Red Web - Blair Coan

This book was written to defend the actions of the Department of Justice during the early 1920's and to reports on the aggressive Communist tactics used against the U.S. following the bolshevik revolution. Coan identifies the communist agitators behind the Great Railway strike of 1922, and other labor riots, and he tells the true story of how Harding's A.G. Harry M. Daugherty was framed for his role in the Teapot dome scandal in revenge for his success in opposing communists. Coan makes a strong case the entire scandal was a ruse to bring down the anti-communist Harding administration, and that Harding himself was likely poisoned.

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[Imprimateur] from The Red Web by Blair Coan

The Red Web

[Title Page] from The Red Web by Blair Coan


June 1, 1925.
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mr. Coan:

With the distinct understanding that I am in no sense interested, either financially or as your collaborator, in the book you propose to write regarding events leading up to and culminating in the Senatorial investigation of the Department of Justice in 1924, I herewith comply with your request for a copy of a certain letter written by Gaston B. Means, as well as copies of certain affidavits made by him. You are at liberty to use these documents in connection with the affidavits you have obtained from certain other of the witnesses before the Brookhart-Wheeler Committee.

In publishing these affidavits you will, of course, be confronted by the suggestion that they were made by persons unworthy of belief. The fact remuins, however, that the affiants are the same persons relied upon by the senetorial committee.

It may be that one day in the future I shall consider it incumbent upon me to make public certain very important inside phases of the investigation above referred to, and what preceded and attended it. For the present, however, I am indifferent about the matter, as I do not consider that my administration of the Department of Justice needs any defense other than its record of accomplishments.

Very sincerely yours,
(signed) H. M. Daugherty

[Title Page] from The Red Web by Blair Coan
[Title Page] from The Red Web by Blair Coan