My Apingi Kingdom - Paul du Chaillu



Dear young folks, —Here I am again with another book. I like to write for you, because you seem to enjoy my books, and so eagerly read all that I have to say to you.

In LOST IN THE JUNGLE I left you in Apingi Land, a country situated near the equator, and south of it. There the people were strange and superstitious. They were surrounded by immense forests, high mountains, and a large river flowed through their country. You will remember that at last they made me their king, and, as you know, it was in my kingdom that I left you, promising to come back to you in another year.

I keep my promise, and I am now going to tell you more about that Apingi Land, and what I did there, and afterwards I will take you, to the great Desert, and we will have a cruise together along the western coast of Africa.