History of Mediaeval Jews - Maurice Harris

Book IV. Rationalism and Mysticism.


Jews burnt in Blois on ritual murder charge 1171
Extinction of Albigenses 1229
Yechiel of Paris, in Disputation 1240
Burning of Talmud, Paris 1242
Council of Beziers 1246
Louis IX banishes the Jews from France 1254
Kolonymos b. Kalonymos 1287
Gersonides 1288
Moses Narboni 1300
First expulsion of Jews by Philip IV (the Fair) 1300
Suppression of Knights Templars, execution of de Molay 1314
Return of Jews to France 1315
Gesereth Ha-roem 1320
Gesereth Metzaraem 1321
Second expulsion by Charles IV 1322
Battle of Poictiers 1356
Return of Jews 1359
Third and last expulsion by Charles VI 1394

Almohedes' persecution 1146
Nachmanides b. 1194
Isaac Blind, founder of Kabala, Azrael's Bahir ~1200
Alcharisi, poet fl. 1200
Maimonides d. 1204
Solomon b. Adret (Rashba) b. 1245
Moses de Leon b. 1250
Asher ben Jechiel 1250
Don Zag, astronomer ~1250
Barcelona disputation 1263
Jacob b. Asher compiles "Tur" (code of laws) 1340

David Alroy, pseudo-Messiah in East 1160
Frederick II, Emperor 1212
Rudolph of Hapsburg. Emperor 1247
Innocent IV, issues bull against Blood Accusation. 1247
Blood Accusation begins in Germany 1283
Saad Addaula, Finance Minister in Persia 1288
Rindfleiscb riots. 1298