Front Matter The Beginning of the U.S Franklin's Return Troubles After the War The Constitution The First President Washington's Troubles A Wonderful Invention Death of Washington The U.S. Buys Land War With African Pirates Death of Somers The First Steamboat The Gerrymander The War of 1812 "Don't Give Up the Ship" The Star-Spangled Banner Clinton's "Big Ditch" More Land Bought Jackson Stories Jackson's Presidency New Inventions Whitman's Ride The Mormons The First Telegraph The Mexican War The Slavery Quarrel Daniel Webster's Youth Webster's Speeches Early Times in California Discovery of El Dorado Rush to California The Underground Railroad The First World's Fair John Brown's Raid Lincoln's Youth The First Shot The Call to Arms The President's Decision Admiral Farragut The Monitor and Merrimac The Penninsular Campaign Barbara Frietchie Lincoln's Vow The Battle of Gettysburg The Taking of Vicksburg Riots, Raids, and Battles The Burning of Atlanta The March to the Sea Sheridan's Ride The Doings of the Fleet Lee's Surrender Decoration Day Lincoln Stories Lincoln's Rebukes A President's Son A Noble Southerner Hard Times in the South The Atlantic Cable Best Way to Settle Quarrels Our One Hundredth Birthday Gold for Greenbacks A Clever Engineer Death of Garfield The Celebration at Yorktown The Great Statue A Terrible Flood Lynch Law The Great White City The Explosion of the Maine The Battle of Manila Hobson's Brave Deed Surrender of Santiago The Hawaiian Islands The Annexation of Hawaii The Philippine War Assassination of McKinley The Panama Canal Roosevelt's Administration Two Presidents German Views The World War Since the World War

Story of the Great Republic - Helene Guerber

This book is the second volume of Guerber's American history series. It covers United States history from just after the Revolutionary War to the beginning of the 20th century. Guerber uses short, story-based based narratives, each based on a particular character or incident, to tell the story of America from the founding throughout the 19th century. An excellent introduction to American history for middle school students.

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This volume is intended as an historical reader, as an elementary text-book in the history of our country from the framing of the Constitution to the present day, or as an introduction or supplement to any of the excellent text-books on United States history now in use.

Although complete in itself, and hence quite independent, it is nevertheless a sequel to The Story of the Thirteen Colonies, for it takes up the thread of the narrative at the point where it was dropped in that book, and carries it on unbroken to the present date.

No pains have been spared to interest children in the history of their country, to explain its gradual development, to teach them to love, honor, and emulate our heroes, and to make them so familiar with the lives and sayings of famous Americans that they will have no difficulty in understanding the full meaning of the numerous historical allusions so frequently found in the newspapers and elsewhere.

While a special effort has been made to cultivate a spirit of fairness and charity in dealing with every phase of our history, the writer's main object has been to make good men and women of the rising generation, as well as loyal Americans.

As in The Story of the Thirteen Colonies, the pronunciation of difficult proper names is indicated in the text, and also, more fully, in the carefully marked index.

Hints For Teachers

In addition to its use as a reader, this book is of such a character that its stories can serve as themes for daily exercises in dictation and composition.

Also, such play-work as short and lively memory matches (on the plan of a spelling match) is of great help. Stimulated by it, the pupils soon pride themselves on remembering most of the facts and names after reading the chapters only once or twice.

In these ways children acquire considerable historical knowledge without any actual study, a fact which is of great importance, as many children leave school before they are sufficiently advanced to enter a history class.

It is also suggested that each place mentioned in the lesson should be carefully located on maps, by such means as are indicated in the Hints for Teachers in "The Story of the Thirteen Colonies." The pupils will then make rapid and unconscious progress in geographical as well as historical knowledge.

[Contents, page 1 of 3] from Story of the Great Republic by Helene Guerber
[Contents, page 1 of 3] from Story of the Great Republic by Helene Guerber
[Contents, page 1 of 3] from Story of the Great Republic by Helene Guerber