The Unseen Hand - Ralph Epperson

This book is an introduction to the 'Conspiratorial' View of History. Covering three centuries of recent history, it debunks the "conventional" view of almost every war and conflict since the American and French Revolutions. Epperson condenses dozens of conspiratorial classics in to one handbook that undermines almost everything you think you know about modern history. Epperson explains how the 'money powers' benefit from wars and conflict, and exposes their hand in conflicts from Europe to Latin America, to the Great Wars.

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To my God, who gave me my freedom; and

To my mother and father, who gave me life and thus my ability to enjoy my freedom; and

To my father and step-father, who both fought to preserve my freedom; and

To my nieces Kelley and Robyn, who are the reasons I fight for freedom; and

To Congressman Larry McDonald (1935-1983), who died because he dared to expose the very conspiracy that murdered him; and

To the magnificent Caroline with whom I want to share my freedoms.

I dedicate this book.

From Abraham Lincoln

When we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by different workmen, and when we see these timbers joined together and see that they exactly make the frame of a house or a mill, all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective pieces, and not a piece too many or too few, not omitting even scaffolding, or if a single piece be lacking, we can see the place in the frame exactly fitted and prepared to yet bring such piece in; in such case, we find it impossible to not believe that they all understood one another from the beginning, and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first lick was struck."

About The Cover

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The reader of this book will discover, as he or she pages through it, that the Conspiracy unveiled by the author conceals many of its truths by the use of symbols.

The cover of this book is symbolic: each color represents a concealed truth.

The black represents evil; the white represents good; and the gold represents what little money or freedoms the good have left.

Good and evil are in conflict over the remaining freedoms and possessions the decent people of the world have remaining.

The reader is urged to notice which color is in the dominance.

About The Author

The most difficult thing I know to do is to write about myself, but I think that the reader of this book has the right to know something about me, the author, and what motivated me to write it.

I am a graduate of the University of Arizona, and like the typical graduate of an institution of higher education, I felt that what I had been taught was the truth. I thought that the only thing I needed to complete my education in the future was additional information to confirm the knowledge to which I had already been exposed.

So I faced the future with great anticipation.

But a close friend of mine, sensing that my knowledge was both incomplete and one-sided, suggested that I start reading material dealing with what was called "Revisionist History." This was the alternative explanation of history to what I had been taught was the truth.

There are over 300 books on both sides of this issue that I've read that are part of the research for this book. That figure, I am certain, is not an impressive number to those who are true "book addicts," but I mention it only to illustrate that the ideas in this book are not mine, but those of the individuals who have taken the time to record their perspective on the events in which they were personally involved or which they researched in depth.

But as I read, I noticed that there was no one volume that covered a complete history of the Conspiracy, and it is this void that I hope to fill. It is my intent to catalog as much of the history of this Conspiracy as is possible in a single volume.

I have made extensive use of quotations from the works of others as a means of convincing the skeptic that the evidence of the Conspiracy's existence comes from others than this author.

What the reader will see as he progresses through this book, I am convinced, is a picture of a giant conspiracy so immense that it poses the greatest threat to the freedoms and rights of all human beings, not only in the United States, but all over the world.

It is likely that, as the reader completes this book, despair will replace curiosity, especially if this explanation of the events being reviewed has never been explored before. That is an unfortunate consequence of my research, and the author is sorry that he must be the bearer of such bad tidings.

Despair, however, can reasonably be replaced with cautious optimism. The battle is not yet over, and there is reason to be encouraged.

But you are the final participant.

What happens will largely be dependent on your action once you've read this book.

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Ralph Epperson started researching this book twenty years before it was published even though he didn't realize it at the time. A graduate of the University of Arizona, his interest in reading in the areas of history, political science, economics, and science didn't start until after college. Students in his classes praise his thorough research and consider him to be a provocative and stimulating instructor, able to present his controversial material in an easily understood manner. His lectures are well attended whenever he speaks on these subjects in the Southern Arizona area.

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