Lattimore Story - John T. Flynn

This is the story of treason and betrayal involved in the 'loss' of China and North Korea to Communist powers. Owen Lattimore and his cronies at the 'Institute for Pacific Studies' were widely respected American experts on Asian affairs, while their real loyalties lay with Soviet Russia. Through their work speaking, advising, publishing books and consulting at the State department, they were able to influence American policy makers to betray our democratic allies in China and Korea and deliver both countries into the hands of globalist communism.

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[Book Cover] from The Lattimore Story by John T. Flynn


Asked to tell why he wrote this book, John T. Flynn replied:

"As the weird story of Owen Lattimore unfolded itself in official documents and sworn testimony, I noted that it had one flaw. It was unbelievable. In a Dumas novel of intrigue at the court of Louis XV, it might be accepted. But in America—the America of the 1950s—it seemed fantastically out of place and utterly incredible. Much has been written about it, but now all the evidence is available. Few have the time or means of sifting the immense folios of testimony and incriminating documents, which were dramatically unearthed in an old barn, as might be done in a screen thriller.

"I have therefore tried to fit together in this small volume all the characters, episodes, intrigues and confessions buried in 14 large volumes of testimony and documents, out of which emerges the curious story of a conspiracy involving over four dozen writers, journalists, educators, and high-ranking government officials—almost all Americans—to force the American State Department to betray China and Korea into the hand's of the Communists. Unbelievable as this strange enterprise may seem, the proofs are now all here—not assumptions and suspicions and tortured deductions, but proofs. That is why I have written this book."

NOTE: The original version of 'Lattimore Story' did not have chapter titles. All Chapter Titles in ths version were added by the HH Editor.

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Letter from Communist Agnes Smedley

[Book Cover] from The Lattimore Story by John T. Flynn

In my imagination I follow your journey from here, and my friends and I speculate as to your exact location day by day, and your exact occupation. I want to tell you that you left behind remarkable friends. I did not realise the effect of that meeting until two or three days had passed. Then it began to roll in. I have no reason to tell you tales. But the meeting, and your speech in particular, has had a colossal effect upon all people. One was so moved by it that he could not sleep that night spent the night right writing a poem in praise of you all. I enclosed the poem It is in not good from a literary viewpoint. . . .

It is not good enough to publish but it is good enough to carry next to your heart in the years to come. To that meeting it may interest you to know came delegations sent by every institution. Many institutions could not cross the rivers, but they sent activists, groups of six to a dozen. They later gave extensive reports. I am getting those reports froa instructors day by day. All are deeply impressed and moved and grateful to you and all of you. There has never been anything like this hare before.*