Front Matter The Garden of Eden The First Great Crime The Flood The Tower of Babel Abraham Moves into Canaan Sodom and Gomorrah The Trial of Abraham's Faith Searching for a Wife for Isaac Isaac and Rebekah Esau Sells his Birthright Jacob Serves for Rachel Jacob Returns to Canaan Joseph is Sold into Egypt Pharaoh's Dream Joseph's Brethren Buy Corn Jacob Moves into Egypt The Early Life of Moses Egyptians Smitten with Plagues Egyptians Drowned in Red Sea The Lord Provides for Israel Plan to Build the Tabernacle The Golden Calf Wanderings of the Israelites Spying Out the Land of Canaan Punishing the Israelites Balaam is Made to Prophesy Border of the Promised Land Last Days of Moses Rahab Saves the Spies The Destruction of Jericho The Capture of Ai Joshua Conquers Canaan Gideon is Given a Sign Gideon Overcomes Midianites The Punishment of Abimelech Jephthah's Daughter The Young Samson Samson and the Philistines The Death of Samson Naomi and Ruth Ruth and Boaz The Young Samuel Philistines Capture the Ark Philistines Return the Ark Saul in Anointed King Jonathan and the Philistines The Disobedience of Saul Samuel Anoints David David and Goliath Saul is Jealous of David David and Jonathan The Madness of Saul David Spares the Life of Saul The Last Days of King Saul David Becomes King The Rebellion of Absalom The Death of Absalom Solomon Becomes King The Wisdom of Solomon Solomon Builds the Temple Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon Revolt of the Ten Tribes The Wickedness of Jeroboam Elijah Begins His Ministry Elijah Destroys the Prophets Elisha is Made a Prophet Death of Ahab Sickness of Ahaziah Last Days of Elijah Miracles of Elisha Naaman is Cured of Leprosy Flight of the Syrians Jehu is Appointed King The Story of Joash Last days of Elisha Destruction of Sennacherib Judah Led into Captivity Destruction of Jerusalem Daniel Interprets the Dream The Fiery Furnace Madness of Nebuchadnezzer Handwriting on the Wall Daniel in the Lion's Den Jonah Swallowed by a Fish Jonah Warns Nineveh Esther Becomes Queen The Vengeance of Haman Esther Saves Her People The Return from Captivity Nehemiah Rebuilds Jerusalem

Heroes of Israel - Lawton Evans

This collection of ninety Bible stories cover the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Nehemiah, and was authored by a master story teller. It recounts the stories from the Bible most suitable for youngsters in beautiful prose. The illustrations are few, but of extraordinary quality.

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Building of Temple


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Of all the stories which every child should know those from the Bible should be first. They are part of the instruction of the youth that cannot be neglected without a serious omission in his culture and development.

As a general thing children find the words of the Bible hard to understand. Even the most thrilling of the stories is obscured by the old form of narrative in which it is told. The text needs to be explained and changed and interpreted in the language) of the child before it can be really enjoyed.

The author of this volume has tried to write the great story of the people of Israel so that children can understand it and love it, without simplifying the words of the Bible into too familiar a style. He has adhered wherever he could to the very words of the Bible but at times has not hesitated to change them in order to strengthen the telling of the story.

The book offers no moral teachings, except those that come from the narrative itself. It is a simple story of the trials and hardships of the Jews as told in the Old Testament The story itself is wonderful enough and carries its own meaning.

It is hoped that this volume will fill a long felt want for the nursery where the Bible story is a fitting end of the day; for the Sunday school where young children need to be told in simple words the story of the heroes of whom they are studying; for the every day school where the Bible is too much neglected and whose stories should be included among those that belong to the inheritance of every child; for the story teller everywhere who seeks for those great narratives that at all times are worth telling.


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