Our Little Roman Cousin of Long Ago - Julia D. Cowles

This book tells the story of Marcus, a young boy who lived in the final years of the Roman Republic during the age of Julius Caesar and Cicero. The focus of this children's book is less on political events than on the everyday life of a boy growing to manhood during the close of the Republican era.

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Publisher's Note

Reason's for issuing the New Series

Little Cousins of Long Ago

The publication of The Little Cousin Series has met with a most favorable reception, as the volumes are not only interesting to children as story books but have been found by parents and educators to be of unquestionable value in giving the child a thorough, accurate knowledge of the life and customs of the present day, as well as the history and general characteristics, of countries covered by the series.

The publishers have consequently reached the conclusion that a companion series giving the every-day child life of ancient times will meet with similar approval, and like the other series will be welcomed by the children as well as by their elders.

OUT LITTLE ROMAN COUSIN OF LONG AGO is the initial volume of this new series, which the publishers promise will be accurate both historically and in the description of every-day life of the time, as well as interesting to the child. The period chosen for the present volume is the most dramatic in all Roman history, namely, the final period of the Republic, and such famous personages as Cicero, Catiline, Caesar and Pompey figure prominently in its pages.

Numerous other volumes are in preparation; and The Little Cousins of Long Ago, will eventually include all the principal countries and races of the Ancient World.


The story of Marcus is laid during the closing days of the Roman Republic, when conservative members of the nobility still held to the sturdy habits and to the simplicity of worship of earlier times. Every incident of the story has an authentic basis in Roman history and custom.

If the story serves, in later years, to make the important study of Roman history more vital and real to its readers, the purpose of its author will have been accomplished.

Acknowledgment is hereby made to the authors of the following books, for the foundation upon which the story of Marcus rests: Private Life of The Romans, by Harold Whetstone Johnston; Private Life of The Romans, by Harriet Waters Preston and Louise P. Dodge; Roman Education, by A. S. Wilkins, Litt. D.; Education of Children At Rome, by George Clarke, Ph. D.; Story of The Roman People, by Eva March Tappan; City of The Seven Hills, by Caroline H. Harding, A. B., and Samuel B. Harding, Ph. D.; Social Life At Rome," by W. Warde Fowler, M. A.


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