Bible History for the Use of Catholic Schools - R. Gilmour

Table of the More Important Facts
in Old Testament History

(The dates prefixed by an * are only approximate)
B. C.   Events
    Creation of the world and of man. The fall of man. The Deluge. The separation of the nations.
*2000   The call of Abraham, the Father of the Jewish People.
*1800   The Israelites settle in Egypt.
*1415   The Exodus. The Israelites leave Egypt under Moses, wander in the desert for forty years, and finally settle, under Joshua, in the Promised Land. Many scholars date Exodus c. 1300.
*1360-1040   The Judges rule over Israel.
*1080-1013   The rule of Samuel, the last Judge, and the reign of Saul, the first King.
*1013-973   Reign of King David.
973-933   Reign of Solomon.
932   The Kingdom of David is divided: The Kingdom of Israel in the North with Samaria as capital, including ten tribes; the Kingdom of Judah in the South with Jerusalem as capital, comprising the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.
*850   The Ministry of the Prophet Elias.
722   The Kingdom of Israel is destroyed by the Assyrians. Sargon II takes Samaria. The people are led away to Babylon and Nineveh.
    The Ministry of the Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah.
587   End of the Kingdom of Judah. Jerusalem captured by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. All but the poorest of the people deported to Babylon.
    Ezekiel and Daniel prophesy during the captivity of the Jews in Babylon.
538   Edict of Cyrus permitting the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Some of them return under Zorobabel.
    Judah a province of the Persian Empire until 333.
*450   The last of the Prophets, Malachi.
333   Palestine subdued by Alexander the Great and remains a province of his Empire until 323.
323   Palestine subject to rule of Egyptian Kings until 198.
198   Antiochus the Great, King of Syria, obtains possession of Palestine.
168   Antiochus Ephiphanes attempts to suppress the religion of the Jews.
167-135   The Maccabees, Mathathias, Judas, Jonathan and Simon, secure Jewish independence and rule over the Jews.
135-63   John Hyrcanus, son of Simon, elected High Priest. He and his descendants rule the people.
63   Jerusalem is captured by Pompey and Palestine becomes a part of the Roman province of Syria.
48   Herod the Great becomes King.