Satan, Prince of this World - William Guy Carr

Proof of the Conspiracy

Introduction of the Conspiracy into America

Those who directed the "Great" French Revolution used a preconceived "Reign of Terror" to put into effect the Luciferian principle that the Goyim are to be reduced to one common level in subjection. It is this principle that Cromwell's "Roundheads" demonstrated so effectively when they put the "Levellers" into action after the Synagogue of Satan had helped remove the Crowned Head of England and usurp dictatorial power.

Those who serve the Synagogue of Satan are still engaged in leveling the Goyim. Instead of raising women up to the high levels of morality and virtue once practiced by women who patterned their behaviour on that of the Mother of Jesus Christ, Satanists have introduced "modernism" which dragged women down to the level of males. They call this "Women's Suffrage." The purpose was stated to be to "free women from slavery of body, mind, and soul," if we heed what Mrs. Pankhurst and others had to say. But behind the "window dressing" is the intention to brainwash women into a pattern of behaviours which will cause men to withdraw their respect and kill chivalry. This is all part of the conspiracy to reduce women to be either the play-things of the ruling classes or human incubators to supply the numbers and types of individuals the Dictator will decide are necessary to fill the requirements of the state.

Under God's plan for the rule of the Universe all His Creatures were born unequal. It is common fallacy to believe all men are born equal. It is a half truth which is worse than a down right he. The ONLY manner in which all men are equal is inasmuch as they all have a body and soul. As far as mental capacity, bodily stamina, physical beauty and spiritual characteristics are concerned no two people in the entire world are alike or equal.

God intended that every one of His human creatures could, if they so desired, develop spiritually until qualified to fill the highest places in Heaven. Because human beings, as well as angels, have intellects, and the use of their free will, they can deteriorate until they qualify for the lowest levels in Hell. Talk of a classless world is pure Luciferian doctrine. Lucifer's capacity for love has turned into a capacity for hate. He knows he was and is wrong, but he is determined to drag as many human souls down to his level as is possible; he is succeeding in a terribly efficient manner. The words of Our Lord "For many are called, but few are chosen," are so true that to think about what is going on in the world today, under the influence of Satanism, is truly terrifying. But that does not relieve us from the responsibility of putting an end to the diabolically inspired conspiracy. Far too many people just don't want to hear anything unpleasant. They don't want to meddle in dirty affairs. Like oysters they want to confine themselves within a shell. They are the real untouchables. Their motto is: "I mind my own business. Let other see to theirs, and may the Devil take the hindmost." I can't imagine Heaven being filled with such creatures, but they will surely fit nicely into hell.

We have dealt with how leveling was achieved during the French Revolution in Pawns in The Game, so we will now go with Weishaupt to Italy in order to show how the Synagogue of Satan controlled ALL aspects of the W.R.M.. then as they do today.

In keeping with his intention to make authorities, in Church and state, believe the Illuminati was dead, Weishaupt arranged that the secret revolutionary society in Italy, known as "The Carbonari," be revived and reorganized to put the plans of the S.O.S. into effect. He needed a gang of assassins to liquidate individuals and movements which opposed internationalism. Carbonarism was revived in 1815. The Grand Secret Consistory held a meeting October 13, 1820. As a result the Carbonari became part and parcel of Grand Orient Masonry. Its members have committed nearly all political murders ever since. Like all evil groups, controlled by the S.O.S., the Carbonari operated under many names. One off-shoot was the Mafia which operated particularly in the United States of America. They direct "Gang" wars which put men selected by the S.O.S. at the head of organized labour, gambling, dope peddling, white slavery, and all other forms of vice. The Mafia is more powerful and active in the U.S.A. today than ever before.

Guiseppe Mazzini was initiated into the Carbonari and Grand Orient Masonry, in 1827. Weishaupt ordered him to go to America and secretly develop the part America was to play in the final stages of the Luciferian conspiracy. Many students of the W.R.M. express the opinion that it was Mazzini who became the mentor who controlled Pike until 1872 when he (Mazzini) died. With this opinion I must disagree.

I know it will hurt a great many good American people to learn that Thomas Jefferson was just another, publicity made, idol who had feet of clay. The Synagogue of Satan needed to obtain control of America so that they could use this new giant to enable them to bring the semi-final and final stages of their revolutionary plan to fruition. In order to do this America had to be separated from Great Britain. Despite all the agentur of the S.O.S. had done, Britain in some strange way, or by the grace of God, had rejected revolutionary action to bring about a change of government. Illuminist Manuilsky said when discussing Britain in a speech he made to the delegates attending the 18th Congress of the Communist Party (international) in Moscow in 1938:

"Britain is the rock upon which the waves of revolution have so far dashed themselves in vain. Britain and her people must be destroyed before we can reach our ultimate objectives."

Manuilsky is no more an atheistic Communist than I am. He is a top ranking member of the S.O.S. who succeeded Lenin as the Illuminati's director of political action which, as we have previously stated, in the jargon of Illuminism means Director of the W.R.M.. As I explained in Red Fog Over America, the second World War was designed to reduce Britain to a third class world power. It started the following year. Manuilsky, although proved to be a director of the W.R.M., was made President of the United Nations Security Council as soon as the U.N. was born.

The Synagogue of Satan's agentur were busy in America soon after Columbus discovered the lower parts of what is now the U.S.A. Contrary to general belief the northern part of America from Labrador to Virginia had been discovered and explored by the Vikings hundreds of years before Columbus was born.

[AUTHOR'S NOTES: When I served in the Canadian Navy during World War Two, pan of the time as Staff Officer Operations with headquarters at Shelboume, N.S. and later as Senior Naval Officer at Goose Bay, Labrador, I had the opportunity to see the Runic messages the Vikings had cut into flat rocks along the shoreline as they worked their way south after landing on North America From Greenland. The Runic language, and characters, had fallen into disuse long before Columbus was born. I only mention this fact because it helps to prove that those who serve the Devil do control our educational systems so that children are now being indoctrinated and not educated. END NOTE]

Many people who have read Pawns in the Game, and The Red Fog Over America have asked me "why is it men sell their immortal souls to the Devil when they know they can't take material wealth and temporal power with them?"

The answer is this: They believe Lucifer will give them their eternal reward, just as those of us who believe in God believe He will give us our reward in Heaven.

It is belief in the supernatural which marks the difference between those who serve the S.O.S. and atheists. Weishaupt told his close associates, when discussing atheists and nihilists, that organizing them into international communism, and using their destructive force to further their own secret plans and ambitions, was justified because Communism and atheism are only passing phases of the W.R.M.. He and Pike both provided that Communism will be completely erased in the final stages of the conspiracy. Pike confirmed this in his letter to Mazzini dated August 15, 1871.

Nobody explained why the S.O.S. provide for the perfect continuity of the direction of the Luciferian conspiracy better than did Voltaire. "It may last for years, perhaps for centuries. In our ranks a soldier dies but the war (against God) is continued."

Lenin went one step further. He said it might take three thousand years before the World Revolutionary Movement reached its final stage and the proletariat took over and established a classless world and socialist government.

Lenin was an adept of the highest degrees in Grand Orient Masonry. He knew the final secret as did Mazzini and Lemni before him. He was using double talk to answer the question, "how long will you maintain an absolute dictatorship?"

Because the Master Satanists serve the Father of Lies, they invariably make the public believe what they do is for the honour and glory of God, and in the public interest. That has been their excuse for fomenting every war and revolution fought to-date. As history proves, the most horrible, and most terrible, atrocities have been perpetrated on individuals, and on the masses of humanity, in the Holy Name of God. Our Blessed Lord warned us this would happen when he said, "Yes, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think he doeth God service." John 16:2) We Christians killed each other by the tens of millions in World Wars One and Two . . . men . . . women . . . and little children and both sides did what they did because the Synagogue of Satan had deceived us into believing we were serving God and our countries.

Because Lucifer is "Master of Deceit" those who comprise the S.O.S. use their agentur, working behind the scenes of government, to make our rulers, be they kings or presidents, adopt policies which start wars and/or revolutions. Sometimes those who fomented wars and/or revolutions used the flimsiest excuses. In the light of recent history surely few people remain so gullible that they can't see that wars and revolutions are planned a long, long time in advance. Every war and revolution fought since 1776 was designed to further Weishaupt's conspiracy to destroy ALL governments and religions so the Luciferian ideology can be imposed on the human race. The very fact that nations who are enemies in one war are allied in the next proves the truth of the above statement. The S.O.S. line up nations so that a "balance of power" is maintained. This assures them that the utmost destruction can be accomplished in a given time. Then weight is thrown on the side of the S.O.S. wish to win. But the victor only wins an empty victory. As wars were developed into global wars the power and strength of the USA was twice held back two years, before being released to bring about the defeat of Germany and her allies. Nazism, just another name for Nietzscheism, had been organized and used just as Weishaupt and Pike intended. Having served its purpose of enabling the S.O.S. to foment World Wars One and Two it had to be destroyed. Those Nazi leaders who knew too much, were liquidated by "due process of law" exactly as Weishaupt said was to be done away back in the 1770's.

But to get back to Pike and Mazzini, I wish to point out the fact that the High Priests of the Luciferian Creed control the Synagogue of Satan. That was true regarding the plot to crucify Christ. It is true regarding Mazzini, Lemni, Lenin, and Manuilsky who, in turn, directed the revolutionary plans of the conspirators since 1834. The evidence already submitted should prove that neither Mazzini nor Lemni were made acquainted with the Full

Secret until long after they had been selected to be "Directors of Political Action." Pike reorganized the Palladian Rite to provide a secret headquarters for those who direct the W.R.M. because the Lodges of the Grand Orient were becoming more and more suspected as the result of Mazzini's and Lemni's activities. Pike, working from his headquarters in Charleston, S.C. established two supervisory councils to govern the political and dogmatic activities of the other twenty three councils he and Mazzini had located throughout the world. In Rome, under Mazzini, the council supervised "Political action" against governments. In Berlin the supervisory council supervised the dogmatic and financial policies and activities of the S.O.S. The manner in which the director of dogmatic activities developed Nietzscheism into Nazism and then had it destroyed is typical of what I mean. But long before Pike became High Priest of the Luciferian Creed direction of the conspiracy, AT THE TOP, had been from Charleston, S.C. Pike succeeded Moses Holbrook and direction of the conspiracy, AT THE TOP, has remained in the U.S.A. ever since.

The book Irish and English Freemasons and their Foreign Brothers, published in 1878, throws considerable light on this phase of the conspiracy. Like all other books, which contain information which throws even a little light on the diabolical direction of the W.R.M., this book is practically unknown. There are, however, still copies in some of the remaining national archives. I am informed there was a copy in the Vatican Library as recently as 1946. Beginning on page 62 of the above named book we learn that the Highest Authority of the Grand Orient in Italy, i.e., Mazzini or Lemni, issued "Permanent Instruction (or Practical Code of Rules) Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry."

One section of this document says "Our final aim is that of Voltaire, and of the French Revolution-the complete annihilation of Catholicism, and ultimately Christianity. Were Christianity to survive, even upon the ruins of Rome, it would, a little later on revive and live. We must now consider how to reach our end with certainty, not by cheating ourselves with delusions, which would prolong indefinitely, and probably compromise the ultimate success of our cause . . . The Pope, whoever he maybe, will never enter into a secret society. It then becomes the duty of the secret society to make the first advance to the Church and to the Pope with the objective of conquering both. The work for which we gird ourselves is not the work of a day, nor a month, nor a year . . . that which we should seek, that which we should await, as the Jews await a Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants . . .

"But when, and how' The unknown cannot yet be seen. The Scriptures indicate and the greatest theologians confirm that despite the supernatural gifts of both angels who have fallen, and those which remain faithful to God, He (God) withheld from the angels the power of foreseeing the future. In other words, they can plan thousands of years in advance the Luciferian conspiracy, but they cannot be sure that their plans are going to mature as they expect. That is why their agents on earth are always trying to learn what the future holds. Thus the old saying "Man proposes, but God disposes." Nevertheless, as nothing should move us from our mapped out plan, we must labour at our newly commenced work as if tomorrow would bring us success."

The Supreme executive of the Lodges of the Grand Orient then issued instructions that the document was issued for the information of the rulers of the Supreme Vendita. They said, "the information is to be kept concealed from those simply initiated." The brethren were to be inculcated by means of "insegnamento" meaning "secret memoranda."

The plot cooked up by Weishaupt and Mazzini was for Italians and others posing as Roman Catholics to infiltrate into the Vatican and, as Weishaupt had previously stated, "bore from within until it remains nothing but an empty shell." What Mazzini was instructed to do in the Vatican by Weishaupt himself, he later instructed General Albert Pike to do at the top levels of Freemasonry; and what Adolphe Isaac Cremieux was selected to do in the higher controls of orthodox Judaism.

The instructions given were the same. Those selected to put this phase of the plot into execution were to place agentur of the Illuminati in executive positions in all three organizations and get themselves recognized as "specialists," "experts," and "advisers." They were not to attempt to interfere in anyway with the established teachings and policies of the three religions, but they were to guard against the directors of the three world powers getting information which might make them suspicious that the Synagogue of Satan controlled ALL subversive movements AT THE TOP They were by one means or another to enforce silence on any who grew suspicious.

The late Pope Pius XII must have suspected something was radically wrong within the Vatican because he couldn't possibly have remained ignorant that he was under continual surveillance. It is most significant that when this surveillance was relaxed, when it was thought he was at the moment of death in 1958 he sent for a trusted secretary and ordered him to ask the 500,000,000 members of the Roman Catholic Church to pray for the "Silent Church." A misinterpretation was put on the meaning of his words. It was published in the Catholic Press that His Holiness meant the Church behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. This is not so. He invariably said exactly what he meant. If he had wanted the Faithful to pray for the "Persecuted Church" he would have said so. He asked them to pray for the Church that was silent although free.

Then again the Pope said, and afterwards reiterated that he had seen and talked with Christ. But this was also hushed up. WHY?

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux (1796-1880) came from a so-called Jewish family, of the south of France. He was admitted to the bar at Nimes in 1817. He was typical of the lawyers Weishaupt had said were to be recruited into the Illuminati. Exactly as Pike was afterwards, Cremieux was infiltrated into Freemasonry. He was a member of the Lodge of Mizraim, the Scottish Rite, and subsequently was initiated into the Lodges of the Grand Orient. Cremieux worked to unite the above named secret societies and became the Grand Master in France as did Pike in America, and Mazzini in Italy.

Cremieux's activities were financed by the Rothschilds and the Montifiores. He engaged in the most ruthless forms of political intrigue and chicanery. The whole resources of the S.O.S. were used to try and make him Chief Executive to Louis Napoleon so he could promote policies which would further the Luciferian conspiracy from behind the scenes of the British government about the same time. But his double crossing methods were discovered, and when Louis Napoleon pulled off his coup d'etat on December 2, 1851, making himself Emperor Napoleon III, he made General Cavaignac his Prime Minister and threw Cremieux into prison. He was confined in the prisons of Vuicennes and Mazas. Upon release, Cremieux was selected to help direct the activities of Karl Marx and other revolutionaries including Louis Blanc, Ledrun, Rollin, Pierre, and many others.

Cremieux put the S.O.S.'s plans for wars and revolutions into effect in France as Mazzini's other national directors did in Germany and other countries. Thus the overthrow of Napoleon was accomplished as was the defeat of France by Germany in the year 1871. At this point Cremieux again became openly engaged in politics and he was made president of the "Alliance Israelite Universelle" (A.I.U.). As far back as May 31,1864, Cremieux told the General Assembly of the A.I.U.:

"The alliance is not limited to our cult, it voices its appeals to all cults and wants to penetrate in all the religions as it has penetrated into all countries. Let us endeavour boldly to bring about the union of all cults under one flag of Union and Progress. Such is the slogan of Humanity." (Internationalism.)

We hear today the same old double talk in favour of a One World Government. John Leopold, when head of the anti-subversive section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, admitted to me in 1944 that the American Jewish Committee is the outgrowth of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. Leopold was a real Jew (Hebrew). He told me the American and Canadian Jewish Committees controlled Jewish Communists AT THE TOP absolutely. He agreed the Alliance Israelite Universelle was organized and directed AT THE TOP by the Synagogue of Satan. He said the A.I.U. and A.J.C. were no more genuine Jewish associations than are the Illuminized Lodges of Grand Orient Masonry nor the Councils of the Palladian Rite, genuine Freemasonry as practiced in the Scottish Rite Lodges in Britain and America.