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City of the Seven Hills - S. B. Harding

This short history of Rome is part of a four book set, intended for middle school readers that introduces the major points of world history. Like most Roman histories written for younger students it focuses primarily on the Kingdom and Republican eras, and conveys all of the major legends and hero stories of the age. Harding is exceptionally good at conveying the essential stories of an era in concise, but engaging prose. An excellent introduction to Roman history for novices.

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In this volume, the attempt has been made to give a picture of the life and history of the Roman people. So far as it has been. feasible, this has been done by means of biographical sketches, selected so as to be illustrative of the Roman character, its virtues and its faults. In this way, it has also been possible to weave into the narrative a more vivid description of the daily life and customs of the men, women and children of Rome, than would have been the case under any other method of treatment. In the last chapter, an attempt is made to relate the old Rome to modern life through a description of some existing remains, and to point out in a few words the way in which the ancient city was merged in the Rome of to-day.

In a work designed for young children, as is this one, it seems desirable that the brutal element of Roman character and history should be eliminated so far as is possible; and to this end, much has been omitted from the narrative which might properly find a place in a history of Rome for High School use.

The limited view which is here offered, however, is a fundamentally true one, and it may easily be developed into the accurate historical idea when the proper time comes for more advanced study:

The book is designed especially for use as a supplementary reader for children of the sixth and seventh grades. Inasmuch,. however, as some teachers may wish to use it for formal instruction in history, the book has been - equipped with maps, summaries of chapters, and a chronological analysis of Roman history. In this way, it is hoped that its use as a text-book may be facilitated without robbing it of its attractiveness as a reader.


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