The Unseen Hand - Ralph Epperson

The Responsibility

The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.

Thus wrote Johann von Goethe.

The apathy of the American people, and for that matter, those around the world as well, is legend.

General George Van Home Moseley wrote: "Historians of the future will marvel most of all at the non-resistance of those who had the most to lose."

Edmund Burke posed a similar thought when he wrote: "Evil men prosper when good men do nothing."

But it is not America's apathy that is the problem. The American people can see that something is wrong in their nation. It is that most feel there is nothing they can do about it. Because many feel that the problems are so immense they conclude that they are powerless to change what is happening.

And this is exactly the thought that the Conspiracy wants the American people to have.

Those who have taken the time to read this study are now aware of just how serious the problem really is and they are the ones who must take up the truth and disperse it to others.

This strategy was made clear by Robert Welch when he wrote in the Blue Book of The John Birch Society:

"We do not have to be too late, and we do not have to lose the fight.

"Communism has its weaknesses, and the Communist Conspiracy had its vulnerable points.

"We have many layers of strength not yet rotted by all of the infiltration or political sabotage to which we have been subjected.

"Our danger is both immense and imminent; but it is not beyond the possibility of being overcome by the resistance that is still available.

"All we must find and build and use, to win, is sufficient understanding. Let's create that understanding and build that resistance, with everything mortal men can put into the effort—while there is still time."

There are those, of course, who will see this as an obligation. Someone once wrote:

To be born a free man is an accident;

to live a free man is a responsibility;

to die a free man is an obligation.

In conclusion, those in Hungary who opposed the Russian slave-masters in October of 1956 understood the obligation of all free men to oppose slavery in every form. All they needed was the assistance of other freedom-loving people around the world and they, too, would have possessed the freedom that all men aspire to.

As one of the last acts of the uprising against the Russians, a group of freedom-fighters got control of a radio station and broadcast this message to the rest of the world:

"People of the world . . . help us!

"People of Europe, whom we once defended against the attacks of the Asiatic barbarians, listen now to the alarm bells ring.

"People of the civilized world, in the name of liberty and solidarity, we are asking for you to help.

"The light vanishes.

The shadows grow darker hour by hour.

Listen to our cry.

God be with you and with us."

And with that the radio station went off the air. The Russians were the only ones listening, and they shut the station off the air.

They had succeeded in suppressing the uprising.

No one came to the rescue.

But the light does not need to vanish.

You now have the torch of truth.

How much light you spread is up to you.


The author has no idea where copies of this book might end up, so this information is for those interested in further study of the Conspiratorial View of History in the Southern Arizona area only.

The original research for this book was for a ten-week course I have been teaching since 1973, called a variety of things, from "Proofs of a Conspiracy," to "History Over-Easy," to "Who Rules America?"

If the reader wishes to become more acquainted with the machinations of the Conspiracy in a classroom setting, the author would like to cordially invite each reader to participate in these classes.

They are offered three times a year: winter (starting in September,) spring (starting in January,) and summer (starting in July,) and any time a small group of at least four people wish to make the commitment for either the ten-week, two hours a night, weekday-night class, or the five-week, four hour Saturday-morning class. The class fees are nominal.

The author is also available for speaking engagements should the reader feel it would be appropriate, or for weekend seminars anywhere in the country.


I am frequently asked by students or friends who agree with me that the Conspiracy exists, why I believe I am allowed to continue teaching and writing about its existence. They cite the deaths of Abraham Lincoln, James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and Louis McFadden, among others, as evidence that those who expose the Conspiracy do so at their own risk.

I have no answer to that question.

I can only say that I am absolutely convinced that the Conspiracy exists and that they have a great deal to gain by the death of one who has figured it out.

I live in Arizona where a few years ago an investigative reporter had his car blow-up as he started it because he was reporting on corruption in that state. Why his enemies picked on him, and why mine have chosen not to pick on me, I do not know.

I will emphatically say this: if you hear about my car exploding because I rigged it so that it would explode, or that I suddenly "attempted to fly" from the top of a sixteen-story building, please accept my pre-death statement: I didn't do it!

If either of these circumstances occur, or any other mysterious thing happens to me, all I can ask is that you double your efforts in exposing this conspiracy. . . . . . . . in my memory,

the author
Raplph Epperson.