearly two years the policy was Pro-loyalist, i.e. Communistic. The present trend of the C.B.C. is much the same. The majority of programs are slanted sharply to the "left".

8 The details are on page six of the second report 'Communist Atrocities in Spain'.

9 Communist agents teach children, in all Free Nations the inversion of the Ten Commandments. Communism is therefore responsible for the increase in juvenile delinquency more than any other single cause. While professed atheists they serve the purpose of Illuminati and Satanism.

10 The magazine Time made reference to these views expressed by Lenin, November 17th, 1948.

11 Mr. Hyde, and others, who broke away from the communist party don't seem even yet to realize that they were only tools used to further the plans of the Illuminati.


1 This military plan had been in existence since before 1914 and was reported to the Allied Governments fighting World War One by intelligence officers of both the British and American armed forces. The plan is explained in detail in Hell's Angels of the Deep and Check Mate in the North by W.G. Carr.

2 This statement and others of a similar nature prove that Hitler never had accepted or agreed with the extreme Nazi War-Lords' Long Range Plan for World domination by Military conquest.

3 Once again rabid anti-Semitism shows itself and yet history proves that the International conspirators have used every race and creed to serve their own secret and selfish ambitions.

4 Most of this evidence is reproduced in The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen, printed by John McKinley, 11-15 King Street, Perth, Scotland.

5 The book Coningsby was published in 1844 just before Karl Marx published "The Communist Manifesto". At that time several revolutions were being planned and took place immediately after Karl Marx' s book appeared in print.

6 Ribbentrop was evidently quoting from an article Weiner Freie Presse published December 14th, 1912 by the late Walter Rathenau in which he said, "Three hundred men, each of whom is known to all the others, govern the fate of the European Continent and they elect their successors from their own entourage." These are the Illuminati.

7 Most countries of the world were mired deep in economic depression.

8 Hitler closed all Grand Orient Lodges in Germany.

9 Quoted from the Evening Standard, London, dated April 28, 1936. For further particulars regarding Lord Londonderry's conversations with Hitler, Goering, and Von Ribbentrop read Ourselves and Germany published by Lord Londonderry.

10 For the full text of these letters read, The Rulers of Russia by Rev. Fr. Fahey pp. 64-70.

11 The opening paragraph of this letter confirmed the opinion reached by the author i.e. the extreme Nazi plan was at variance with Hitler's plan.

12 The author personally informed both the Canadian Chief of Naval Staff, the First Lord of the Admiralty and other government officials regarding this sorry state of affairs.

13 For further particulars regarding international finance read Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt by Professor Soddy, pp. 290 and on.

14 Theodore Herzl in A Jewish State (Judenstaat) re-quoted from p. 45 of The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen.

15 As recently as November 1954, this old slander regarding the Duke of Window's connection with Fascism was revived. He was accused in the Press of having given secret information to German officials regarding allied defences and plans in 1936. This he vigorously denied.


16 The author published the story of the Harwich Striking Force in 1934, under title Brass Hats and Bell-Bottomed Trousers.

17 The review of The Manstein Memoirs in the Globe and Mail, Toronto in 1955 confirms this statement.

18 I was one of Canada's Naval Control Officers at this time. I felt it my duty to protest the policy which diverted ships, that were sorely needed to take supplies to England, and send them to Murmansk. My protest was ignored. The battle to save International Communism had started.

19 Mr. Herbert Morrison visited Canada in November 1954. He was Chief Speaker at a meeting held in Toronto to raise funds for the support of 'Political Zionism'. The author is informed that the U.S.A. Government agreed that the British authorities arrest and detain Tyler Kent. This action was against all the accepted principles governing personnel attached to Embassies in foreign countries. This matter was brought up again in the U.S.A. as recently as 1954 but nothing seems to have come of it.

20 While revising and editing this M.S.S. October, 1954, I received a later from the head of Publishing Firm in England who had dared publish Admiral Domviles' book. The letter said in part: "The 'Evil Powers', regarding which you are so well informed, made things so difficult that I was 'forced' to go out of business after more than 50 years."