History of Mediaeval Jews - Maurice Harris

Book I. Decline of the Eastern Academies


Western Europe
End of Roman Empire 476
Holy Roman Empire 800
Charlemagne "Roman Emperor" 800
Louis the Pious. 814
Partition of Verdun, Beginning of Germany 843
Charles the Bald. Founder of French Monarchy 875
End of Carlovingian Empire 888
Charles the Simple confiscates Jewish property 914
Otto the Great (Emperor) recovers Italy 962
Hugh Capet, King of France 987
Byzantine Empire
Leo, the Iconoclast, persecutes the Jews 717
Council of Nicaea, Image worship resanctioned 842
Council of Meaux Anti-Jewish Bishop Amolo 849
Basileus I 867
Jewish Contemporaries
Judah the Blind, Gaon of Sora 759
Anan founds Karaism, about 770
Isaac sent by Charlemagne to Haroun al Raschid. 797
Chazars embrace Judaism 740
Kalir and the Payetanlm about 800
Spread of Karaism 825
Saadyah Gaon 892
Extinction of Exilarchate 940
Close of Sora Academy 948
Transfer of Jewish Schools to Spain, about 950
R. Gershom 960
Fall of Chazar Kingdom 970
Gershom's Synod 1009
Close of Pumbeditha Academy 1033