History of Mediaeval Jews - Maurice Harris

Book V. Spain's Iron Age


Alfonso X, Wise of Castile includes anti-Jewish laws in his code 12S7
Maria de Molina, regent 1312
Alfonso XI 1325
Pedro the "Cruel" 1350
Henry II 1369
Jews deprived of criminal jurisdiction 1379
Jewish Massacre 1391
Maranos 1391
Alfonso's code put into operation 1408
Tortosa Disputation 1413
Union of Castile and Aragon 1474
Spanish Inquisition 14S8
Columbus in Spain 1485
Granada, last Moorish stronghold, falls 1491
Expulsion of Jews. 1492
Discovery of America 1492
Portuguese Inquisition 1551
Departure of Maranos from Portugal 1557
Jews settle in Brazil 1577

Early Jewish Settlement in Poland 109S
Polish Charter 1264
Casimir the Great 1310
Armleder, persecution 1336
Golden Gift Pence 1342
Black Plague Persecutions 1348-51
Mayence Synod 1381
Prague Massacres 1389
Hussite Conflict 1420-34
Council of Basle Anti-Jewish Restrictions 1434
Jews Expelled from Augsburg 1439
Fall of Constamtinople 1453
Jewish Privileges Revoked in Poland 1454
Simon of Trent Blood Accusation 1475

Hillel of Verona b. 1220
Kalonymos b. 1255
Immanuel fl. 1300
Dante d. 1321
Jedaya Baderesi fl. 1300
Chasdai Crescas b. 1340
Isaac b. 1380
Sheshet fl. 1380
Joseph Albo b. 1380
Moses a Rieti 1388
Synod of Bologna 1416
Abarbanel b. 1437
Messer Leon b. 1450
Simon Duran 1461
Elias del Medigo b. 1463
Moses Kapsali (Turkey) fl. 1463
Pico di Mirandela, (Christian devoted to Jewish literature) fl. 1480
Settlement of Jews in New Amsteidam (later New York) 1654